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Baby Blue Eyes

I am wondering when your babies eyes changed color. My son is 3 months now and he has had piercing blue eyes since birth, and I am curious if they will stay that way since they are so blue. Especially considering both his father and myself have hazel eyes.

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My daughter was born with very blue eyes even the whites were a blue tint. They never changed. Both of my boys were born with brown eyes. They stayed brown.

My kids eyes never changed from the time they were born. My oldest had such blue eyes and everyone was positive they would change. She is 12 and has yet changed. Same with the rest of my kids. None of them have changed. Some have gotten lighter in their coloring, but never darker.

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My husband has green/blue eyes and I have green eyes. We both had blue eyes until about 13. My son currently has really blue eyes, that match what I had as a child, but now we are asked where he got them from. I think that hazel allows some changing throughout, but by 3 months you should know if they are going to be brown or a lighter color.

Oh K.,
Drumroll please....He's eyes will be blue!!! If it is anywhere in the line (yours or his daddy's) It is possible. Yea!!! My hubby has brown, mine are hazel. Baby #1-Brown, Baby #2- Hazel, Baby #3- Brown, Baby #4 BLUE!!! Baby #5 Hazel. My Auntie, Grandmother & Uncles had Blue. My Hubby's dad, 1 sister & 1 brother, all had blue or green eyes. So our babies have a 25% of being blue. And I knew when baby #4 came out her's would be blue. Even my midwife doubted it. But my MIL said I willed it to happen, LOL. ENjoy & congrats on the little man! G

My first husband and I both have blue eyes. My oldest daughter did, and now they are bright green. Second daughter's are now hazel, same with the third daughter and fourth, fifth one, a son, still has blue eyes. seems to me they all changed around 3 or 4. My current husband has hazel eyes, I STILL have blue, and our 15-year old son has blue with hazel tints. There is really no way to tell if his eyes will stay blue, just enjoy staring into them whatever the color! Congratulations!

Hi K.,
Your babies eyes sound beautiful. Their eye color can change all the way up until they are two years old. I have a friend whose daughter had blue eyes for almost the entire first two years and then they turned into a beautiful brown. I hope this doesn't discourage you :)


My daughter is 13 and her eyes are still changing color. Mine changed as a teenager too.

Everyone kept telling me that my baby's eyes would stay blue because they were so very blue at first. But at about a year old his eyes started adding a little bit of green. Most people still see his eyes as being blue (he's 17 months now), but I know the green is there and it will probably just get more mixed with blue and green as he gets older.

I had always heard that a baby's eyes can change color up to 2 years of age, and then depending on what you're wearing, eyes can look a little different. My guys have all been blue from the start, but both of their parents have blue eyes!

From a website I found;
...because the gene for blue eye color is recessive, which means that you need two genes for blue eyes to actually have blue eyes. On the other hand, the gene for brown eyes is dominant, so you only need one gene for brown eyes to have brown eyes. Therefore, if someone has one gene for blue eyes and one gene for brown eyes (we usually have two genes for most things like eye color, hair color, or height, getting one from each parent), the baby will have brown eyes.

But even if two parents have brown eyes, they could both have one gene for blue eyes. If they each pass this gene to their baby, then the baby will have two genes for blue eyes and will actually have blue eyes.

The gene for green eyes is also dominant over blue eye color, but is recessive to brown. So what color eyes could a baby have if one parent had green eyes and the other parent had brown eyes? Since the genetics of eye color is quite complex and poorly understood, the real answer is that the baby could have almost any eye color from hazel to blue....

Good luck...

My son had blue eyes like some Husky dogs do. They didn't start changing at all until he was about 2 years old & then they gradually turned to I guess what's called hazel-they're tan around his pupil, hazel around that & navy blue just inside the edge of his iris.

My daughter was born with very blue eyes even the whites were a blue tint. They never changed. Both of my boys were born with brown eyes. They stayed brown.

I too have heard the 2 year rule, however most parents I know say their kids eyes changed around 4 mos (i.e. if they were going to be brown - the dominant color). If you are both hazel there is a decent chance your baby's could be hazel or blue. My eyes are hazel, DH's are blue, and both my DS' have blue (ages 4 & 8). They may change shades, and I've known kids go from blue to more of a green, but they are not going to go brown (like everyone in my family), at this point.

Genetics are a crazy thing. We have one little boy we pulled right out of the recessive gene pool. My husband has hazel/brown eyes. My eyes are brown. We both have very dark hair (although I dye my blonde, LOL) My husband's 2 children from a previous marriage have HUGE dark chocolate eyes and dark hair and olive-ish skin. My first son is the same.

My second boy was born WHITE WHITE, BLONDE BLONDE and PIERCING BLUE-BLUE eyed. I could tell he had blue eyes at birth and they stayed that way. My dad and father-in-law and sister have blue eyes, so it shouldn't seem so strange, but it really does. People ask us all the time where he came from. It kind of makes me angry. He's mine and my husband's and I think the assumptive question is rude.

My third son's eyes didn't have a color until he was almost a year old. They would change from green to blue, to brown... Now he's 1 1/2 and they're almost auburn. The pediatrician told me when you have a hazel eye in the mix, anything can happen with your children's eyes.

My second son is TOTAL proof. His eyes are the most amazing blue I've ever seen. The color I wished I had when I was little. LOL He's 3 1/2 now and still has the same color eyes he was born with.

I'd say at 3 months, you're pretty much seeing the color his eyes will be. Be prepared for the question, "Where did he come from." My answer is simply, "We pulled him out of the recessive gene pool."

My kids eyes never changed from the time they were born. My oldest had such blue eyes and everyone was positive they would change. She is 12 and has yet changed. Same with the rest of my kids. None of them have changed. Some have gotten lighter in their coloring, but never darker.

My daughter's eyes were gray until she turned 2, they have now been brown ever since, sometimes with a greenish tint. My husband and I both have brown eyes.

My 2 oldest had brown eyes pretty much from the start, althought they have changed in hue and depth age they have aged. My youngest was born with blue eyes (both me and his daddy have brown), They are now more of a grey-green-blue, which started around 3 or 4 I think, and will probably deepen to hazel (my mom's eye color).

Blue is recessive to other eye colors, meaning you and your husband could both have the "hidden" genes for blue eyes and have a baby with blue eyes when you both have hazel.

My son had blue as blue could be eyes until about 4 1/2. One day he got out of the car as his eyes were a definite green. They've been changing ever since. His passport says blue, so I'm not sure what to do about that. :) It completely shocked us. His do tend to be blue as a base color, unlike my mom's who are hazel for a base color. Hazel is the only thing more recessive than blue, if I recall right, so I would suspect his eyes will be changing. You might ask both your parents when yours changed.

This was a huge question for me with all my children. My husband has hazel eyes and I have very blue eyes. My first son was born with dark blue eyes (pretty common) and they turned hazel before he was one year old, my second son had the deepest blue eyes, just piercing, and they turned hazel at about one year. Then along came the third, and she was born with the bluest eyes ever! People stop me and comment on them all the time. I asked my doctor if they were going to turn hazel as well, his comment was, they didn't look like they would but kid's eyes can change color up until the age of five!!! She is 16 months now and I have high hopes they will stay but like the doc said, she could be 4 1/2 and they could still go hazel. = (

So I would say, you just have to wait it out. Bummer huh?

Good thing we love them anyways.

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