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My 7 Yr Old Has Chronic Bad Breath

For many years now my 7 yr old boy has had really bad breath. We floss and brush twice a day (most days). I've noticed recently that after his morning rinse after brushing there is sometimes one small glob of brown when he spits. The strangest thing to me is that sometimes his breath has a sort of dirty ashtray smell. No one in my home smokes, so I know it is not related to smoking. I have a feeling this could have something to do with his sinuses, but before I spend the money visiting a doctor, I thought I'd try this out to see if anyone out there has a similar experience or advice. Thanks.

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WOW! So many great responses. What a fabulous website. I am going to check into all of them and will update periodically. Thanks so much everyone!

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I am a true believer in finding the cause for ailments, maybe this website can give you some answers.

L. A.

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Some things to consider:

Friend of mine said knew someone whose child with bad breath had unknowingly a bean stuck in his nose. Took child to doctor and discovered that it was starting to sprout.

Garlic can give bad breath, it affects me adversely, so I try not to eat foods with it.

Could be an infected or abcessed tooth.

I occasionally get a little pebble of cottage cheese looking stuff that I am assuming comes from the opening at roof in the back of mouth. Stinks really bad. But once it is gone, smell stops.

Good luck!

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I am not a doctor but I am in the medical field and he needs to be seen for this. I would demand an upper GI full work up. The lady who told about the kid with the stuff up the nose is right on. I have seen things that are stuck to the inner lining of stomach that cause exactly that problem and smell. No need to panic if he has lived this long with it but it definitly warrents a proper investigation.
good luck.

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Does he drink milk a lot, or eat a lot of dairy? Sugars?
The small glob of brown and bad breath reminded me of something my ex had sometimes - it's called tonsillolith or tonsil stones. You can find information about it on wikipedia.org, just do a search for "tonsil stones" and if that doesn't sound like what your 7 yr old has, maybe a doctor trip would be a start in figuring it out :)
Hope this helps!

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Hi C.,

I have a couple of ideas for you. First of all, everything people have said about diet is definitely worth the investigation. If you know your child has hay fever, allergies, sinus issues, etc., dairy, wheat and gluten products are Public Enemy #1!!

Secondly, here are a few web-sites I would check out.

www.herbdoc.com - his catalog is free upon request at 1.800.437.2362. In the latest issue, he talked about the tonsils and what can be done naturally to keep from having to go through the pain of surgery or recurring problems.

Also, whole cloves deal with mouth infections and bad breath problems. You can "brew" some tea by boiling the water, steeping the whole cloves in the water (8oz.) for 5-7 minutes, and then removing them. Let gargle with this several times and then swallow what is left. It should be at the hottest temperature that HE can stand. If that's lukeward, okay. He can also chew on the whole cloves for several minutes and then spit them out.


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Half a teaspoon of salt in water and a drop or two of stevia the herbal "sweetner" food additive for healing the sinuses. You can use en eye dropper, or a squirt bottle or a baby ear syringe to squirt the water in and let him move his head around to move the solution around his sinuses, he can blow it back out. Some people use a nettie pot and tilt their head to the side and just pour the solution in one nostril and let it drain out the other. Beware as it can make him dizzy, ! Chronic sinus inflamation can be an allergy to environment, like mold or dust mites, or it can be a food allergy, a big one might be dairy, wheat etc....

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Hi C.,

We ahve found that a huge culprit of halitosis, i.e. bad breath, is yeast. Having begun a probiotic called 3LAC, we are smelling better and feeling better. I reccomend it highly because it is all natural and tastes great as well. :) You can google it, or go to Global Health Trax as well which is the company that makes it.



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If you prefer the natural way to go I'd try a Neti Pot. I may have spelled that wrong but you can get it at any local drug store. I don't know how well your son would do it because he is pretty young but basically you fill it with warm, salty water and you bend your head forward and then tilt it to one side. You pour the warm, salty water in one nostril and it comes out the other. Then you repeat on the other side. It stays in your nose and sinus' and does not make you feel like you are choking or drowning. It really cleans things out up there and it is supposed to work wonders!
Good luck

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My son at this same age was having very bad breath also and after a trip to the Dentist to check that was all fine, we wound up getting his tonsils removed. The Doctor had to be "talked" into it, because as far as he could tell they were fine. After the surgery, the Doctor came out and said that they were indeed ROTTEN. Hope this helps.

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Do the brown things coming out resemble curdled cheese? Real tiny lumps with a bad smell? Sometimes my daughter coughs up "Tonsil stones" or the technical term tonsilloliths. I have them too. That's why I recognized them with her. I get them during really bad allergy season when my teeney weeeney folded tonsils get inflammed. I physically sueeze them or press on them with a q-tip. However, since starting a Mona Vie juice blend, I have had no tonsil stones that I can remember. There was another herbal poduct I tried, I think it was called D-Hist. That helped to prevent them too

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tonsillolith or tonsil stones is the right term, They come from particles of stuff getting caught. I get them too, as does my husband and we notice them more after eating more dairy, sometimes up to a week later. It's globs of bacteria that forms, like plaque balls. There is a mouthwash to gargle with that is supposed to help with this, we found it at Walmart. I'm trying to think of the name of it and when I do I'll post back. Sometimes gargling with very cold water also brings them out. I notice that right before I get one, my right tonsil hurts like a sore throat and that goes away after the chunk dislodges. ick, I know, but part of the gross stuff our body wants to rid itself of. Probiotics can help keep them in check......here I found it Therabreath by Dr.Katz. http://www.therabreath.com/

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