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Vics on Feet

I am reading that vics should be put on the feet at bed time. is there a reason i havent heard of it during the day? Please advise

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well, i didnt get any responses but i tried it anyway. it was nap time and she was tired but fussy...i pit some vicks on her feet and a pair of socks and literally less then 10 min later she was asleep. its like a wonder remedy! shes still napping w/o any coughs! its been a couple of hrs. first 2 hrs in several days that she's slept all the way thru. I am just utterly amazed.

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when you put vics on the bottom of the feet and then socks at night any cold they maybe coming down with is sweated out This has worked for my kids and grandkids. Good luck it does work

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I think the only reason is that... during the day you walking and could slip.... and it would also come off on your sox if u had shoes on. I think vix is good for breathing in. If they were sick and laying around I would use it during the day also... www.athomebusiness.myarbonne.com L.

when you put vics on the bottom of the feet and then socks at night any cold they maybe coming down with is sweated out This has worked for my kids and grandkids. Good luck it does work

Well awesome! Some things are better learned by trying!!! Hope she is better.

The only reason i know of, is because it opens the pores of your feet, and you could get sick. I have put it on my kids feet at naptime if they have been coughing and then put socks on their feet, and it stops the coughing.

Welcome to Texas!!!

You can use it both during the day and at night. People mostly mention using it at night because they lay their child down, or themselves down, and the cough can get worse, interrupting sleep.

It absorbs better at night becuase they are not walking around and getting it wiped off.

how funny i thought my mother used to lie to me about this....
she said because the heat from our feet makes the vapors stronger...
who knows???? glad it worked.....she used to BATHE us with that junk to make our pores open up and sweat our sickness...
if it was an old wives tale it did the trick.

I'm not sure why putting it on in the daytime hasn't been mentioned, but it really does work! My 9 yr old daughter will start to cough alot in her sleep if she is having sinus problems. She has a sensitive gag reflux to where the coughing and congestion will cause her to vomit. Using this Vics on her feet when she is having problems has been a lifesaver!

I hope you read this because I'm answering late but the reason was given by one of your replys and the reason is at night your not going to be moving around. You can use it in the day if your going to be laying around. Vics opens up your pores. If your already sick and your moving around in cool air it will only subject you to more cold. When your covered up and use vics your opening up all your passages and sweating out the cold. So yes when your babies are sick use it day and night. Just don't let them run around outside with it on and don't let them run around a cold or damp house. Thats why you wear the socks. Its best to put on vicks and put clothes over the bathed area. Hope this helped with your question. I learned this from my ol country grandma who lived to be 96 and my grandpa 102.

I had never heard of this! I had to google it! We usually put a vicks handkerchief pinned to the inside of our kids PJ top and it works really well. I think the only reason you would not do this during the day when you would be running around with shoes on is because as your feet sweat the pores open more and there might be some skin irritation. Or it could just be that most kids cough worse at night when they are laying down.

Good luck!

I am glad it worked. Our feet are intimately connected to many parts of our body. Google foot accupressure and you will find good information.

Good luck and hope she gets better soon,

I have never heard of doing such a thing, but if it helps. I would think that you would not be able to do this during the day because the child would need to have shoes on her feet!

yes i know! I do it too when my little guy is stuffy or has a cough. It works! :)

I got an e-mail on this. Apparently in Canada they have done studies on it. The study came out that it was definitely soothing to the study group but they have no idea why. My dad had pneumonia over the weekend and my mom rubbed it on his feet and he said it felt really good and soothing. I'll definitely try it when my little boy is sick. Sound like a miracle.

I received an email saying that vics on the feet could help get over colds faster. There is no proof to this. It's not that it wouldn hurt anything to use it, it's just that it is not a proven remedy.

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