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Tubal Ligation After C-section?

Hi All:
I'm thinking of getting a tubal ligation after my scheduled c-section in late May. This will be my second child and we are done after this--I'm sure of that (as is my husband). Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of the procedure? Any issues I should know about? It is harder to recover from the c-section if you get the TL done at the same time? I'll be having the procedure at UCSF.

Thanks for any info!

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Thanks so much for the responses! They were all so helpful. To answer some, I'm 38+ years and definitely done. I guess I'm doing this instead of having my husband get a vasectomy because the procedure is so simple for me to have done with the c-section.
I spoke with my doctor today and I've scheduled my TL and planned it to be done with my c-section. I filled out all of the forms so I'll be good to go! I really appreciate all of the feedback!

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The perfect time to have a tubal ligation is when you are having a scheduled c-section. No extra recovery, no extra pain. Go for it!

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Having worked in an OBGYN office, I'd recommend the tubal at the same time as the c-section. It does not change your recovery time at all. It's really the c-section that is hard to recover from, not the tubal. It only takes a few minutes more at the time of the c-section, so it does not add a significant amount of time to your c-section. Why go back and have a a tubal later when you will be busy with a newborn and your other child? Why go through a second recovery, even if it is a shorter recovery than a c-section? Also, although only abstinence is 100% effective birth control, the tubal is an EXCELLENT choice for essentially permanent contraception. It has the highest success rate of any method other than abstinence. Be sure to have your consent for the procedure signed at least 30 days in advance. Congrats on your new baby!

I had a tubal ligation after my scheduled c-section last May (similar situation - second child and we were done with having more kids). Easy recovery and no complications at all. Only added about 10 minutes onto the procedure. While everyone is different, my experience was easy.

Hope that helps.

I had 2 c-sections and the tubal ligation along with my second c-section. I did not notice any difference at all in my recovery. I think it would be easier to get it done then, since they are in there already. That way you don't have to wait to heal, then go back and have another intrusive procedure done.

Good luck!

Unless done for medical reasons, why do it?
also. before I could comment any further, I would ask how old you are??? believe me.. ones mind changes about kids from decade to decade.. in your 20s.. may only want two.. but then you enter another phase in your life and perhaps you want another.. I'd really think long and hard about this before having a possibly an uneccesary surgery to your body..

best of luck to you

No experience, but I whole heartedly agree that the man should get the vas. It is less painful, an easier procedure, and it's the least they can do after you have carried two children and had a c-section. And although the reversal rates aren't perfect for a vasectomy, if you DO change your mind, it's far easier to reverse a vasectomy than a tubal.

I personally am getting a IUD after my baby is born. My partner had a vas with his first wife (he was also sure he wanted no more kids, but people change their minds on occasion), and a reversal for me, so he has done his part. On the other hand, though I have zero desire for more kids after this one, I like the easiness and flexibility of the IUD.

Course it sounds like if you are going to do it, doing it all at once is the easiest option. Who wants to go in for extra surgeries?

My mom had the procedure done after my sister was born in the 70's and said it was easy, they are already in there. She was just sore. My question is why don't you just have you husband get a vasectomy? In office procedure, 10 min., no pain that's what we are doing. You have had the babies, why doesn't he take control of the birth control? just a thought. Good luck and the procedure is okay , you are just really sore.

I had a tubal after my second C-section, and there was absolutely no difference in recovery for me. It took a very short amount of time (I want to say 5 minutes, but that's probably wrong!), and that was that. Definitely the way to go if you're SURE! And your husband will owe you big time! = )

I can't speak to the C-section part. But I had my TL the day after my daughtwer was born. The Dr. wanted to do it the same day, but not enough nurses on staff that day (there was like 20 babies born that day). I'm so glad that I did it that way. I recovered from the birth and the TL at the same time. If you wait to have the procedure, there is a six week recovery time for just the TL. I killed two birds with one stone. I made it very clear (as did my dr.) that I wanted the epidural left in so that I could have the TL in the morning. It worked out great.

Good Luck in what-ever way you decide.

My experience was not with a c-section but in conjunction with a D & C because I had a miscarriage that didn't abort. It was a painful proceedure all the way around, physically and emotionally. But, I'd still choose to do it that way rather than having a second proceedure. From what I understood the doctors to say at the time I had mine done, there is something about the tubal ligation proceedure that causes the extra pain that people are saying they experienced. I believe you'd have to go through that pain anyway but just would have a second round of pain at a later time.
I agree with the person who said talk to your doctor soon. We found that the doctors were quiet anxious to be sure my husband and I both were counselled before the proceedure. I'm sure part of it was because they thought we might not be thinking clearly due to the miscarriage, but am sure that there is some concern as well as a need for doctors to do the "CYA" bit in these cases, to avoid the possiblity of someone coming back and complaining that they weren't ready and not counselled properly. In other words, I think doctors may do a little 'overkill' in their counselling prior to a tubal ligation, but I understand why they do. So do give yourself plenty of time for that to happen.

I would recommend you go ahead with the double proceedure, but be prepared to not recover as speedily as from other pregnancies. Have some help lined up for the first two weeks after, just in case you need it.

hi there.
if you are sure you are finished after your c-section is the perfect time to do it. there will only lbe one suregery, one scar and no extra discomfort. I had a tubal ligation after my 3rd child just over a year ago and it was cartainly the best. I didn't know any different. if you choose not to do it now but later than the means an additonal surgery later. if you are sure you want to go through with it you must talk to your doctor and have the informed consent signed ahead of time otherwise they will not do it for you.
good luck

Simple procedure especially if you're having a C-section. Highly recommend doing it at the same time. I had no complications or extra discomfort. Be sure to sign your papers early - 30 days in advance.

Good luck with your decision.

I didn't have an TL or C-section but my husband had a vasectomy and it was a piece of cake. However, when my second child was 6 I did think about having another child. But I was 45 and my husband had a vasectomy. We could have had the vasectomy reversed but my age was a factor. Sometimes when you get away from the stressful toddler years you might want another baby. But I agree with the other mom who said that since we have the babies the husband can take care of the birth control for the later years. Good-luck.


I had a tubal after my c-section. It took about 10 minutes extra and that was it. I never had any complications and I have never regretted it. I had just given birth to twins boys! I also have a daughter that was 4 at the time so I knew for sure I was done having kids.

Hope this helps.


I had mine done after my 3rd c-section, the recovery was no different than the regular c-section. I was done having kids, very sure about it!! so, while they were in there already, it took a couple minutes more, and all done! My husband didn't need to go through anything. They have everything already exposed and it's a win/win for everyone. I have no regrets!

Hello NS,
The ligation is not as painful as you might think. My sister had it done after her c-section, she didnt' have alot of cramping. I had it done also, but not after my son was born. They cut the tubes & burn it. As for c sections the recovery is longer than a normal birth. Congrats on your baby. Good luck to you.


I understand your decision to avoid pregnancy. I considered all options of birth control before I made the decision for a tubal ligation. However a couple of the side effects I experienced were irregular periods and early-onset perimenopause. Of course I had the procedure done at 41, so it is questionable that Perimenopause was taking its natural course (?). None the less, it hit directly after tubal ligation and prior to the surgery I had regular periods and no symptoms of either side effect. (?)

Thiese side effects were not confirmed by the doctor as being associated or the result of the procedure, however I did read online that other women have experienced the same thing. My manager also experienced some hormonal fluctuation after the procedure and had some break out. I do consider that a minor issue, which cleared up in several months.

In the long run, I am happy that I chose this option. No more worry. :-)

Good luck in your decision.


I was supposed to have a tubal during my c-section. I had to do it later because of problems with my daughter- however- I can't imagine that it would have any effect on the recovery, since they pretty much move stuff around anyway. I haven't had any regrets- or problems. For me it was the perfect decision.

My advice: Talk to your Dr. ASAP about this - make sure she/he is on board with it. I wanted to get my tubes tied if I had a c-section (which ended up happening) and my Dr. Refused saying he didn't think i'd thought it through! Unfortunately, because my water broke prematurely I did not get the opportunity to change doctors beforehand. Now I am struggling with whether or not it is worth getting a second surgery.

I had that done...last February, after my 3rd son was born. Not sure if the extra pain I experienced from the tubal ligation or having my 3rd c-section and being 43. but, i did get my pain medication refilled....I did not do that with my first two c-sections.

I don't regret the decision, but I did have more discomfort with this last c-section than the other two.

The perfect time to have a tubal ligation is when you are having a scheduled c-section. No extra recovery, no extra pain. Go for it!

I did the same thing - "since you're in there" was my feeling. I made the choice after our third c-section and the recovery was the same as all the others. I don't think it made any difference and saved us from having another medical procedure for my husband. I can't tell you how nice it is not to have to worry about birth control anymore! If you are sure you are done with wanted to be pregnant again (we figure we could adopt if we really are committed to adding another family member) than I say go for it!

I just had one with my c-section 6 months ago. This was my 4th c-section so I am not sure if the extra discomfort and minor problems were due to the tubes being tied or the c-section. Me personally , I think if I had it to do over again I wouldn't have done it.

I just had my second c-section 6 months ago and had my tubal at the same time. I did not experience any extra pain and it only took a few extra minutes to do while they were in there. The recovery for me was the same I had no problems. Just make sure you talk to your doctor soon because you have to sign it early enough, like a few months I can't remember exactly how early, or they can't do it. Also some doctors won't do it at the same because they are afraid you will change your mind. I would call now and start getting it taken care of.
good luck,

I had a TL at the same time as my C-Section. It was our third child and we knew it was going to be our last. To me, it just seemed to make sense, everything they need to do for a TL is right there and can be done in minutes after they deliver the baby.(seriously, like 5 minutes) There were no complications. :)

I had a TL immediately after my last c-section almost 4 years ago, and I have no regrets. Recovery is the same. Why go through another surgery & recovery period if the TL is preformed at another time? Why make your husband go through a painful procedure when he doesn't have to? If you are absolutely sure you do not want to have anymore children, then the TL done at the same time as the c-section is the way to go. Good luck!

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