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Having Tubes Tied During My C-section!

Hi moms,
I am looking for comments from any moms who have had their tubes tied during a c-section or know women who have done this. I want to know was the process fine for you or them or did it make healing from a c-section that much more difficult? I would like my husband to get a vesectamy but he is now refusing. I have to have a c-section at the end of January and am contemplating doing the tubes at the same time, but not if it is going to make healing more difficult. Please let me know your experiences, I would appreciate them. Thanks, J.

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Thank you moms for all your experiences it has really helped me make my decision! I have chosen not to do the tubal and my husband has realized the possible side affects for me are just not worth it, so he will be getting the vesectomy after the birth of our third child! Thanks again.

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I've had c-section and tubes tied 20 yrs ago. no problems. the c-section area will be painful, tho. do not do any lifting.

I had it done and thrilled that I did!!! It took only a couple of minutes after my son was delivered. Comparing my first c-section with my second I didn't see any difference in recovery.

You don't really notice the pain from the tubes being tied, because of the c-section. I did not have a harder time healing because of it either. The one problem I did have was that my milk production was a lot less and I had to supplement with formula sometimes. I've read that some women have a drop in hormones after tubal ligation and can no longer produce the milk they once could. I had plenty of milk for my first two. Oh, and my menstrual cycle if VERY HEAVY!! I am on birth control to keep the bleeing to a normal point, even though my tubes are tied!

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Just a word of warning: Every woman I personally know who has had a tubal ligation has had long term side effects, primarily in mood. Some so severe to qualify as mood disorders, but most were just irritable/cranky/short tempered when they never had been before. Most of them also had significant weight gain (around 20-40 lbs...essentially "the baby weight from the last one, just never came off").

My sample pool is quite small (maybe only 22 or 23 women over the age of 50, and 30 some in their 30's-40's, and only 3 in their 20's. So just barely over a hundred women out of the thousands who've had this done). But, quite literally, Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

I don't know what the science says. (Odd for me), In large part because I don't care. Every woman I know has side effects there is no way on earth I'm willing to deal with.

So you know though, the copper IUD (according to my OB) has a lower fail-rate than a vasectomy OR a tubal. You cramp like CRAZY for you first 2-3 periods, and then you're back to normal. Of course, all 3 DO have a failure rate...it's just very very small.

Personally though, I think men should grow a pair. Ice and tylenol for heaven's sake for 24 hours, and achiness for a week. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? When I just spent the past 40 weeks throwing up, in head to toe pain, unable to take medicine when I'm sick, not to mention about a zillion other "symptoms" of pregnancy from swollen feet to mood swings to hemorrhoids? 40 weeks v 1 week (and that's per child). And then oh yah...HOW many hours of labor...followed by HOW many weeks of my vagina feeling like I'd just shoved a baby through it? Or HOW many weeks healing from a c-section?

I'm sorry, but unless a man is *planning* to divorce me and father another family with another woman, if we're "done" having children, the only reason to not get a vasectomy is because he doesn't actually have any balls at all.

Climbing off my soapbox now :)

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I think it is pretty sad and cowardly that your husband is refusing to get a vasectomy. You dont have a choice when the doctors have to cut YOU open and pull out a baby the size of a watermelon!!Vasectomies are so easy!!My mother had her tubes tied and she has told me how terrible the healing time was and that it also messes with your hormones,she has warned me not to get one. I know everyones experiance is different, but I am taking my wise mother's advice and my husband is actually getting a vasectomy this month!!If my husband had refused to even think about getting a vasectomy, I would have refused sex and told him that I have done the hard part of bringing our children into this world and when he reconsiders, then so will I.

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I also had a planned c-section since I was at risk for uterine abruption. And since we knew the risk to the baby of being pregnant, we decided I would get my tubes tied at the same time. If you are for sure on this, make sure that you sign the paper in your doctors office at least two weeks in advance of your c-section. By law your OB cannot do a tubal unless they have previous consent by you.

I cannot say for sure if the tubal resulted in more pain or healing time from the c-section. I have had a total of 6 abdominal or uterine surgeries and honestly the first surgery was THE hardest and MOST painful recovery.

I will say that I had some pretty terrible symptoms after my tubal. More painful menstruation and cramps, more mid cycle cramps in the ovary area, etc. But I am also more prone to having weird hormonal issues because of existing thyroid and adrenal gland issues. But I know for sure my periods were never as heavy or as painful before I had my tubal done. I would definitely suggest googling Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome or PTLS before you decide.

I know that most guys (my hubby) included are very sensitive about the vasectomy issue. But it really is safer for them to get a vasectomy than it is for us to get a tubal ligation, planned c-section or not. Everything from hormonal imbalance to painful menstruation to endometriosis (scarring where the cuts were made) can result from the tubal ligation. And the of course there's the issue of "if you decide later to have more children" and cannot because of the tubal. It is much easier and cheaper for a man to have the vasectomy reversed than to have a tubal ligation reversed.

If I could go back in time, I would have opted to not have the tubal ligation because of the symptoms I dealt with afterwards. I would have used other methods of birth control and my hubby would have gotten a vasectomy. But that's just me and my story.

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I had mine tied when I had my last one. I have 3 children and I had a scheduled C section and would not have done it any other way. Since the Dr was already going to be there, my thought was... Why not. Plus my Hubby didn't need to go thru the other stuff. I would have had him do it if I wasn't having a C section. The recovery time was just as long as it took for a normal c section. I was up and moving in 2 days.
But after I had my daughter I wasn't able to spend any time with her. But her daddy stayed with her the whole time until I recovered which was only a few hours. Good luck!

I had my tubes tied during my c-section. It's not that bad.
I couldn't feel the differnce from the pain of the c-section.
Just listen to your doctor's orders and take really good care
of yourself. I gave myself about 3 to 6 months to heal.


I had no problems with having my tubes tide with my c-section. The healing process was the same (my 2nd child was also a c-section). I, too, wanted my husband to undergo the vesectomy but since I was already having the surgery, we figured it would make more sense. Good luck.

You don't really notice the pain from the tubes being tied, because of the c-section. I did not have a harder time healing because of it either. The one problem I did have was that my milk production was a lot less and I had to supplement with formula sometimes. I've read that some women have a drop in hormones after tubal ligation and can no longer produce the milk they once could. I had plenty of milk for my first two. Oh, and my menstrual cycle if VERY HEAVY!! I am on birth control to keep the bleeing to a normal point, even though my tubes are tied!

I had my first c section in July after previously having 2 vaginals. My tubes were tied, healing process normal. The C section itself was just painful, I dont recall feeling anything related to the tubal. It was easier to have one procedure than two seperate ones.

I had it done and thrilled that I did!!! It took only a couple of minutes after my son was delivered. Comparing my first c-section with my second I didn't see any difference in recovery.

The only difference from my first c-section and 2nd with getting my tubes tied was occassionally the first couple weeks (if I let the pain meds wear off) I felt like I had a "stich/cramp" in my side ..... like you feel when you run too much. I hardly noticed it at all because you already have the discomfort from the C-section. I was told by the doc that my tubal would heal before my c-section. I would highly recommend having it done at the time of the c-seciton..... you're already under the knife and will have pain meds afterwards. Why have another surgery with healing time for you or your hubby if you don't need to? I did NOT have any loss of milk production and my period is completely regular (always the same time of the month within a couple of days and normal flow...nothing heavy).

My only advise is to be VERY VERY clear with your doctor that you want it done. A friend of mine thought her doctor was going to do it, thought she had, then got pregnant and found out the doctor had not done it!! So sign papers about it or something. Just thought I would mention it.
Good Luck!!

I had mine done and during the C section it was like nothing extra, a couple more minutes in there, but not much at all. As far as recovery I felt more "pain" during the immediate recovery. Like when they are pushing on your tummy that kind of thing, but the overall healing process didnt seem to take any longer. For me it was the best solution, I dont think my hubby would have done anything and since they were in there anyway....Good Luck!!!

I'm trying to convince my husband to get snipped too. Hey- I gave birth twice, I think he can handle a little snip-snip! But seriously, I'm curious about your reasons for having a c-section in the first place. When you have a minute check out ICAN.com (International Cesarean Awareness Network) It's loaded with good info. and support. One of the best decisions I've ever made was to have a natural VBAC in water. It was such a good healing experience for me and definately a gentler birth experience for my son. I wish you the best of luck!

Had mine tied 21 years ago after my 3rd c-section. We had already decided not to have any more kids, but then discovered that it would be dangerous to do so. As several others have commented, it's a great time to do the procedure -- incision has already been made and it's only a few extra minutes. I didn't notice any extra symptoms or healing time longer than for the c-section itself. I also haven't noticed any changes in mood, etc. In fact, I was surprised to read some of the other comments about women who have noticed changes. Oh well, everyone is different. I would discuss your concerns with your OB/GYN too.

My friend recovered from it okay if I remember correctly. I think it took a little longer. She regrets doing it because she has horrible periods now. She did not know that can happen. There is a new process out called essure. Check out- www.essure.com My sister is thinking of getting this done and Trista from the show the Bachelorette just got it done. It is a permanent procedure and is quick and easy. Worth checking out. Good luck!

I just had my tubes tied during a c-sect in July. I noticed no difference in recovery compared to my prior c-sect (this recovery was actually easier, but I doubt that was due to the tubal) and I don't think it really increased the time that I was on the table. It was an easy procedure as far as I'm concerned.

As far as long term issues are concerned, I cannot comment at this time, but if it is simply the recovery that you are concerned with, I don't think it will affect anything.


I've had c-section and tubes tied 20 yrs ago. no problems. the c-section area will be painful, tho. do not do any lifting.

I have not had mine tied, but am seriously thinking about doing it when I am done having kids. I will also have a c-section and, if I am ever going to do it, I'd definitely do it at the same time. If you plan to get it done, you should do it during your c-section. Otherwise, you have to have a whole separate surgery later and go through another rough recovery period. From what I've heard, the recovery isn't much worse if you get them tied than if you just have a plain c-section.

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I had the same thing twelve years ago after our youngest son was born. Unfortunately, everyone heals differently. Some heals faster than others, some back down from the procedure, and some can't tolerate the pain while in the healing process. In the end, it was worth it for me. I had to have my husband do a vesectamy for the fact that there is always a chance of being pregnant again especially from the non-steril male. It's been happening a lot. So I had my husband undergone the procedure after I did. I have been married for 20yrs and seven boys with no girls became an easy decision for us. Make sure you walk around a day after the procedure. It helps out with faster healing...you will be alright...

I had three c-sections, my tubes tied with the last. I was on the table for maybe 10 extra minutes. Didn't feel a thing. The recovery was absolutely no different with the tubal than the other c-sections. Now, if you went in after the c-section or w/o having one, then it's its own surgery and you have the healing all over again. And as far as afterwards, NO side effects, changes in mood, weight gain. Easiest thing, as far as I'm concerned. I figured, I was already laying there, the perfect position to have it done, so why not. Rather than my husband go through something needlessly. Easy!!!

Hi J..

I've had two c-sections. I tied my tubes with the first one (yes, witht the first - I have to go threw IVF to have my babies) and yes it was a little harder. It wasn't too much of a difference other than feeling two little tiny piching sensations for the first few days. I noticed this didn't happen with the next c-cection and it made it a bit easier for me. Over all not too bad but, if your hubby is willing to do it - let him! We have sooooomany things that go wrong with us with our female parts that you don't need to do anything that'll trigger something to happen later. There is nothing that'll happen to the guy when he does it, they don't even put thm under, just local.

Just had a tubal 13 months ago after the delivery of my twins. This was my only pregnancy so I don't know what the healing might be like otherwise...however, it was the right decision for my husband and me. We have four now - and were actually surprised with the second two so, I just had them bring in the paperwork immediately before being put on the gurney in the OR. (= C-sections - due to the incision through the abdominal musculature - are pretty rough recovery. They usually take about four to six days recovery in the hospital and then no stairs or heavy lifting for the next two months. I did experience some issues with "zinging" pain with ovulation over the next six months. It has since stopped and I am thinking it may have been due to some disruption of blood supply to the ovaries. You should definitely read up on the pros and cons of tubal ligation online prior to undergoing the procedure. I love not having to worry about birth control now - and wouldn't have done anything differently. Good luck with your decision - and I would definitely read these responses to your husband so he can be a part of the decision process!
Take care -

I've had 2 c-sections... and the option to do a Tubal at that time.
I opted not to do it.... because of the side effects on the body, as Riley referred to.
Instead we just use other means of birth control. For me, it was not a matter of whether Hubby and I wanted or did not want more children... but rather, the effect on my body. This was the deciding factor, in my case, and for me.

All the best,

I had mine tied when I had a planned c-section with my daughter; due to a medical complication. Since she is my only child I never had any other experience with recovery time. After 8 weeks I was running,driving etc. I don't know if it's from the tubal but I've gone from 7 days (time of the month) down to 3 ever since.

Congratulations on your growing family! I had the opportunity to have my tubes tied at the end of my second pregnancy (planned c-section) and I wish I'd done it! I did not know if I was "done" having kids, but now my youngest is four, and I've known since she was one that I was done. My husband is also refusing to do the snip. I even boycotted the pill and put him in charge of birth control to "motivate him" but so far, it isn't working. I'd do it if I were you (I wish that I had done it!) Even if the recovery is a bit worse, you will be having some kind of recovery from the c-section, why not just have a little bit more recovery and get it all done at once? Good luck with your decision and your delivery!

I had mine tied during my 2nd c-section. For me, the recovery was much more difficult than the recovery from my first c-section. Whether this was because of the tubal, I have no way of knowing. My 2nd pregnancy was twins and I'd been on weeks of bedrest, so maybe it was just the extra stress that made recovery so difficult. I do have to say that I wish I hadn't had a tubal, not because I now want more children, but because of the changes in my body. As Riley mentioned, I too have more problems keeping weight off (not an issue before) and I also have more mood issues. In addition, my periods have been heavier and longer ever since the tubal. Who knows whether any of this is related to the tubal, but it's enough things to make me have regrets.

I had 2 c-sections and had my tubes tied on the second c-section. I didn't notice any difference in healing time or any extra discomfort from the first c-section. The only thing I noticed for my body is that my periods were much heavier..and have been since tying my tubes. Some of my friends who've had their tubes tied also experienced this and some haven't so maybe it just depends on your body. If you know for sure you do not want anymore children and your husband really does refuse to get "fixed" then this will give you complete piece of mind.
Good Luck!

Hi J.!

Congrats on the baby! I had my tubes tied during my last c-section. It did not make my healing process any longer or more difficult. I can honestly say the ONLY thing it has done is make my menstrual cycle heavier. If this is a serious choice and your husband won't get his procedure done do it while you are already having the c-section, otherwise you have to have another surgery and recover all over agin.

Good luck!

Both my mom and SIL had theirs tied after their last C-section. Both mentioned heavier periods after the tubal. My SIL is actually having a separate procedure to help with her super heavy periods.

If you don't want to go with a tubal, there are 2 different IUDs (copper and Mirena) and there's Essure, which causes scar tissue that blocks the tubes without surgery.


Good luck!

I didn't read all of your responses, but here is my experience. It was a piece of cake! There was no extra healing. if you wait they have to pump you full of air to make it easier to get to your tubes, this causes horrible gas pains, where right after delivery your tubes are already on top and easy to get to. Start filling out all of your paper work as soon as possible, you can back out at the last min, but you cant decide to go through with it at the last min. After, I can say my periods are irregular, and symptoms are worse, but the rest was easy.

I was planning on a vaginal delivery for my third child (it was high risk) and had signed the papers for the tubal ligation two months before delivery (Had to take a class for Kaiser in order to do this) and went into labor and had an "uh-oh" moment and had an emergency C-Section and as they hauled me off to surgery I was yelling "Don't forget to tie my tubes!" I had no complications related to the tubal, had several from the C-Section. As my periods were always irregular, I had six pregnancy tests in the two years following the tubal ligation but they were all negative. I don't think my heavier periods were due to the tubal but due to the fact I developed fibroids. I eventually had a total hysterectomy 13 years later in the middle of menopause. I knew I could not have another pregnancy, as it would probably have killed me and I couldn't face an abortion. I think a tubal is ideal for people like that.

My friend had her tubes tied after her 3rd c-section (immediately after) and has no complaints. It only took a few extra minutes to do the procedure since they are right there. She didn't notice any extra pain either. Hope that helps!


I had my tubes tied after my 3rd c-section 17 months ago. It was no different in the healing/recovery than any of my other 2 c-sections. My first c-section was 18 years ago, then I had one 28 months ago and the last 17 months ago. Recovery was the same for me with each one. That only other option was to have them do it again, just later. But, since I was already open, I decided to just do it. I did not want to risk another surgery and another recovery time. Best of Luck with your decision. After all, the final decision is yours.

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