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Tubal After Childbirth

Has anyone had their tubes tied right after childbirth? (I plan on having a conventional birth, not a c-section) My Dr. said it can be done right after birth using the epidural or I can wait to have the Essure done in the office a few months later. I can also wait for the tubal and have it at a surgery center a few months after childbirth. I am trying to decide what to do. I would love to hear stories of experience from other Moms both good and bad about both procedures.

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I had mine right along with my C-section using the epidural and to me that is the best way because you recover from both at the same time and can dedicate yourself more fully to your little ones. I did not think it was painful at all and was up and walking two days later(this is not the norm, of course) and have had no problems since.

i had my tubes tied right after i delivered my twins and it was easy you recover from the tubal while you recover from birth instead of two seperate procedures. i also had the shoulder pain the doc said it was disassociative pain(i think) which is just a wierd way of your body dealing with alot of tramua in one area


I had done right after my 4th child was born, went from delivery room to operating room. Have not experienced any difficulties or changes at all since having this done over 7 years ago. I would suggest doing right after child birth. Good luck.

I had it done right after my son was born 3 years ago and had no problems. I highly recommend having it done at the same time. However, like another post said, my periods have been heavier and longer since having it done, which is kind of a pain. But that's the only down side I have experienced.

Well, Mine is kind of a messed up story. After birth, they started to take me to another room to tie my tuebs, they found the OR was busy and by the time I was coming out of anesthesia they had to put me back under because the OR was ready. Coming out goig back under and coming out again is horrible. I could not open my eyes or see my baby for a day and half. Then the secod night I got a horrible pain in my right shoulder. I was told by a nurse there was nothing they could do for the pain, that it was air in my tubes that was causing the paind and happens when they are tied. All I could do was try and walk up and down the halls to help eleviate the pain. People felt sorry for me becasue I was crying so hard. I think it would have bee ok if they had done immediatly after I gave birth, but waiting was horrible. I still to this day (6 years later)occassionally get pains in my right shoulder. Same pain in the same place. Not sure if it is related or ot, but of course to me it is!

I had a c-section with the second baby (various reasons) and had a tubal done after they delivered him. Since I was recovering a c-section I didn't notice any problems from the tubal.

My only complaint now (almost 3.5 yrs later) is that being off bcp I have no hormones in my system making my periods lighter, so they are quite heavy. I have seriously considered going back on bcp just to help with that.

I had my tubal done right after I delivered my 3rd daughter. I wanted to do it right away and it worked out fine for me! Good luck!

I had my tubes tied after my 3rd child, but I did have a c-section. My son was in NICU, so I had to get to him, so I really don't remember lot of pain because of the tubal, but again, my focus was on my son and I had my son in San Antonio hospital which they were very strict on times, and just giving birth and being told there are certain times you can see your child, can't nurse him because they have the NICU close during feeding times (only during the day) was horrible. Maybe if I didn't have to deal with the emotional pain, I could have felt some physical pain.
I could have had a vaginal birth, however, I'm glad I did have the c-section because I was able to stay as long as he was there since I did have the c-section.

I had mine done along with my 2nd c/section. Good Luck!

I had my tubal right after giving birth to my son. I had friends that suggested I would probably not go back if I waited until later.
I was very sore after the tubal. I felt that it really interferred with my first few days with my new baby. Also, I have have basically been pre-menopausal since then (night sweats, etc.) I have talked to at least three other mothers who have had the same issues. Please google side effects of a tubal ligation and make an informed decision. I wish I had done more research.
Good Luck!

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