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Any Experience with Getting a C-section & Tubes Tied at Same Time

I am currently expecting my 2nd child in September. We are so thrilled about this baby and currently have a wonderful 2 year old that is the light of our lives. The birth of this child will complete our family and I am most likely going to have a C-Section since my first child was delivered by C-Section also. So, I was thinking I would like to have my tubes tied while they "are in there anyway." I would like to hear from anyone else out there that had this done and has any comments or advice.

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Thank you all for your words of advice. I am positive that this baby will complete our family and I am also 37 and feel that I would not want to have a 3rd child at 39 or 40. Nothing against those that do have children at that age but for me with 2 and a complete family circle, I know I would not want another pregnancy. THank you all so very much as my concern was more about longer healing times etc. versus being unsure about more children. I feel confident now that my recovery will not be longer or more painful by adding the tubal to my c-section. So thank yoU!!

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Hello M.,

I had my second child in October last year. I also had to have a c-section since I had to have one on my 1st child I had in June 2008. I did have my tubes tied due to I think I am done having kids. Everything went very well and I healed pretty fast. The onky thing a did struggle with was baby blues.

I had my third child via my third c-section and finally had my tubes tied. Because you're healing from the c-section anyway it's the best thing...but, I felt that my healing time was a little longer and I was very "tight" on the inside due to the tubes being tugged and tied. Other than that it was back to work as usual. Good luck!

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I had this done in December 2004 and got pregnant in October 2006. I was 38 at the time and my husband was 43. Shocking to say the least. If you decide to do this, make sure they cut and burn the tubes. I had the clamps and when they went in for my 3rd c-section, they said the clamps were still there. They could not find a reason that I had become pregnant.
Good Luck with whatever decision you make.

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I had a 2nd C-section and the had a tubal ligigation also; after the surgery it was very painful for me to walk and get around had to spend weeks and weeks recuperating. I was very thin at the time ; I weighed less that 110 pounds and that could have been a contributing factor. My baby was more sleepy that my 1st baby was had to get used to sucking my breast and a bottlr slowly. My periods back then became much lighter.

It was apositive experience just to have a bouncing baby boy!!

I did. Tell the doc you want it done. It is easier to do both st once

As long as you are positive that you don't want anymore children, it's the best time to have them tied. My doctor suggested I get my tubes tied after my 3rd c-section but I was afraid to do it in case I'd change my mind later on. It's a personal decision, but if you know you are having a c-section, it's the best time to do it.

Hi! I am 49(my oldest is now 24 and twins are 22) and have had 2 C-sections and tubes tied after my 2nd C-section (twins). Since you have had the C-section you know what to expect. Getting your tubes tied is a piece of cake! Just a little cramping and you will be fine. I have no regrets! And dont think you will either. Good decision!

I had this done with my second child back in 1991, and found it an easy and efficient way to handle things. It made no difference as far as recovery time or anything, and it was successful!

I had my third child via my third c-section and finally had my tubes tied. Because you're healing from the c-section anyway it's the best thing...but, I felt that my healing time was a little longer and I was very "tight" on the inside due to the tubes being tugged and tied. Other than that it was back to work as usual. Good luck!

Hi M.,

I had my second child last August, and I did have a C-section and had my tubes tied. I must admit the recovery for me, was a little worse than my first c-section, I would say it took me a good 6-8 weeks to feel a little better, but I am glad I did both at the same time. Also, I am 42 years old, so that may be why the recovery was a little harder. I would recommend that you go buy a girdle, it helped me alot with the recovery. Best of luck to you.

I had both at once and, other than being "on the table" a little longer, it didn't seem to be a big deal. I didn't notice any recovery issues. One thing, they did take the baby away to the nursery while they did that part of the surgery. I sent my husband to go with the baby so I was alone for the tubal ligation.

Ditto what everyone else said...I will say after two children concieved through extensive fertility treatment, my second was born when I was 39. Really no desire to go through all of the emotional turmoil but turning 40, getting my tubes tied, and having my first mammogram with a followup one after that was a bit much for the female pschyee! Other than than its been 2 years not and I dont notice anything different honestly...
Many blessings and congratulations on your new angel!

I thought the same way. I had 2 c-sections and said while they are in there lets get that done. I had NO complications what so ever. I am glad I did it. Just be very sure you DO NOT want anymore children. I just had mine done when I had my last child 21 months ago, and sometimes I get that "Oh I want another one" feeling. I think it is because I know I cant have anymore, and I am sure I dont want anymore. So be SURE that you dont before you do get them tied.

If number two is your last baby, then go ahead. I had a tubal ligation after number three....knowing I didn't want any more. I had an epideral and was awake throughout the procedure. As I recall, the tubal takes a very short while (you get into the newborn and that experience takes your mind off the extra surgery)

Hi M.,

I just had my 2nd c-section 6 weeks ago and had a tubal ligation. I also have a 3yr old son and this was my 2nd and last child. The experience so far has been ok. I had normal csection pain, but a bit more tenderness in the area from the tubes being tied. I am still recovering, but I am doing great. The only concern I have is an ectopic pregnancy that I read could happen in a rare chance. Other from that Dr said I should be fine and I am relieved not having to go thru pregnancy again. I am 37yrs old and married. Hope that helps. You can email me at ____@____.com if you need to ask any more questions.

Congratulations the upcoming addition to your family. I just (7 days ago) had my 2nd baby via c-section and had my tubes tied at the same time. The only difference I felt between this c-section and my last ( 2 1/2 years ago) was a slight pain on both sides, like where you would feel it when you are ovulating. It was just a little discomfort- other than that my recovery was the same.

Good luck!


I had that done and it was simple and smart to combine the two.... You do need to discuss it with your doctor in depth, they need to understand your desire prior to delivery and may need to have it in writing etc. Congrats & good luck!

I also had the c-section with tubal at the same time with my 4th child. I ended up having a rough time afterward. Not sure how much was due to the tubal or not. For more than a year following the periods never seemed to go away. And had major cramping unlike before that last birth/c-section/tubal. We did one small surgery to try and correct it called an endometrial ablation. But caused another problem in the process. About 5 months later I had to have a hysterectomy. Now things are fantastic.
Know the complications. Talk with your doctor. Make sure you're both on the same page before time for delivery. But if you really want a tubal and will be having a c-section anyway... it's pretty much a no-brainer to combine the two and recover all at once instead of going back in later.
Good luck and congrats!


I don't personally have any experience. However, my sister had her tubes tied after her third c-section and she said that it wasn't that big of a deal. She really didn't have any complaints other than the obvious healing time from the c-section.

Good luck.

36 y/o SAHM of 3 boys
14, 6 and 3 (almost 4) all born naturally

I had my tubes tied with my second birth and had a c-section. It was an unplanned c-section but I had already decided to get my tubes tied. I can tell you that it is less expensive if you have them done while they are already doing the c-section. Having never experienced surgery before I don't notice anything different. I was in a lot of pain fom the surgery. They did ask me while in surgery if i still wanted my tubes tied. i guess the want to make sure up to the last minute. I think it is a goo idea to do it. one less trip to the hospital later on.

I know it's always the fear of the unknown that gets us. I had my tubes tied when I had my third daughter delivered via c- section. I can tell you that the recovery is no different than with your previous c- section as far as getting your tubes tied. I did find that with each consecutive c-section the recovery was quicker and faster. I don't know if this is because you have a toddler you have to chase around or if you're just to busy to notice. I wouldn't worry it's a great convient and less expensive way to have your tubes tied. I hope everything goes well, and congrats on your new bundle of joy!!!

I had mine done when I had mine son and the only thing there was different fromt he first one was a little bit of cramping, totally tolerable. The second recovery was actually alot better than the first, I was scared it would be worse since they were doing extra stuff in there :) I also get the "Oh iI want another one", but agree with the other response about just not being able to. I am very glad I did it however do a little bit of research on "Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome". I have had a couple of the symptons, which suck. Alot of DR's don't believe there is such a thing because there are no REAL studies done on it. All in all I'm glad I did it! Good luck.

I had a c-section with child number 3, and then wasn't given a choice on number 4. The doctor refused to do v-bacs. Anyway, I chose to get my tubes tied too. It made no difference in how I felt afterwards and it was nice to have it done at the same time. There was never a need to go back later to have something done. If you are confident in your decision, then it's the best way to do it. And my doctors wanted to make sure I was confident, they asked me several times even right up the surgery.

I had a C-section and tubes tied at the same time. It was great. Just be sure that you and your husband are finished having babies, especially if you are young. I was 41 so it was a no brainer. But other than that it is great not havig to worry about contraceptives.

I'm not judging your decision on a c-section, but would like more info so I can understand... did you look into a VBAC? Or is that not an option in your case?

my niece had it done and her doctor said if you are gonna have it done and are having a c-section that is the best time to do it all at once you are already opened up. if you do not do it that way they'd have to cut a small incision under your belly button and do it there. so might as well do it all at once while already open. also you do not have 2 re-cooperations only the one.
i was gonna do mine that way with my second son if i ahd to hace a c-section but i had him vaginal so i could not do it that way.i had mine done the day after delivering my second son they cut the incision near my bellt button. and years later i ended up having a hernia opperation which they said was from my tube incision. so i say get it done while you are already opened up it's the best.
yeah make sure they do a bi-latteral tublaigation meaning they take a small piece out of each tube 9one on each side0 then they cute tie and burn them. no clamps.

Hello M.,

I had my second child in October last year. I also had to have a c-section since I had to have one on my 1st child I had in June 2008. I did have my tubes tied due to I think I am done having kids. Everything went very well and I healed pretty fast. The onky thing a did struggle with was baby blues.

i had a c-section and tubes cut and tied with after my 2nd child also. i haven't experienced any problems that i would contribute to this, but if you read on some websites there are some side effects that may occur. but i believe those are pretty rare. things like facial hair and lack of estrogen and emotional side effects. it's just up to you and what you want. i had mine done right after i had my c-section. they sent the baby and my husband out and then it took about 5-10 mins to finish up and then i was outta there :). very simple, no hassle. you don't have to go back later and get it done if it's something you know you want. no birth control. it's great.


Hi Marcha,

I myself had my tubes tied when I had my second child 3 years ago. My son was 2-1/2 when I had my daughter.

I decided the same thing since I am diabetic and my pregnancies were so-so. So I decided to get the tubes tied actually burned. When I had the first c-section the recovery wasn;t that painful. I would even venture to say it was more uncomfortable than anything. Now, as far as the second, it was a painful recovery. You have to remember that you are having two procedures done instead of just one.

I do not regret it for anything because I have two beautiful children who are more to handle that 10. I do have one regret though. I told my doctor that if I would have planned it properly I would have had a tummy tuck also. After the second one you are so streched out that it is hard to return to what you looked like before. He said that if I would have told him he would have called in a plstic surgeon and had it all done at one time and would have tried to get it through the insurance. Talk to your doc if you are intetrested. Good luck and God Bless.

I have no experience/advice to offer u but I am in the same boat myself :o) We have a darling lil girl who's almost 2 and this one I am currently 6 months along with is a boy. We r so blessed to have one of each that I am seriously wanting to get my tubes tied also. Good luck!!

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