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Trouble with a Boy Name

I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and my husband and I are having trouble with coming up with a boy name. Right now we aren't sure what we are having, the doctor told us was a girl and then, all in the same appointment, told us it was a boy. I have 2 boys already and would love to have a girl. Not knowing for sure it is hard to come up with a name. We already have a girl name picked out. If anyone out there has any suggestions please feel free to let me know. Ohh yeah and my boys names are Austin and Dylan.

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Well I haven't had the baby yet but I think that we have decided on a name, Tanner Matthew or Tanner Bradley. I am having a scheduled C-Section on April 11th at 7:00am, which is a week before my due date. So I am hoping all goes well. This will be my third c-section. That is all for now, if anything changes I will let everyone know. Ohh yeah and thank you to everyone that gave us some ideas!!!

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I had one boy and his name is Ethan Cole. We had a hard time naming him but I also really liked the name Owen. It is short and cute and goes with any middle name. Good luck picking...

My son is named Finnegan, we call him Finn. And a girl my boyfriend works with is naming her son Jude.

Hi! I have 2 little boys but unlike most of these that I have read, my names are quite common I guess. I have a William Jeffrey "Will" and a Samuel Wallace "Sam". I tend to steer clear of those made up /trendy names. I work in the schools so I see a lot of that and don't particular like it- and the spelling changes cause major issues. Anyhow, someone mentioned the name Owen which I do love. I also think Noah is a nice name. Good luck! Let us know what you come up with. Good luck!

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Hi! I have 2 little boys but unlike most of these that I have read, my names are quite common I guess. I have a William Jeffrey "Will" and a Samuel Wallace "Sam". I tend to steer clear of those made up /trendy names. I work in the schools so I see a lot of that and don't particular like it- and the spelling changes cause major issues. Anyhow, someone mentioned the name Owen which I do love. I also think Noah is a nice name. Good luck! Let us know what you come up with. Good luck!

well, first let me congratulate you on your child what ever sex it is. I too have 2 boys and one girl. so I will share with you the names I have and thought about. You may like them because we were very close to naming my youngest Dylan as well but when I checked out the Social Security website I found it to be to common. I don't like common names.We were so close in fact that the video of his ultra sound said Dylan as did his Christmas presents. He was due December 20th. So my Daughter 12 is Skyllar Alyse and My first son is Orion Timothy and other son is Keegan James. With Orion my husband wanted to name him Blexor, don't ask. With Keegan we toyed around with Dylan, Nolan which I absolutely loved my husband not to sure thought and We also thought about Killian and Jameson. We are Irish can you tell. Orion is like the constellation, you know the hunter pronounced O'Ryan. and Keegan means little fiery one and boy oh boy is he. Good luck and let me know what you decide. ____@____.com

My boys names are Logan Conrad and Evan Connor.

OK - I have no boys and when I was pregnant last we spent a lot of time searching boys names just in case. We didn't have to use it but oh well. I loved Kaleb (we thought at first it was twins so it was going to be Kalyn and Kaleb, anyway). But Aiden, Karson, Levi, were also choices. Both my dad and stepdad are named James (even though my stepdad uses his middle name) so I liked Levi James. Tristan and Cole were also other names we considered. I wish you the best of luck!!!! (I do know a few of my friends who actually waited until the baby was born to decide so they could see what the baby looked like. Some names didn't fit once they saw the baby.)

Isn't it crazy how difficult it is to come up with a name when there are so many names to chose from. When I was pregnant it took us forever to decide and we really didn't make the final decision until we saw our little baby girl the first time, in which we decided to go with Alexi. I noticed that your other two boys names end with a "n". Did you want to stick with names that end with "n"? Well here are a few names I could think of (some of which don't end with "n"): Eastyn, Garrett, Brenden, Ryder, Lance, Braeden, Gavin, Seth, Peyton, Bryce, Bryson. Oh my goodness, I am having a mommy brain moment. I can't think of any more. Maybe you'll get your little princess this time!

Corbin would fit nicely with the family (pending, of course, your last name). Austin, Dylan, and Corbin are both popular names, but not extremly popular. As a teacher, please do not choose any strange spelling for your child's name. It will just be a lifetime of people saying it wrong, spelling it wrong, and ignoring the way it should be. Also, avoid the name Aiden (which several moms suggested). It is a very popular name right now and your son would probably end up being one of three Aidens in all of his classes!

i like the name darron shane i was going to use it but i never got the chance to cause i had a girl and the drs advised against me having any more

My son is named Finnegan, we call him Finn. And a girl my boyfriend works with is naming her son Jude.

What about these:
Aiden Matthew** My next choice...:)
Thought I'd throw a couple names out there. :)
I just had a little boy. I named him Andrew Nicholas. We didn't know what the sex of our baby was either. He was going to be a Rebeckah Lee if he was a girl. Hope I get her next time!

Weston and Harrison are two I'm familiar with that are nice.

I like the names Caleb, Michael, Jonathon, Seth, and Damon. Well, those are just my suggestions. If it does turn out to be a girl try the name Kya Rae. That is what I named my daughter, but it is a really beautiful name. I think you should consider it.

my husband and i have 3 girls, we are 5 months pregnant, we find out next week what we are having, one of the boy names we were thinking about, but didn't settle on was Damon Kain. It just seemed like a very dominant strong name. not sure if you'll like it, but it was one of our thoughts

Hey! Congratulations!!! My stepson's name is Austin, and Dylan is on our boy name list for future kids =) How about the name Hayden? It would go well with your other two boys and it cute and trendy but not over-the-top. I think it fits well. I immediately thought of this because my husband and I have a list of names and we want them to be cute and up to date but not weird or extremely popluar. So I think we're along the same lines with you! Anyhow, hope I helped.

Boy names are harder than girl names I think. I have a son named Connor James and a stepson named Austin Randall. When I was picking out Connor's name I really wanted Jace. If I have another boy I am going to use William Landen. William after my husband and Landen because I love it. Good luck with the baby and no matter what name you pick I am sure it will be perfect!

I love the name Gage or what about Caden or Braden. Those are all very unique names and Gage sounds like such a cool kid. We ended up naming our baby boy , Jordan, and my oldest son is named Cody. We now wish that we would've named Jordan Gage. Or I work with a guy named Kirsch. I like that name, too.

How funny it was for me to read your request - I have 3 nephews. Their names are Austin, Dylan.....and JACKSON!

Maybe Jackson would work for you! (Hope you have a girl, though!)

I agree as a teacher you don't want to be too creative on spelling... I have a unique name and it constantly gets mispronounced... but on the other hand with a unique name, when someone calls for me, I know its me and not another person, and I appreciate that, and have since my teenage years. I might also caution you about using very popular names if you have any feelings for not wanting your child to be a Jason J. or a Aden J, James J. etc.,. I had a very difficult time finding a name for my daughter because I didn't want her to be just another Sophie, or Grace. We had 2 names we loved, and when we saw our baby we didn't think either of them fit her.. so you may make a list to take, and be sure to take a baby book of names when you deliver, just in case. Best of Luck to you for a healthy happy and safe delivery.

I had one boy and his name is Ethan Cole. We had a hard time naming him but I also really liked the name Owen. It is short and cute and goes with any middle name. Good luck picking...

You'll have to let us know what you pick.

I'm also pregnant, but having a girl. Our boy names were Harrison, Kieran, Owen, or Gavin. We have a son named Zachary. I hope you are able to settle on a name soon. :)

I have always liked Ethan.

hey N...
I have 3 girls.. - and we are finished have kids.. and if we would have had a boy .. I would have named him after the greatest man to ever walk the Earth.. My grandpa...- his middle name was Isaac.. he past away Dec 9th 2001- Im very happy that he got to see my girls... my youngest had just turned 1 year old Dec 4th.- He was the best grandpa. .and the best Great grandpa.. -
sooo My suggestion is to use a family name that is important to you and your husband.. OR... LOL.. You are welcome to use my grandpas Middle name.. of Isaac.. sounds like it would go great with Dylan and Austin!- hugs with whatever you decide.

My oldest son is Airyk Darian. Hubby loved the name Eric, but I found it bland and boring, hence the creative spelling. Darian is a name that I've loved for year. With our youngest child, we ran through 3 different baby books and couldn't find any names that suited. I was dead set on Ethan, but hubby hated that name, and somewhere, Raithan popped up and we both fell in love with it. His full name is Raithan Alexander, so he's got plenty of available nick names if he ends up disliking Raithan. Good luck, I remember the feeling when the "bingo!" popped in our heads

Hi N...Girls names just seem to be easier to come up with at time but it is hard to pick the right name for kids period. I have a daughter, Kathryn, my husband & I loved this name from the get go..it's old fashioned I guess. If we were to ever have a boy, which we cannot, I would have named him Wesley, after my Grandfather and call him Wes...another name I think would be perfect is Chase..yes, Chase..if it's a boy, that's what he'll be doing after his big brothers. It's a perfect fit but you or your husband may not approve of it. Just a suggestion. Take care and I hope you decide what's right for you both. Good luck & God bless

My sister has a son, Grason...also spelled Grayson. Took me a minute to warm up to that but I like it...and he has two middle names, Michael and Lane. I like the name Lane as well.
I love the name Lincoln but he's an ex boyfriend so I will never use it.
My best friend has a stepson, Wyatt. And the lady who said Bennett, I love that! I also have a friend who has a Jaxson.
You know having spent time working with the senior population, I have heard some crazy names and some just older style names I really like, Niolas (pronounced Nih-Oh-Las) and Clancy and Vitus are two of the stranger ones. L., Warren...all good names though.
I know when I saw my son, he just really looked like a Matthew amongst all the names I hadn't decided on yet. Best of luck!! Let us know what you decide :)

My kids are Payton David, and Jared Randy. I am also pregnant and was sure it was a girl but it's a boy (I have one daughter and she had her heart set on having a sister). I'm glad you wrote this, maybe I can find a name too!!! In the past we have done family names Payton is after my husbands great-grandfather (David is my husbands name). Jared is after my cousin who is like a brother to me and Randy is my dads name. I think we will try to find another family name for this one. We are thinking maybe Porter or Carter (family names that are last names). Other names my family has used are: Tanner, Blake, Brennan, Brandon, Shane, Matthew, Bryson, Braxton, Max, Andrew, Colton. Anyways, hope that helps. Good luck!

this can be a toughie. i dont really like common names myself i named my children Cane Michael and Alicia ( pronounced A-lee-c-a) Elizabeth. i do stick with family names for a middle name though. whatever you choose make sure you both love it and if you decide to spell it unique or crazy make sure you can live with it. alot of people call my daughter A-lisha. whick i love as well just didnt intend for it to be pronounced like that. but the names i love for a boy are Channing and Cemper. good luck maybe when you meet him his name will just come to you! lol

I have a Alexander Chase, Andrew Mitchell, Joseph Brett, and Ethan Kyle. But I love the names Seth and Taylor.

I like the names Tristan, Elijah, Isaiah or even Connar! I think you will have a girl....lol I have two girls and then FINALLY a boy. I named him Elijah of course but it took me FOREVER to find a name seeing how I have two girls and was completly prepared to have yet another girl but finally named him Elijah after he was 2days old! I do wish you luck on having a girl and I also wish you luck on the names....I know whatever you pick you will love it and I am sure you baby will be beautiful and any name will suit your baby! :)

ok N. you have so many suggestions already but I am gonna chime in anyway.

my boys are

keith patrick
kyle austin
mason alexander
collin reid

Good Luck! Dont worry the right name will come!!

My sons name is Hayden! But I also like Karson and Bryson! Good Luck!

boy names

Charlie-german-nickname for charles or charlott
Marlon-old french-little hawk
Ace-latin-unity/one/first rate
Atticus-english-father like
Alexander-Greek-Protector of mankind
Shane-irish-god is gracious
Gavin-welsh-white hawk
Gabriel-hebrew-god is my strength
Rory-gaelic-red king
Rowan-gaelic/old english-red haired/rugged
Sage english-from the spice or Prophet
Tyler/ty-old english-tile maker
Dalton-old english-valley farm
Dustin-Old german-valiant fighter/dark stone
Tanner-old english-leather worker
Gage-old english/old french-a pledge/a pawn
Bane-Hawaiian- long awaited child
Morpheus-Greek-god of dreams
Hades-Greek-god of the underworld
Ares-greek-god of war
Keiran-celtic/gaelic-little and dark

Brody! I love that name! Also Adam, Jevin, and Hayden.
Good Luck and Congratulations!

Levi (my ds's middle name)

These are all I can think of this early in the morning. lol!

Hey! I know that you already have a ton of names to think about; however, I noticed that only one person mentioned the name Conner and then it was only as a middle name. My husband and I had the name Conner Michael picked out for our first child (which turned out to be a girl, even though the doctors told us it was a boy TWICE!). What we wanted in a name was something that wasn't common and couldn't be shortened. My husband is half Irish and so we wanted an Irish name; hence, the name Conner. The Michael part was after my husband (his middle name). We ended up with two girls though (that are my entire life). Our girls names are different and for their middle names we went with (since my grandpa is half french, and half indian) french names, and they are named after my grandma and my husband. Their names are Ayla Marie, and Kyann Michelle. Good Luck!

Hey N.,

I went with something different (I think...LOL)


I love it.


The boy's name Keaton \ke(a)-ton\ is pronounced KEE-ton. It is of English origin, and its meaning is "place of hawks". Actors Michael Keaton, Buster Keaton, Diane Keaton.

Keaton has 1 variant form: Keeton.

Baby names that sound like Keaton are Kadon, Kaden, Cotton, Gaeton, Kaydon, Kaidon, Kadin and Kadan.

Keaton is a very rare male first name and a very popular surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census).

Try www.thinkbabynames.com

Just a quick note, my great grandfathers name was Carter & I love that name. Good Luck!

My sons name is Aidan Christian Sullivan F.. I couldn't decide on 1 middle name, so he got 2! I'm part Irish...so both Aidan and Sullivan are very strong Irish names. A friend of mines last name is Sullivan as well.
A suggestion would be to look into your roots. Find names that represent that. OR another good idea...a family I used to Nanny for, named their boy/girl twins last names that ran in the family. Kreigh Koller (girl) and Callahan Boone (boy) I thought that was a great idea. Especially for a family that doesn't have boys to carry the name on. (I love the names too!) That families last name was Elzey...so his sister (who was married) named her first son Elzey.
Use something creative. It's fun that way. Good luck. I was lucky.....in one way anyway. My sons father isn't in the picture. So I got to pick out the entire name myself! ha

I'm a mom of 4 and when picking out our first sons name we went with our grandfathers names,Damon Nicholas...My middle sons name his dad picked out of the Bible,Noah Daniel...My youngest son I didn't have a name picked out until he was born because my daughter & I was hoping for a girl,so when he was a boy I was at a blank until my son came into see us and said they was watching a baseball game when the nurse told them "its a boy" and Brady Anderson hit a homerun so his name is Brady...Good Luck with the new baby boy or girl...
My daughters name is Chelsea Dena..

My son't name is Rian (Gaelic spelling for Ryan). I think Brayden or Aiden would sound good with your other two names! Good luck!

Congrats on the third baby. I have four children, two boys and two girls, so I have some idea of what your going through on picking a name. I really like old names and biblical names. My boys are: Benjamin and Lucas, Lucas didnt have a name until he was born because we couldnt decide. I had about 5 names I really liked (my husband hated) and when he was born my husband said he looks like a Luke, at that point we could have named him boy and I wouldnt have cared. :) Good luck to you.

It is hard, I know!! My son was born on thurs and we didn't name him until sunday afternoon!! I didn't want anything to popular or common so it was hard!!! just brouse websites. the name will come to you. good luck!

I'm also one that likes the less common names :) my son's name was picked by his father but its John Huber Brody (we call him by Brody) & my daughter is Tatiana Selena Ngali (Tia)

I have a Micheal Anthony, James Sabastian, Mario Vincent, Lewis Eugene, Anthony Wayne, and Marc Alen.

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