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Too Many Mosquito Bites!! HELP!

My 21 month old daughter woke up with about 6 bites on her face and 3 or 4 bites on each of her arms, and one on her neck. Our lovely "natural bird" of FLA, the mosquito, attacked at night.Thank GOD she had long PJ pants or they would have gotten her legs too! She is scratching at them and they are getting super red and swollen. Some of them already have broken skin from her scratching. I'm giving her Benadryl orally and After Bite ointment on the bites but its not bringing much relief.Does anyone know of any ideas to help with the swelling and itch? Please help, my poor little angel look like she has the chicken pox! (which by the way ISN'T chicken pox!):)Thanks Guys!

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Thanks a BUNCH for all the great advice! I ended up calling her doctor because the swelling got really bad. The doc prescribed some cortisosteroid medication to take orally. This has helped greatly with the swelling, redness and inflamation. With just one dose, at night, she woke up the next morning with significant change. As far as the itching I'm still trying different techniques which you guys advised. Thanks again for the support, Im so happy that there is a site like this to express concern and get such positive feedback from other concerned mommy's! Take care guys! :)

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OH, I hate that!! Mosquitos love my 2 youngest daughters! WHat my husband does it put rubbing alcohol on the bites ASAP. It helps dry them up & stops the itch. Hope this helps out on the ones w/out broken skin. I've also heard about using white vinegar, but haven't tried it yet.
M. A.

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Calamine Lotion will help sooth the itching or the Aveeno Oatmeal Lotion. But if it continues to look ugly, take her to the pediatrician and he will probably prescribe an antibiotic cream.

Good Luck,
M. mother of 4

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Put some Apple Cider Vinegar on a cotten ball and dab on the bites. It takes the itch away. Also works great for fire ant bites as well.

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This may sound a little crazy, but it works! Use antibacterial soap...the kind that doesn't require water. Just rub it on...we use germX........no more itching!

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Campho-Phenique (green bottle)- dab it on to stop itching
stinky but it really works

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My son is alergic to mosquito bites and suffered the same way your daughter does. But, my doctor told me that he was probably getting the bites during the day not overnight. Evidentally, the cortizone levels in your body (that keeps the bites from swelling during the day) drops at night and that's why they wake up with them swollen the next day. So, be sure to keep her covered in some kind of bug spray during the day. OH, btw... my son did grow out of it to some extent. He's now 5 and does not react near as bad now as he did when he was 20 months. So good luck, maybe your daughter will too.

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What about trying cortizone cream. It is for itching, chicken pox, etc. When I have a mosquito bite I use Tee Tree oil on myself the stuff works awesome! You can buy it at your local health food store and ask them if you can use on your daughter. If not you can always get it for yourself, I have not found anything that works better.

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Hi B.
My son gets bites like that. Doc says he's allergic to them. His bites get the size of quarters, warm and hard. It's crazy!! Anyway, we do hydrocortizone. I don't bother giving him benadryl (I save that for the emergencies) and I have never found the topical benadryl to do much good. Oh, and don't give your daughter benadryl liquid AND use the topical ointment at the same time. It's like double dosing!! Be Careful!

Hope this helps

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Try the Aveeno oatmeal bath. Or any kind of oatmeal bath that should work really well.

Good luck.

SAHM of 3 boys

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All of these treatments may help some with the itching, but the best approach is to prevent the bites in the first place.
You might look into getting one of those propane-powered mosquito traps for OUTSIDE the bedroom window.

My son (all grown up now) used to swell up like a toad from mosquito bites. His 4-yr old son has the same reaction and they now live on a boating canal across from a mangrove swamp. They got one of these traps and it's amazing how many dead mosquitoes it catches and kills. Every now and then one will still get in the house, but that's nowhere near the problem you would expect in that location.
These traps are not cheap, (they range from $149 to $1200) but his has definitely been a big help.
Google search: "mosquito traps propane".

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