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Toddler with Rash on His Face

My 15 month -old toddler woke up yesterday with a strange rash on his face. He has red, dots some by themselves and others clustered together on his face and neck. They are flat and don't seem to be itchy or bother him as far as I can tell. He had his 1 year vaccines on Wed. and the rash appeared on Sat. morning. I called his Dr. and she said to give him Benadryl. He still has the rash. (Sun. morning) but still only on his face and neck. He hasn't had a fever, breathing problems, etc. Has anyone else had this problem? He has a twin brother who hasn't shown any sign of a rash...

What can I do next?

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Whenever my son has a rash anywhere, I put ButtPaste on it- it works! He used to get the ickiest rashes under his chin rolls from so much drool, and it always cleared it right up!

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My cousins middle one use to get rashes from certain fruits, strawberries, oranges, etc. She gave him V8 Splash once and it caused a rash.
My daughter just had a rash, but she had a fever a few days before.
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I would be proactive and go to a natural foods store and ask if they have a homeopathic remedy called vaccination detox. I imagine he had the MMR, which has the highest reactions and there have been many studies linking it to Autism, plus it's just a triple whammy of vaccinations. I don't want to scare you, I know as moms we have more than enough things to worry about, but if my child had a rash that close to his vaccinations that's what I would do.

Whenever my son has a rash anywhere, I put ButtPaste on it- it works! He used to get the ickiest rashes under his chin rolls from so much drool, and it always cleared it right up!

Dear M.,
It could be hives.
My daughter woke up COVERED with spots one day and we thought it was chicken pox...took her to the doctor to confirm. He said to take her home and keep her comfortable, no shool, give her Benadryl and ride it out. The next morning, there wasn't a single bump on her. Not one.
It was hives. She did get it a couple of more times when she was little, but always gone the next day. No fever, etc. Try the benadryl, but be careful. It knocks some kids out and makes others hyper.
Anyway, it is an antihistamine so if you give it to your kid and the rash goes away, your doctor can get a better idea of what's going on.

Hi M., Please call me, I would like to talk to you.
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There are thousands of viruses that can cause rashes - my son had one just before new year, it was scary, so I sympathize. I'd check with the doctor, there might be some kind of infection (it was a chest infection with my son). I was told 7-10 days for vaccine reactions, so it sounds early to be that.


Give him the benadryl, but look at the side effects of the vaccine. If it is on the pamphlet you got, than you will know. If not, monitor it and make an appointment with your Dr., don't just call. If it is not bothering him don't worry too much about it. Follow up on it though. If it doesn't go away within a week, get him checked out. Any new foods or anything else new that could trigger a reaction besides the vaccine?

Hello M.,

My daughter had her 1 yr vaccines as well. They gave her 4 shots. One was for Measles, Mumps & Rubella Vaccine: One of the side affects is the Mild Rash, swelling of glands in the cheeks or neck (rare)If they occur, it is usually withing 7-12 days after the shot. They occur less often after the second dose. I took my daughter in and her doctor because it ended up all over her body and she said is due to her vaccine shots. It started looking dry so after her baths I put Aveeno Lotion on her and it is now all gone. I hope this helps but you might want to call your doctor or have it looked at to feel comfortable, I did :0)

Does he use a pacifier? My daughter used to get one around her binky (pacifier) sometimes if she drooled when she was asleep. It would last about 3-4 days or so,
then go away.


He may be reacting to a number of household products, including your laundry soaps, body soaps or shampoos. There is a direct connection between skin irritations and toxins in common products. In fact, even some supposedly "natural" products are not totally safe.

Here are two informative articles for parents to read:



I market natural products from Melaleuca–not sold in the stores. All the time, we see your son's problem, as well as even severe eczema, clear up within days of switching commercial cleaning and laundry products to ours. (And asthma clears up, too!)

A friend of mine told me she'd had a rash on her legs for years. She started using our laundry detergent and immediately the rash disappeared.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

###-###-#### CA

It's probably a reaction to the vaccinations, but the doctors never attribute it to that. You might want to do some online research.

Both of my kids got this. It was from the drool on their face at night. I used cortisone cream and it cleared up.

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