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Infant 2 Month Immunization Appointment

Friday morning I will be taking my infant for his 2 month check-up. At that time he is to receive about 4 immunizations. So far we have had no major problems with our infant. I am; however, concerened with the possible risks to these immunizations such as brain damage, autism, etc. Does anyone have any words of encouragement for me as I take my baby in to receive these vaccines? Is it the norm to get several immunizations at once? Has anyone infant experienced any negative reactions to these immunizations?

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Well Ladies, Baby and I are back from our appointment.

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for the responses. Because of you I felt confident this morning that I was well aware of the consequences of getting as well as not getting the immunizations.

Last night I prayed about our visit, my choices, and my baby’s health. Once at the office, the pediatrician (who has been a ped. longer than I have been alive) spoke to me about her experiences before and after immunizations. Although I felt confident in my decision after I spoke to the pediatrician, I prayed again. So, considering all of you mamas, my pediatrician, my family history, my healthy baby boy, my husband (who believes I am overly paranoid when it comes to our new baby), and my gut, I decided to go along with the plan and have my baby vaccinated. He received two shots in each thigh and at this time is doing very well. He has shown no sign of fever, and if anything is just a little tired from this morning's events. In fact, he smiled when my father came over this afternoon for a visit.

I will keep you all posted if anything less than desirable should occur in the near future.

The response to my situation and concerns were overwhelming. I can only hope that the information provided helps others feel at ease with their decisions regarding vaccinations. Thanks again for your help and support, and please keep my family and me in your prayers.


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Hi M.
It is a tough choice. All I have to say is if I could go back in time knowing what I know now about Autism now ,and having to live with it , I would have opted not to have my child immunized.
I don't care what the drug companies say about vaccines being safe.

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I immunized all 3 of my children, although I didn't know I had the option of "not" immunizing. There have been no problems that I am aware of. Although, I just watched a video from a lady who has gone to great lengths to inform the public of it's side effects. If you go to mercola.com and type in immunizations in the search field, it will probably come up. It was very interesting and informative. It was about 40 minutes long but worth the time to watch it.

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There is a reason that previously common childhood diseases have been irraticated...immunizations!!! I have 2 young children and they have had all thier immunizations, on time, with no side effects. Do the research, very few children have adverse effects to immunizations, other then the normal fussiness and fever. I think the most children with autism, had previous symptoms before being immunized, but some parents would like to blame something of someone for thier child's diagnosis. I don't mean to be harsh, but kids are sick enough after starting school without having to worry about being around classmates that have not been immunized.

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Hello M.,
I am a wellness consultant here is San Antonio with a certification in detoxification. I am currently taking an online course, Vaccination Dangers, given by a woman who was an RN, and has now become a Homeopath. I stopped having my children vaccinated after I did a lot of research, but I cannot tell you what to do for your child. Although your child may not have immediate reactions, there is a lot of evidence that vaccines are linked to many conditions and diseases.
I can give you several websites to go to for you to do your own research.
www.nmaseminars.com (Dr. Tenpenny's Site)
All I ask of parents is to investigate before they vaccinate.
If you need any further information or would like to discuss this further, you may e-mail me at ____@____.com.

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Hi M.-

As the parent of a 6 year old son with autism and now a new 4 month old son I understand your fear. My husband and I are not convinced that vaccines caused our son's autism but of course no one knows what did cause it. Throughout our last pregnancy we researched and went back and forth about vaccines. In the end, we did have our new son receive his 2 month shots and he is scheduled to receive his 4 month shots next week. Believe me, it was hard for me to take him for his shots however we decided it was better to take action to prevent these known diseases rather than risk his health on the unproven theory that vaccines might cause a problem later. If years from now science proves vaccines are the culprit we will feel guilty, but I believe we would feel much worse if we were to lose him to a preventable disease because we were scared.

As with everything, search your heart and make the decision that is best for you and your family. Good Luck!

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Hope this gets to you in time -----

The BEST information is from Dr. Sears - go to askdrsears.com and hopefully you can get info on immunizations - there are actually some you do not even need - a couple, anymore, and some that are too risky these days. What I can tell you is re DtaP, which is very important to consider getting - demand that it is the single dosage - not from the larger bottle - this ensures there is no mercury in the dosage, or at least minimal.

Also no one in this country is legally obligated to get their children immunized - you can attend school without being immunized, regardless of what they say.

Very good to give babies - vit A, C and cod Liver oil to help them absorb immunizations and also build immune system. Check with local health food store for liquid vits that are purest for babies when doing this - also for amounts re age/weight.

That's all I can say quickly to you - Good luck!

If anyone would like the write up from Dr. Sears on immunizations and all about them - email me @ ____@____.com also just put a book out on this subject that is excellent.


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Hi M.
It is a tough choice. All I have to say is if I could go back in time knowing what I know now about Autism now ,and having to live with it , I would have opted not to have my child immunized.
I don't care what the drug companies say about vaccines being safe.

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My son has had all of his immunizations on the regular schedule, but it scares me too. I think with my next one I'll follow the modified schedule in "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Sears. It gets your baby all of his vaccines, but on a schedule that doesn't over load him at any one time. If you want peace of mind, you might want to check it out.

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Hi there!
i had my first at 29, and WISH I HAD BEEN WISE ENOUGH to ask!!! good for you! i had my 7th at 43, we are so blessed. i have definitely learned a lot along the way -

if i may recommend this site to you, a great resource for making informed decisions. bottom line is that you can educate yourself and do what's best for YOUR family, regardless of what friends and family think, then find a doctor that supports your choice!


God's best to your family!


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M., please read this book before you go, "What Doctors May not tell you about Childhood Vaccinations," written by Stephanie Cave an actual medical doctor who has treated victims of adverse reactions. You have the right to refuse whatever vaccine you want. You may get some opposition, but listen to your gut and stand firm if that's how you feel.

Another great resource to use is www.nvic.org. They are a wonderful organization that is really on top of legislative vaccine information and vaccine reactions.

The main concern with giving a 2 month old so many vaccines is the amount of preservatives in the vaccines that may or may not tax his/her system. NVIC does not recommend giving more than one or two at a time I believe, but look into it beforehand. Also, Cave's book has a modified schedule that she believes is safer for children than the one required by APA, so that may be something that may be of interest to you.
Best of luck with your decision, and I hope all goes well.

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Child vaccines is a very controversial topic. And the fear of 'what-if' can be really overwhelming and can cloud your judgement. Don't go websurfing for info on it--it will only heighten your paranoia. Talk to your pediatrician about any worries. When I had that discussion with my daughter's pedi, she asked about certain autoimmune diseases in our family history (like, thyroidism, diabetes, etc.) because the presence of that in the gene pool might increase the risk of autism developing. You should also keep in mind that Texas has a very large immigrant population and there are many more incidents of mumps, measles, hepetitis, TB, etc. in Mexico and South America... So yes, we Texans definitely have an increased risk for our children to be exposed to one of those diseases and denying vaccines altogether is not a good idea.

Oh, and give infant tylonal beforehand and every 4 hours for 12-24 hours after the shot. My daughter was fine after her first shots--until the first dose of tylonal wore off and then woke up *screaming* for 20 minutes until the next dose took effect.

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