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Toddler with Bad Breath

I have a toddler (26 months) with strong white teeth, but with a bad breath. I brush his teeth twice a day, but the bad breath stays. Is there anything I can do to make the bad breath go away?

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I have been told that bad breath is a result of a sluggish digestive system. If you are truly interested in health, please let me know and I can share a nutritional seminar dvd with you.


Is he drinking enough water and eating enough fruits and veggies? Bad breath is usually from a build up in the intestines. Is he eliminating enough? Is he ingesting anything hard for the body to break down? sorry so many questions, just a few I'd ask myself.

This can be a sign of an infection - mouth, nasal, stomach. Take him to his pediatrician and if everything is okay take him to a pediatric dentist.

Are you brushing his tongue as well as his teeth?

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It probably isn't his teeth. Are his tonsils etc. Ok. It could also be his digestion or constipation. Maybe you should consult his pediatrician, or put it in your web for information. I'm sure there are moms out there that can also help you with this. Is he a good water drinker ? Good luck. Sandy


Take him to the dentist, there might be food caught somewhere.

Maybe backed up stomach problems? This gives off bad breath sometimes.

Also, try to switch to fluoride paste if safe enough for the little one.

Also, this might be a bit weird at first but try to get him started on a tongue scrubber, but not sure if they exist for the little ones. Both my husband and I use one, not the brush b/c it's a bit harsh.

Good luck


Persistent bad breath in anyone is an indication of a problem, usually in the stomach or bowels. I would recommend that you take your beautiful son to the pediatrician and talk with him about the bad breath.

Good Luck,


I'd check with your doctor to make sure there isn't a medical reason for the bad breath. If his teeth are good and he's got bad breath, I'd be concerned. It could be reflux or any number of things causing it.


Bad breath is usually caused by something in the gut, not the mouth. But sometimes brushing the tongue can help.

Make sure your little guy gets lots of water to keep his system clean. If you feel it's necessary, you might try giving him probiotics to clean out any bad microbes that are hanging out in his tummy.

Good luck!!

Hold his tongue with a wash cloth and brush it 'til it's pink again!

To avoid the gag reflex, proceed to the back of the tongue a little at a time. If you can't do this in one sitting, it may take several days (months)to accomplish a really clean tongue.

He might be breathing through his mouth at night time while sleeping. Brush first thing in the morning and use a tounge scraper. If you see his tongue all coated white, you will need to get this build up off as the bacteria will cause the stench. There is a good tounge scraper we use at https://store.breathrx.com/scrape.php
Also make sure that he is drinking enough water and eating his veggies...especially the green ones. The Chlorophyll in the green veggies help to take away the bad breath.

Does she have a cold? My kids always have bad breath whne they have a cold.

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