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Toddler Has Cold Now Has Discharge in Eyes.

My almost 3 yr. old boy has had a nasty cold this past week. and now he has some discharge coming out of his eyes. it is the same color as his mucus that is constantly running out of his nose. Originally it was yellowish/green and now it is more of a whitish color (changed color at the same time as his nose). Now I have the same symptoms, however my eye discharge started out later than his and already at the whitish color. Is this just a cold symptom or an eye infection?

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Thanks so much for all the help! I took him to his dr. and it turns out he had a slight ear infection...first one in almost 3 years! The eye thing was a bacterial infection from the cold. So started him on some amoxicillan and eye drops. Hopefully we'll all be good as new in a few days! Thanks again! =)

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My trio just got over something similar. I took them to the pediatrician and it was adenovirus. You definitely want to go to the doctor to determine if you need antibiotics or not.

Sounds like it could be pink eye which is highly contagious. I'd go to the doctor in case it is because you'd have to be on antibics.

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My son who is now 6 had the same thing with a cold a few years ago. His mucus discharge from the eye was from an ear infection, I was surprised to find out. I have a 19 year old as well and she had many ear infections, but never a discharge from the eye. If you have not taken hom to the Doctor, I would as he may have liquid in the ear and could get an ear infection.

That was my experience.

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Hi A.,
If you both are waking up with a green crusty discharge on your eyelids it may be Pink Eye. If it is Pink Eye it is contagious and needs a perscription from your doctor. I suggest you call your doctor and ask.


There is a tube connecting the tear ducts to the nose. It could just be so much congestion that it's got to find a way out. Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is usually a greenish discharge with a pink/red eye that may sting or be itchy. I wouldn't rule out a sinus infection, though.

It is not uncommon for kids colds to come out of their eyes, especially if their nose is not running. However, since you have the same thing, I would bank in conjunctivitis. Wash your hands, and make the dr. appt.

Your eye would be red if there were infection. Chills, sweat, etc are also signs. Sounds like allergies but I'm not a dr. nor will you probably hear a reply from a dr. on this site...they wouldn't want to be responsible for diagnosis without seeing a patient. Good luck

Many times the discharge you describe is symptomatic of an ear infection. Take him to the pediatrician to be sure.

My niece and I had this on the 4th day of a very bad cold. My niece cleared up without antibiotics in one day, as the doctor told her that it was a virus. I chose to go get some antibiotics because I didn't want to get the rest of my family infected if it in fact WAS pink eye. My boogery eyes were gone within one day too.. It seemed as if the doctors really don't know the difference and give the antibiotic eye drops as a precautionary measure. Good luck! I have a 18 month old that was all over me the day my eyes were boogery, and he never got it, which makes me think it was not pink eye...

My trio just got over something similar. I took them to the pediatrician and it was adenovirus. You definitely want to go to the doctor to determine if you need antibiotics or not.

sounds to me like it is pink eye. needs rx-drugs to clear this up and it spreads fast onto other people. I should know i'm prone to pink eye as an adult.

It sounds like an eye infection. I would have it looked at or get some drops as this can be very infectious.

Sounds like a sinus infection. It has happened to both of my kids, particularily as babies. Scared the heck out of me the first time it happened to my son...took him to the doc and he said it was a sinus infection. Put him on the Z-pack for kids and he was as good as new in three days

Sounds like pinkeye. My 4-year-old daughter has had it twice and gave it to my husband once. Eye drops help, which are prescribed by the pediatrician. You can wait it out with OTC drops, but it's contagious and not fun!

Sounds like it could be pink eye which is highly contagious. I'd go to the doctor in case it is because you'd have to be on antibics.

Hi there, This happened to my 18 month old and it turned out she had a double ear infection. Take him to the doctor right away. She had no other symptoms indicating that it was an ear infection but it was really bad at the time the eye discharge occurred and she had to be on very strong antibiotics for 10 days. Hope he is OK.

My son had the same thing happen to him last week. The pedi said that he had a sinus infection, and put him on an antibiotic. It has cleared up. If the whites of the eyes stay white other than rubbing them it is a sinus infection, but if the whites stay pink/red then it is pink eye. Either way you need to go see your doctor.

A., I would call your Doctor just to check. Could be just a cold but might be an eye infection also. Are your eyes red or your child's eyes red? Call the Dr.

Sounds like pink eye and it is highly contagious. Get to a Dr. ASAP to get drops for both of you!

I just took my 13 yo to the dr. this morning for the same thing! It's pink eye- you may need antibiotics if there's a mucusy discharge. I had a whole conversation with the dr. about pink eye (conjuctivitis)...She says it can be caused by allergies, a cold/virus or a bacterial infection-that's the one you need antibiotics for. My son's eye doesn't have a discharge, so no antibodies for him.

VERY CONTAGIOUS! WASH HANDS CONSTANTLY-try not to spread it to your 7 mth old.

Sounds like pink eye. You should both see a dr. Lysol door knobs, wash sheets, wash your hands often and do not use the same wash cloth to wash both eyes. If you have it, it is extremely contagious but easy to treat. If you have it your dr is going to throw out your eye makeup so you will not reinfect yourself. Go to a doctor soon otherwise your whole house could get it but it is easy to treat.

It is probably viral conjunctivitis. I would use an eye wash that contains boric acid several times a day & especially before bedtime.

Sometimes with colds kids get blocked tear ducts. My first child had a severe case and she had them cleaned out (surgically). If it is yellow/greenish it is typically a sign of infection. Many times you can apply gentle pressure just to either side of the bridge of the nose and message gently upwards toward the corner of the eye to help squeeze the blockage out. However - I would highly suggest you go see your pediatrician.

Most cases of conjunctivitis are viral and they often come on the heels of a cold. That's probably what it is and you will just have to wait it out, since it's probably viral. It's usually better in a couple of days.

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