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Teen Birthday Party Ideas?

My daughter is turning 14 soon and we're about to plan her birthday party. Traditionally, I've said a max of 10 for sleepovers, which includes herself, seven friends, her sister, and a guest for her sister. This year, she wants to invite more. She has her old group of school friends, some new school friends, a couple of neighbor friends, and some friends from swim team she'd like to include. The number is somewhere up around 18 now, which is way too many physically for a sleepover. Do you have ideas to share for a good teenager birthday party that's not too expensive? What time to start/end? Many thanks!

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Thanks for the great suggestions! My daugher opted for the bowling party idea, so we've reserved 2 hours of casual bowling on a Saturday night, and will bring in our own pizza and drinks. She's able to include a couple of guy friends too, and two special friends will come back to the house to sleep over. Thanks for the ideas, ladies!

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How about a faux sleep over...

HAve the girls come over in the pajamas - show movies with lots of junk food, pizza, etc - you can decorate the table with bed sheets for table cloths, you can place a pillow at the end of the table at the "centerpiece" - give each girl a journal as favors then send them home for bed time.


depending on weather - rent / borrow a projector that you can hook up to a dvd player / laptop. set up a movie under the stars with consessions, etc -

Have fun!

Do you have a Playstation, Wii, or Xbox? If so the biggest teen draw around here is Rock Band and Sing Star. It takes Karaoke to a whole new level, is inclusive as it's multi-multi player and is sooooo much fun!!!. The kids play in teams, they ALL know the songs and there are lots of laughs.
I make a buffet of finger foods: mini meat balls, pigs-blankets, veggie platters, hummus & baguette, a crock pot of chili with bowls of cheese & tortilla chips on the side. Lots of punch and ice. Leave the kids to wander back & forth from games to food. At 14 they don't need (or want)over-scheduled party games.
When the kids come in the door we have a table of silly hats from the party store in the foyer: crowns, top hats, Dr. Seuss hats, viking hats with & without braids (you get the idea). The kids put on a hat of their choice and do a goofy pose with the birthday child (wearing a ridiculous hat as well). We take lots of digital pictures. As kids arrive, the ones who have already done it invariably want to get in on the act again & again. Plug your digital camera to your printer, print them out while the kids are eating and singing so they can all share.
Cake & ice cream sundaes and before you know it it's been three hours and the party has been fun and special for everyone! Have a great party, what ever you do! :)

go to a salon and have their nails done.... my daughter loved that... good luck.

Hi C. - My friend Gina gave me a great idea for a scavenger hunt in the mall! Send them off with $10 or $15 each (would cost you that for any party...), and a scavenger list.

If you have more than 5 girls, split them up, i.e. each start at an opposite end of the mall - or break then up into smaller groups and organize your scavenger list to send them off in different directions (they always start at number one)

Pizza, etc in the food court after and they can all show off what they found!

14 is prefect for this.

Hi C.,
How about a movie party at a movie theatre? Chunky's is fun.

Local beauty schools do manicures and up dos. So maybe a makeover party, jewelry making party or a Hollywood themed party.Where everyone gets dressed up, enters on a red carpet,etc. Have fun!

Have you asked her exactly what she'd like to do with that many girls?
Instead of a sleepover, why not a movie and pizza night. Girls at that age are just chatty and fun and want to just hang around.
You could also do a make your own party.... sundeas, jewerly, do makeover night etc.

Hi C.,
I host birthday parties for all ages and have a good assortment of pottery items that the girls would love to paint, and it won't break your budget! People generally have a teen party in the evening on Fri. or Sat. and have pizza delivered then just an assortment go back to the birthday child's house for the sleepover. If you are interested in more info, please feel free to contact me directly. I'm in Mansfield, if that is convenient to you.

I rented 3 lanes at the local bowling alley. I had a cake and drinks available and had a fun goody bag for everyone to take with them. The kids invited both of their classrooms at school which totaled 45 kids & all showed up! It was so much fun. Some played in the Arcade room, but everyone bowled. After the party you could take them home make some popcorn and make it a movie night. Have the girls pick out some fun movies and set up some pillows along the floor if your living room doesn't have enough seating for 18 and this would be affordable as well as fun. Good luck

Hi C.,
My daughter is 15 and when we have done in the past is "a spa beauty day", It is pretty in- expensive if you have a beauty school in your area (like I do) its a fraction of the cost of a regular salon / spa...you can ask the school how much for a mani/pedi some girls like to get their hair done, etc.. and then celebrate after that for a couple hours with pizza/cake & icecream / presents, etc... music... and I agree with you 18 is too much to sleep over, we used to do the "sleep over" thing too, but 10 was my limit too...you dont even have to do goodie bags, because they go home with their nails / toes done and maybe hair too...
hope this helps, good luck and have fun !!
C. ____@____.com

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