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Suggested "Best" Grade to Change Schools - 1St or 2Nd

My son currently attends a local public kindergarten that we were accepted to via lottery last year. It's a great school but our original first pick was a local charter school. He will enter 1st grade this Sept. and we have now been accepted to the charter school. The current school has been wonderful and both schools offer value. My question is, is 1st grade the best time to move him, academically? I've read how 1st grade is extremely important developmentally for reading. I'm trying to decide do I keep him in his current school through 1st grade and hope he gets accepted in 2nd grade at the charter or do I go ahead and move him now?

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I had a similar situation and I moved my daughter after Kindy. I thought about waiting the extra year (I liked the upcoming 1st grade teacher a LOT) but I am so glad that we made the decision to move her when we did. So I definitely say move now.

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I think you were very fortunate to get through the lottery the first go round. With our lottery system - there are literally hundreds of kids that apply ond less than 100 that get in. So if you are set on the school - I'd go ahead and make the move. If you originally wanted the charter school, seems to me you should go now and not wait. Boys may differ from girls, but we moved to a new school district between first and second grade. It took more than half the year for my girls to stop talking about how much they missed their old school. You learn a lot in 1st grade and really connect with your teacher (at least mine all did). I think you should move for 1st grade and then your son will keep that connection with his teacher as well as friends he will make.

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If the Charter school was your first choice, go with the charter school. It would better for him to start 1st grade at the school he will be attending throughout elementary - for social & academic reasons.

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We moved our daughter from the public school to a private school adn she did very well. I think teh earlier the better when switching schools.

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I would decide where you want him to stay. Is the charter school better? If so, move him now so that he is making the friendships that will stay with him. The older they get the harder it seems to be to move because of the established relationships. If the charter school is not the stronger in reading, are they lots better in another subject? It seems like everyone is afraid of loving the public school systems, but depending on where you are (ours have fantastic scores) they tend to have more funding than private and I am not sure how your area funds Charters.

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i would suggest to change now coz if he gets attached to the school and then even if you want to move him it might be difficult for him to get used to the new school environment. Emotionally it will be hard on him. But right now he is too young to get such feelings for his old schools & friends.

I say the sooner, the better. Yes, first grade is very critical for reading skills. But is your charter school inferior to the public school in teaching reading skills?

We just moved last year, my daughter was starting second grade. After attending 2 years in the same school, the move was a hard one for her. She had cemented so many friendships in K and 1st that the transition was difficult socially for her. Maybe it is different for boys. After almost the full school year, she still complains about not being at her old school. Good luck with your decision.

I suggest the earlier the better. He will be making friends in first grade and it's better he stay in the school where they are than to tear him away in second grade. The younger they are the better they adapt to changes. Your are very lucky to have two good school options - count your blessings!

I had a similar situation and I moved my daughter after Kindy. I thought about waiting the extra year (I liked the upcoming 1st grade teacher a LOT) but I am so glad that we made the decision to move her when we did. So I definitely say move now.

I would move him now to make sure you get in the school you want to. I'm sure he'll do fine with the reading, and even if he gets a little behind, he'll catch up. I don't know why he would get behind anyway from moving schools.

Many children enter a new school at first grade because they do kinder wherever they do pre-school. I think this is better than moving in 2nd grade for social reasons. I would put him in the first grade at the school you think is the best and keep him at that school for all his elementary education.

I would change at 1st grade before he makes friendships at the one school and then move to another. The older a child gets the harder to move schools because of the friendships and relationships with teachers and others at the school. Make the move now because also as get older there is less spaces available I have found.

I would change now. He'll make new friends and stay with them throughout elementary school. My son is in 2nd grade. They do a lot more work in 2nd than in first so I change him now when it's a little easier.

Good luck.

I would decide which school you ultimately want him to be at for the remainder of his elementary education. If you want him to go to the charter school---move him. If that school is as good- he should learn just as well at the charter school in 1st grade. And like someone else said...the earlier the better for social acceptance as well. :)

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