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Stomach Virus Lasting 5 Days?

My 2 year old daughter has a stomach virus (or something) that has lasted on and off now for 5 days. It started Wednesday night, she was "better" Thursday, threw up again Friday morning, Saturday morning, and then last night (Saturday night). Inbetween she had some energy and was wanting to play a little, eat a little, and drink. But then about 6 hours later, she would throw up. Last night she threw up 3 times and is now very weak. If she can't keep water down before noon today they want us to get her in, but I'm just curious if anyone else's child has had a bug last this long? I just thought they were always 24-48 hour things, but it's like hers is the worst on the 5th day. She's had one other stomach virus before and it did also last awhile (7 days), but it gradually got better each day, not worse. Do some people just hang on to them longer??

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Youmight try adding some acidopholous to her drink. L. Reuteri is my favorite and can be found at whole foods sotres in the refridgerated section. Its a probiotic that helps restore balance to the digestive system. Allmy kiddos ( 5) get them when they have bad tummies or diarhea, its amazing how quick it can restore them to health!

I had a stomach bug for 3 days that left me nauseated for over 2 weeks. I ended up having to go get anti-nausea pills from the doc. Good luck!

My son had something similar to that right before he turned 2 years old. We had vomitting for 2-3 days followed by about 3-4 days of massive diarrhea (sp?), and then it took him another couple weeks to get his strength back. Poor boy couldn't keep anything down, not even water at first. We did go to the emergency room after a few days and he got an IV to get his fluids up. They also suggested popsicles and using a medicine syringe and squirting small doses of water every 15-20 minutes. I remember him being very thirsty and wanting to drink, so we'd give him water and he'd guzzle it down which would make him vomit it up. It was awful watching him suffer like that. The doctor said it was a rotavirus, which other than keeping their fluids up, there is nothing you can do it. Just keep them hydrated until it's gone. Good luck! I hope she feels better soon.

To help keep her hydrated and calm her stomach a little, give her Camomile tea, even cool. I know it sounds cliche, but it works wonders.

My daughter is 2 as well and she had the exact same thing but her lasted about amonth of throwing up even if she kept dinner down at about 3 in the morning she woke up throwing up when i went to the doctor they referred me to a gastro doctor who was so nice and they gave me some pills "prevacid" and they said it might just have been something in some type of food she ate that caused her stomach to be irratated . She has been on this medicine for 2 weeks and has not thrown up at all lucky to say but you should try it out and see what your doctors think. I hope you little one gets better.

My 4yo daughter had the same thing a few weeks ago. It did take over a week to run its course. She would go up and down with it. Just when I thought she would be over it she would throw up again. Just hang in there. I did end up taking her to the doctor because she couldn't keep anything down. I did get her to eat a lot of popsicles.
Hang in there!

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