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4 Year Old with Flu like Symptoms

My four year old was fine when she went to school this morning. She came home around 2 pm and had diahrea. About an hour later she threw up. As of right now she is fine. She is just watching TV. Do I need to take her to the doctor? What do I feed her? What should I do? She is four and thank God, this is the first time she has ever been sick.

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I wouldn't rush her to the doc just yet. If she seems fine and doesn't have a fever, I would take the wait-and-see approach. Try giving her some chicken soup or just the broth and see if it upsets her tummy anymore. It could just be she had a tummy virus or she got a little food that wasnt quite right.

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If your daughter is fine, then I wouldn't worry about it. Now if she does it again, maybe pay some more attention to it. Children are like adults, we all seem to pick up a little bug here once in a while. If respiratory-wise she acts as if she is fine in her breathing and such, I wouldn't worry about the flu since it is a respiratory disease. She, most likely, picked up a 24 hour bug. Just watch for worsening of condition.

This seems to be going around. Our sitters kids had it, then it had tricked down to our kids. The diarrhea and vomiting don't seem to last to long, maybe 5-6 hours (not continously, but off and on) Our oldest (12) had it last night and she said she feels better, but is really tired.

Hope your little one gets better before Christmas!


Hate to tell you, but as long as she is urinating and m=not dehydrated, they are basically going to tell you that you have to wait it out. stay away from the milk/dairy products.

My 2-1/2 year old daughter has had diarrea for 7 days now. They said sometimes these viruses run a day or 2 and sometime 2 weeks!

I'm sure it's just a little stomach bug. Put her on the BRAT diet until her tummy calms down. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. All those things are gentle to digest. Just make sure she stays hydrated and is urinating often enough. Otherwise you'll just have to ride it out. :)

This is so weird that you ask this question. My son just came home yesterday at 324pm and has had diahrea since he has been home. He told me that he went to the nurse after lunch and told her that his belly hurts. She determined that he was fine since nothing happened and there was no fever. I watched him all evening and he seemed to do better then all of a sudden it would happen again. I got him some gatorade and I gave him some pepto children's chewables. His last episode was around 11pm last night. This morning he has been fine. SO I am assuming there is a little bug going around. What to feed them....I have three kiddos so I will share with ya.....Chicken noodle soup, chicken broth, gatorade (they say pedialite, but have you tasted it YUCK!!) I usually water it down 50/50, toast, saltine crackers, bananas, rice. There is a diet out there called BRATS (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) works wonders. I hope this helps you and good luck.


You are so lucky that this is the first time she has been sick! Does she have a fever? As soon as my daughter starts getting sick I always give her pedialyte. I think that it gets her better MUCH faster. As much as she will drink! I never worry about her eating. I don't make her, but my pediatrician has always told me to follow the BRAT diet. I am sure you can google it. It is bananas rice applesauce and toast. I hope this helps!

I have a much younger daughter so I don't have much experience with sick babies, but I would definitely suggest calling your doctor. That away you can explain the symptons and they'll let you know what to do and if you need to take her in or not. Good luck. Hopefully this isn't a sign of the flu bug. Happy holidays!

My 1 yr old and 4 yr old had the same symptoms several weeks ago and it was just a stomach virus, they had already had their flu shots. They told me just to put them on a bland diet, give pedialyte, and for the first 6 hours for them not to eat much. I hope this helps.

If she has diarrhea and is throwing up, give her plenty of fluids. Pedialyte is available at the drugstore. It is also available as a popsicle. She sounds like she may have caught a stomach virus or something. Be sure to watch for a fever and signs of dehydration. If she continues to vomit or diarrhea continues, take her to the doctor. Check her fingers for wrinkles and her lips to see if they look cracked/dry. If so, she may be dehydrated and need fluids through IV.

I wouldn't rush her to the doc just yet. If she seems fine and doesn't have a fever, I would take the wait-and-see approach. Try giving her some chicken soup or just the broth and see if it upsets her tummy anymore. It could just be she had a tummy virus or she got a little food that wasnt quite right.


My son came home from school on Monday complaining of a stomach ache. He never threw up or had diarreha but the school nurse told me that there is a stomach virus going around that causes them to have a stomach ache and some kids throw up with it and some have it coming from the other end. She said the Health Dept is telling them to keep them well hydrated and have them get alot of rest. She said the more they try to eat the worse their stomach feels. I would keep her on liquids maybe some pedialyte drink or popsicles. If she will eat soup I would just give her Chicken Noodle soup and crackers to begin with. Hope she feels better soon.
J. C

sounds like the "bug" that is going around right now. my whole house has had it and almost all of our friends and their families have had.

don't need the doc right now. keep her hydrated (sp), with clear liquids. pedialyte is fine but it is no better then water just tastes better. and if you go that route you can save money with the store brand. also if she's up to eating, try white starches (rice, potatoes, saltine crackers, etc.) these are the easiest on the tummy to digest. no sugar drinks (pop, koolaid, gatorade) or milk and no green veggies, they are hard to digest

let her rest and keep her home tomorrow, hopefully she'll be feeling better as soon as tomorrow night.

motrin will help muscle aches as well as warm baths/showers.

good luck and also try to keep yourself healthy, it's an easy bug to get and it's no fun at all...i know i was there last week.

No Doc unless it lasts for more then a week.
No dairy,
clear liquids in small amounts,
crackers,toast,chicken soup
but only if she is up to it.
Ice chips.
Tyenol and warm bath to take to ache away.
My sons only lasted three days with a slight fever.

I would just keep an eye on her for now. Feed her something easy on her stomach like soup or toast. If she starts running a fever or the stomach symtoms get worse then you might want to call the doctor. I know that there is a some kind of stomach bug going around. Good luck and I hope she gets better.

I would just make sure she is hydrated, get the pedilyte pops or drink and make sure u dont give soda or alot of drinks with sugar. If she is throwing and has diarrhea, she will get dehydrated. Try to feed her toast or soup. NO dairy.

Hate when the little ones get sick


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