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Stinky Red mushrooms...HELP!!

I have red mushrooms popping up all over my yard and they smell terrible. Does anyone have an idea how to get rid of them? They are right under my daughter's window and it's so bad I can't open her window at all. Now I see more popping up under MY window!!! Gross!

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We had them at the daycare I worked at. I did some research and learned that they are most common in areas where mulch is laid. It is not enough to just remove the mushroom that you see, as there is a network under the ground. Try to find an anti-fungus. good luck...I know how nasty they are.

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I have them also! I take a shovel and throw them as far away from the house as possible. They start from white round spores so if u see those dig them up as well. I have tried chemicals but they come back several times a year in the same places. Good luck!

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A mushroom of any kind is a fungus, so you will have to treat your yard with a fungus killer. I haven't had the red ones, but a small area of my yard two years ago had another stinky kind of mushroom to suddenly appear. I sprayed RoundUp on them and they died in a couple of days and have never returned. There are better, more natural fungus killers out there, but I do not know the names of those. You can call Ace Hardware or a feed and seed store, or any lawn service company and they will probably be able to better advise you. From everything I've read, though, these mushrooms are very poisonous, even to the touch, so do not handle them. Once they die, they quit stinking and disappear fairly quickly.

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I asked my husband about this, and he said pour vinegar on them and they should die. Might take a couple of applications. It's most likely stinkhorn fungus. That's all I got out of him. Hope it helps :)

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I feel your pain/disgust!!! I had them/stinkhorns growing in my flowerbed under some hedges. I had to dig up the entire flowerbed & discard of the white rootballs. They are very disgusting & had fruit flies all around them. If your not into digging them up then try a fungal pesticide.
Good luck : )

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