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Stick Figure People

I have had this in my head for a while but another post motivated me to put it down to paper...or computer.

I hate those stick figure people. What exactly is the point? Oh look I have a family, well good on ya, so do I.

Don't get me wrong this could all be sour grapes since I could never find stick figures to represent my family. I would need an adult son, holding a beer, with his other hand out for money. An adult daughter in my purse looking for what the boy didn't get, she would not have her keys because they would be locked in her car again. The two little ones would be halfway across the window throttling each other in Bart Simpson fashion. Troy and I would be standing there, smiling and waving. :) The cat would be clear across the window acting like he doesn't know us.

So if you could find them what would be your family in stick figures?

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Theresa its the ones with the Mickey Mouse ears that really set me off! :p

I have one sticker on my back window. St Louis University. If you knew what I went through for that degree you would understand why it is front and center. :) On my old car I had stickers from my kids high schools. When you pay over 20 thousand in tuition a year you want people to know why you are driving a beater. :(

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We would have a 11 y.o. fashion diva with a cell phone glued to her ear or to her hands texting. A 6 y.o. with a football helment on with a baseball bat in his hands and soccer ball at his feet. The 7 y.o. you wouldn't be able to see because he would be in his camo on the 4 wheeler and my one year old would be grinning from ear to ear while playing in the potty. My hair would be going every which way as I tote my brief case and lunch to work. My husband would have on his comfy clothing that he gets to wear every day along with his cup of coffee and fav hat on.

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Let's see. My sticker would take up the whole bumper, with my toddler the focal point, running amuk, being chased by mommy and daddy. The family cat would call the right corner of the bumper her safe place.

Very fun posting!

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I have never been a fan of the stick families, but unfortunately I have them on my mini van. My SIL gave it to me for a christmas gift. A few months passed and i had not put them up yet. I just kept saying "oh yeah, I just haven't had a chance yet. The van has been so dirty lately. I was worried they would not stick good when it is so cold out. Etc. Etc. Etc." I was running out of excuses. Finally the next time I saw her she offered to "help" me get them on. So there they are. They are pretty basic, Daddy with a Blackberry, me in a dress, son reading a book, daughter as a ballerina, another son running in a super hero cape, and another son in a diaper. I guess I really don't care too much, but I am kinda hoping I don't get a new set when we get a new vehicle.
The only other "personal" thing on the back is a Chicago Blackhawks license plate cover thingy. Pretty boring I guess.

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Well, J., I am disappointed. I was truly hoping this was a rant about actual people who are stick-figure thin. I was hoping the rant also included something about how ridiculous it is when those people say stuff like, "All I did to lose my baby weight was dance around when the Wiggles came on!" or "I sure do love being only 115 lbs!" Meanwhile, here I am counting out my calories, logging all my foods, avoiding sugar and flour, working out at least an hour a day... and I am definitely NOT only 115 lbs!

Anyway, thanks for letting me derail there.

I have seen those stick figure things for cars with some dude in a recliner and a mom with gigantic boobs.

If I had stick figure stickers to represent my family, it would be: a man with glazed over eyes and an X box controller in his hands
A woman with a tool belt full of various cleaners, an Iphone, and a cup of coffee
A boy begging for an xbox controller or Ipad
A girl in a floofy princess dress and crown and a big smile
A smaller girl in all boy clothes and big rubber boots, throwing a fit

Side note: while we are talking about vinyl stickers, (which I really just do not like), I am totally getting big vinyl stickers for my wall that say "Home is Where the Fart Is".

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aw, my stick figures would be cute..... two girly girls, one with perfect hair, ones with messy hair, then my husband(with a beer) and me with a little stick figure in my "belly"........then a little boy cat who wont stop licking his ''area''.

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As I've said before, I would get a crazy old lady stick figure and put it right in the middle of the window. Then I'd fill up the rest of the window with cats.

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OMG if you would market the stick figure family you described I would buy it ! minus one little one, add a dog, My adult son would have two beers and my adult daughter would be on the other side of the car pretending she didn't know us . Let me know if you market this idea. and maybe a bumper sticker that doesn't say my son made the honor role but says "my son skipped his honors classes"

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Ha! I just replied that I don't have any on either of my cars. I don't get it. I don't have one single sticker of anything. Sometimes I think, oh, those are cute. Like skulls that represent each member of the family or flip flops, or the hybiscus flowers, really? I think the stick figures are better.

Well, we are all fat so until they have FAT people and chubby kid stickers I will keep my windows clear...

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My dog, stealing food off the counter...again. My other dog cowering in a corner...he's afraid of his own shadow. My three year old daughter running around naked (she has apparently been a closet nudist all along), with a bubble coming out of her mouth saying, "No it's MY (you can fill in the blank, because everything is hers) Me frantically running around trying to keep it all together, while my husband stands there waving oblivious as to what is going on around him.

Though I would be sorely tempted to put my daughters stick figure with her tights over her head. She did that this morning, and it was HYSTERICAL, she looked like a mini robber. I took pictures. :)

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I think you just found a new business idea!!!

Just like those, "My kid can beat up your honor roll student".

My husband would be golfing with the youngest right next to him, holding the club backwards. My other two would be pulling each other's hair out. And I'd be drinking a margarita in a lounge chair.

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I don't like them either. The baby sticker is outdated in a year and it kind of creeps me out to be showing the actual public world about your family. I don't want some perv following me around knowing I am driving to an elementary school to pick up one of my boys. Same reason I don't like band/swim/cheer/gymnastic/soccer or whatever stickers with the kids team/sports number and name. Just too easy.

If my family were truly represented, dad would have a video game controller in one hand, the two kids would be jumping and making a mess possibly holding pillows about to attack each other, my mouth would be open in either a yell or a yawn with a cookie in hand, I would have a farting dog and a cat and a computer sticker would be at the end of the line.

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