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Stains on Clothes... from Downy?

I use gain soothing sensations vanilla orchid and downy w/ febreze my washer has a fabric despener I put in about 1/2 capful rest water when my laundry comes out of the dryer it has what looks like grease stains I don't know what it is could it be the downy I use cold water for darks warm for light n I wash my towels seperate so has this happened to anyone or does amyone know what it is thanks

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Thank you all for your replys I think I'm going to go with the downy ball n I will try the ivory soap rubbed on the stain hope it works thans again

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Try using a little bar or liquid soap and rubbing it together. To prevent this from happening I put a little water in a glass and the my cap-ful of softener in it full it up with water and run it over. I do this this especially with my whites.
Good Luck


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Use a bar of ivory soap. I researched this one on the internet that is what I found when I had the same problem. I think I used liquid Ivory but try the bar soap. I believe it works better. Good luck.

Do you add the laundry detergent to the water before you add the clothes to the washing machine? A friend of mine noticed "grease" type stains on her clothes one day that showed up more in the sunlight. She realized that these stains were there because she had let her husband do the laundry the night before and he always puts the clothes in the washing machine first, then pours in the detergent, then turns the machine on. Hope this helps.

This has happened to me before!!! I wet a bar of Ivory soap and rub it well on the "grease" spots and then wash again. The spots are usually gone right away.

I use Biz. it works grat on getting the stains out. you can buy it at Wal-Mart

You just confirmed what I've been thinking--same thing started happening to me--I blamed my husband's greasy clothes at first, but that didn't pan out. I have started diluting the fabric softener a lot I add several capfuls of water.
Wonder what is in the softener--I use snuggle and walmart brands with the different scents.

I have also had liquid fabric softeners stain my clothes, with and without an automatic dispenser. I finally gave up and now I just use a dryer sheet. I don't know how to get the stains out either, which is why I use the dryer sheets instead. Good luck.

Hey R., i had a similar problem with the fabric softener in my washer.....my dispenser get's clogged eventually if you don't clean it regularly...my washer is only 5 years old so it's not an old machine.....we have found that if you clean the cup after each wash day (not each load) or use it every 2-3 loads it takes care of the problem.....have a great day! R.

I do not have a washer with a fabric dispenser, but I have had issues with stains from downy. I usually just rewash the item and it comes out. You could try treating it with shout or some other kind of stain remover before rewashing. I have also read that you can rub a non-deoderant bar soap on the area, but I haven't tried it.

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