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Washing Machine Stains

I seem to be having some problems with my washing machine. Everytime I wash and dry our clothes, a lot of them come out with weird stains on them. To me, the stains look like chapstick was put through the cycle. I check the clothes before hand and get out any stain I can and make sure nothing is in the pockets. Has anyone had this problem? If so, what did you do? I don't think they are all that old. I would say 5 years maybe 6. Any help would be great.

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so are the stains oily? if not, are they from the dryer? we had a front load dryer and the clothes were getting caught in the rubber area near the door and a stain was being left. We had this rubber piece replaced and that fixed the problem. That is all I can think of. Hope this helps.

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Check the inside of the washer drum - there may be gum or some other gunk stuck to the wall and is is slowly seeping when the warmth of the water hits it.

I had the same thing happen but only noticed with the white loads. Brand new LG front load machines! I had LG service come out and they replaced the drum (but it still is happening).
What they recommended is to clean the drum with vinegar on a HOT (tub clean) cycle, monthly. LG also recommends to use very little soap and dilute downy if you use it. The problem is buildup behind the drum where you cannot see it.

I had the same problem, and determined it was the dryer causing it. I found that reducing the amount of clothes in the dryer helped.
Good luck.

Unfortunately I don't have an answer but I am having the same problem with my clothes. It's so horrible too because it's only with my clothes. I keep getting white or blue marks and its not the soap b/c I tried changing my soap and that doesn't stop it. I have figured that maybe it might be my clothes. My washers are only 2 years old as well.

Try running an empty load through with some vinegar and oxy clean. What detergent are you using? Maybe it's connected?

Is there something stuck inside the washer or dryer? I had weird stains once when the dryer had gum stuck to the inside of the drum.
W. M.

it sounds like it's the fabric softener. If you use liquid sometimes it can leave deposits. try getting a dispenser of some sort and see if that helps.

To remove the current stains, a little spray and wash in a cycle with no liquid softener should do the trick. For the lady with the white t-shirts ... same thing but with bleach.

If you use dryer sheets ... I'm not sure what it could be.

I am not sure what could be causing these stains. You could try running a full wash cycle (with no clothes) using the hottest water and a cup of bleach.

so are the stains oily? if not, are they from the dryer? we had a front load dryer and the clothes were getting caught in the rubber area near the door and a stain was being left. We had this rubber piece replaced and that fixed the problem. That is all I can think of. Hope this helps.

I'm getting stains too that look I guess you would say grease stains, but I don't know if it's from the washer or dryer, And I use dryer sheets, Does any one have any ideas?

I see there were a couple of post due to fabric softner and I think that's correct. I had brand new sheets and wanted to wash them before using, well, they came out "stained." I have now tried washing them in hot water and nothing has removed those "stains." I rarely use either fabric softner or dryer sheets (kids have really sensitive skin and it cost $) but when I do, I measure the amount of softner that I need, then add water - I am not diluting it as it will be in the wash water eventually, but it's not as thick. Good luck.

HI A.,
I have bad news for you. I had the same issue and we ended up getting a new washer and dryer (not just because of the stains). Guess what, I still get those stains on all my white clothes! I bought all new white cotton T's so there would be no way that the old ones could transfer the marks. I now have a huge pile of white t shirts that I am thinking about tie dying. I have to wonder if it our water pipes. We have a water softening system now which we did not have before. So hubby says debre can not get through but something is still going on. Then I thought maybe it is our chemistry. Like maybe too acidy or something. It makes me feel crazy that I can not figure it out. Good luck. IF you find a way to stop it, please share.

Zout usually works for me... but the larger question... are they hard water spots??? You might try adding some water softener stuff and seeing if they go away. I have the same problem and it's so annoying... it's not your machine, it's the water. Unfortunately, the $800 whole house water softener is out of the question for me, but..... it would solve the problem. Good luck

I am having this same problem. I'm sick that it is ruining my clothes. The spots are either a couple or just one circlular in shape, and in different part of the garmet. Bleaching does not help because I've tried that to no avail. My dryer is less than 2 years old, front loading, but it happened before it was replaced. So the culprit has to be the washer. I once had rusty clothes from water sitting in pipes too long. Once they were bleed it helped. But my stains are one or two not the enitre garmet. I use unscented detergent, unscented fabric softner (in a ball) and sometimes bleach or Clorax for colored clothes, and unscented dryer sheets. I really would like to find our why this is happening!

Odd question, do you use dryer sheets? We had the same issue after a few years of having our washer and dryer and when I had the repair guy come look at it he explained that after a while something with the heat in the dryer can cause the dryer sheets to expel an oil. He said to stop using them and see if the problem continued and never had an issue again. It may be worth a shot for you before you try buying a new one.

Hi A. - thanks for posting this question. I too have stains showing up on our clothes. We have hard water, but don't use dryer sheets. If you find out more, please post. Our spots look like grease (chapstick)spots too. D.

Sometimes if you wash new jeans with light color clothes that will happen. that is why I always wash jeans by themself. also is you pour your soap on top of your clothes instead of adding the soap first that has happened to me. also some types of liquid softner will do that to I have had to throw more clothes away due to liquid softner. I do not use it any more. hope that helps

Hi A.
I had exactly the same problem, and ruined hundreds of dollars worth of laundry. These stains never, ever come out, even with bleach.
Eventually I got so fed up, I Googled the problem - and found that it is due to fabric softener. Stop using it (and also dryer sheets) and I promise you that the problem will go away. Also, if you have a top loading machine, make sure that the detergent is fully mixed with the water before putting the clothes in. Since I have been doing both these things I haven't had any more problems.

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