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Son Is Crawling Now - and Getting into Everything!

My little guy just turned 8 months. He started crawling about a week ago....and now he is terrorizing my dog and getting into everything he shouldn't. I have noticed that he is starting to get a little stubborn- and kind of does what he wants now. I knew this day would come- but I guess it seems a little early for me cause he is growing so fast! He crawls and tries to do a pushup and it is always on the CERAMIC tile and he has already fell once. We are in the process of getting a gated area set up for him but that could be weeks from now. He cries when he doesnt get his way and when we put him in the playpen he plays for awhile but then he gets cranky. IT seems like he is always fussing- and we do not hold him all the time- I promise.
I work from home- and now I can only work when he sleeps cause I am always chasing him around.... I was just curious how early did yall start trying to enforce what no means and to keep him from hurting himself did anyone discipline this early? (only lightly tapping hand is what I am referring to- not spanking of course.- to keep him from busting his face on the fireplace or pinching his fingers on the coffee table) He rolls over and tries to crawl away from me when I change is diaper- that is new too....It is so funny cause I had someone tell me- you spend all this time trying to get them to crawl - and then when they do you are like "what was I thinking!". I love him to pieces- but I guess I just need to know if this is normal for him to be challenging me at such an early age- if I should wait it out or try to nip it in the bud :).

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Thank you all for the wonderful advice. I am still waiting to get the gated area set up for him. I think I was just stressed because it was still so new with him being mobile and all. So far I am mostly just redirecting and trying the alternate words. But it is getting easier not to freak out every time he pulls up on something and falls over. I do appreciate the many responses I received!

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That's too funny! My little guy started crawling too and he's 8 months. Yeah he's into everything but I let him "explore". I have everything "baby proof" and if there is something that he shouldnt get a hold of then I put it up. I rarely say no.He has no clue what's right or wrong at this age. He will learn quickly if he piches his fingers that maybe he shouldnt do that or bump his head. They learn. I know mine has learn a lot since he's been crawling! Good Luck to ya and just watch and see his reactions on the new things he gets to explore. I learned that with my first child!! If you continue to say no they are going to continue to find out why you say no so.....yeah! It's tough but you'll get through it! Oh yeah, mine's a "hip baby" also! I'm enjoying it while I can!

He is right on track...my 7month old is the same way!!! :) It only gets better - by that i mean crazier! :)

Good Luck my son is 10 1/2 months and we are going through the same thing, he dislikes diaper changes. It seems like he changed over night and woke up stubborn. We already enforce the word no and he understands.

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Start enforcing NO now or before you know it you will have a out of control toddler. When they are old enough to reason what they want then they are old enough to understand rules. I never put stuff out of reach or gated my entire house. I made my home safe but did not go to extremes, my son just learned no and did very well. If you pack up everything and let him have free roam of your house, you will never visit anyone out of fear of destruction. Just make NO clear and do not give in. Good luck.

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One thing I learned after two babies doing the "changing table squirm"...is I put a basket of things they never got to see except at changing time next to the changing table. Weird items, I looked in my kitchen gadget drawer (a small whisk, egg separator, an ice cream scoop, a small light wooden roller, plastic measuring spoons, etc...) Who knew a pasta measurer would be so entertaining?? Or you can just use toys they don't see any other time.

Good luck...{{{{hugs}}}}

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K., Your little guy is normal. I'm glad to see that there are so many people on here that know to let their child explore and just put everything up. It sends your baby a bad message when we are always telling them no, because we want to make sure they are disciplined. The best thing to do is put everything that is breakable up for a while, or anything they can hurt themselves with. When we slap their hands and tell them no they thing they are in trouble for trying to learn about the world around them. You want your child to feel trusted by you. That gives them a sence that you trust them to reach the sky!!!! Invest in one of those kits that has the covers for the outlets, plastics for corners, they even make them for fireplaces now, and latches for the cabinets. I had a few gates but also the fence, I had it around the computer, and as one person said I had to use it around the Christmas tree too. I also used it to put him in when I was getting things in and out of the oven or cleaning bathrooms or something. I had fixed one of my lower kitchen cabinets with tupperware bowls, wooden spoons, and a couple of pots and lids, they love the noice. Good luck and you'll see how interesting this year can be because when they start pulling up then walking you'll see a whole new world of things he can get into and then your re-child proofing. Its funny really because its like their minds come off of the floor and into table level and they forget about the stuff at crawling level. Good luck and enjoy it really goes by fast.

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Just wait until he starts walking!! Get a handle on it now, or he will develop habits-- running from you in public places, climbing stairs, the dog, the furniture, etc.--that will become harder to deal with as he grows. My daughter is now 15 months old and we went through something similar. I found the book "BabyWise" to be very helpful. Now is a good time to introduce "NO" and "STOP". It seems harsh,but, they are simple commands that keep our kids safe and provide boundaries. With cosistent effort on your part he will come around in no time. Our daughter still tests the water but we've noticed that she will often think about touching a forbidden object, etc. before she does it. Then, aloud, she will tell herself "No" and walk away. Also, at diaper time when your guy is getting squirmy and restless ask him to "help" mommy. Also, give him something to hold in his hand as a distraction. I would tell my little girl that diaper change is first then she can have her book, have time outside, what ever it is that she'd rather be doing.
Hope this bit of advice is helpful.

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Well I think he is right at the time that he can begin to understand no, but we mostly did the redirect method at that age and boy will that keep you on your toes! We had the same issue with the fireplace and my son fell and busted his head kind of hard one time and he never really messed with it again! Not my preference of course, but he is just fine. So I really have no special advice except they learn by experience and the TV seems to be the most fascinating thing on the planet when they start to pull up! But the payoff is that they are so darn cute:) My boy just took his first steps so I am sure we are about to launch into a new phase of watching, chasing, and rescuing! I wish you all the best and I think a light tap on the hand is just fine. ;)

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consider yourself lucky mine was 6 months and walking by 8 months!YIKES Now is definately the time to start enforcing things, That is exactly what I did and compared to a lot of people I know We get tons of compliments on how well behaved my 16 month old is. And for the rolling over and fighting a diaper a tap under the tush just like the one on the fingers should do the trick, usually once is all it takes, and stand firm and dont give up yeah it seems like it may take forever but they do come around. Stick to the play pen and maybe try an indoor play yard (like the ones that have 6-8 panels. If you look on craigs list you can get the 8 panel for around 50 when new they are around 90+ .. Good luck and if you stick with it now you will have a wonderfully great and impressive little guy by around a year old!

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Completely NORMAL!!! My daughter started @ 6 months with no sign if interest. She would not roll over or even move and then one afternoon I was cleaning the upstairs bath room and had her laying on her back on the floor in one of those mats with all those things on top. I am paranoid when it comes to her so I would check on her every couple of minutes. I checked on her and then ran to the walk in closet to get a towel when I heard her dad clapping and saying ALRIGHT BABY GIRL. It freaked me out because he was supposes to be @ work and 2 he sounded like he was not close by. When I walked out of the bathroom the baby was not in her play area but she was outside of the room right @ the foot of the stairs. She crawled all the way over there! Her father said that when he came in the house he saw her crawling and that’s why he got so excited. Just to think what if he would not have walked in when he did she could have fallen down the stairs. Ever since then she has been on a rampage and will not pull back.
She is now 16 months and running around all over the place and still does not listen. I started the disciplining early as well more for her safety then for control. What I found that works it pulling the baby way and having them look at you when you say no. If I do that to her she would go back once or twice and I would do the same thing and then she will lose interest and go play with something else. I didn’t get a gated area just because I wanted her to feel free and explore on her own. I did put gates on the stairs though. I did do the tapping on the hand and said no no no no. I also told her why I was saying no. When she got older and I knew she knew better I would tap her on her diaper just once and say no. I would not yell at her though it would be in a normal voice but with a MAD face expression. That is important because if you are telling him no but laugh he will think it is funny and keep doing it but if you tell him no and have a mad look he knows then that something is wrong. Well good luck to you and enjoy it because they do get big fast and you can not get your little baby back.
I started crying when she went to the potty the first time ( 3 days ago) because I think it is too early. She is my first and only!

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This is very normal and you must remember that the way he learns and develops his intelligence is by exploring his world. That said, you need to teach him to respond to "no', or possibly iuse the word "freeze" when he gets into a dangerous situation that you must disentangle him from -ie.- climbing up a bookcase, or bumping into the fireplace. He will also, unfortunately have to learn a little by experience. He will learn that it hurts to bump into the fireplace and he will stop doing it. Be grateful that he is developing so normally asnd treasure these times. They grow up so fast and you will suddenly look around and he will be thirty with a family of his own. Then, you will be going through it all over again with your grandkids. They will ,however, not be so full time. I know that working at home with a very active baby must be very difficult. Is there any way you could hire someone to come in for periods of time during the day to play with your son? Also, perhaps you could swap with a friend who has a child of about the same age and take turns watching the kids. You can work during the days that your child is away. Good luck. J. K.

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