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Babyproofing a Fireplace

Help! We have a marble fireplace and my 8 1/2 month old daughter that is pulling herself up now fell and hit her head on it yesterday. I was trying to catch her but didn't get to her fast enough and she fell back and hit her little head. She is ok but we were really scared. What have others done to babyproof their fireplace to keep little ones from getting hurt?

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They do sell fireplace protectors... rubber guards to go around the edges. We had (or maybe still have) one but never had a fireplace to worry about (it was given to us). I would think you could find them online. If I find mine I would make it available.

I got big pillows and put them around my fireplace to cover all of the sharp edges. It comes in handy as a sitting area too.

We used foam rubber. There was a sheet 2 inches thich on top of the bricks in front of the fireplace and pieces on the sides. My mother in law covered the foam rubber with cloth, but you could hold the pieces together with duct tape (a typical male solution) and cover it with a sheet or some other covering. WARNING Remove this covering when using the fireplace as it would be a fire hazzard.

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I don't like the look of the bumpers they make for foreplaces, so we have our brick one covered with a queen size comforter. It is folded to make it more padded.

My son fell back into our fireplace when he was 1 1/2. He had to have three staples. We went to BabiesRUS and bought fireplace guards. They are rubber foam pads that stick to your fireplace edge. They come off without damaging the fireplace but at that time I didn't care because my child had already been hurt. We still have them on the fireplace because the boys are very busy (6yr old and 3yr old twins)!! I highly recommend them.

Have you thought of surrounding it with some sort of baby gate? Not the most attractive solution sure but just keep it up until she's a little more stable on her feet. If you have company, take it down until your guests leave. Kids toddle, stumble, wobble, fall and yes sometimes crack their heads of fireplaces that's just a part of growing up. Maybe she will stay away from it more often now knowing it can hurt her.

Wow can I relate to this one! We have a fireplace that has a brick hearth along the entire wall that had always made me nervous. I always took a blanket and folded it along teh hearth so the edge was covered in case my boys would be playing near it and while they were pulling themselves up......I reccommend finding something you are comfortable with, becasue still now while my boys are 3 and 5 it still makes me nervous. I'm still afraid they might fall against it and crack their head open..(we moms are always expecting the worse, it's our job). I also tried to keep their attention elsewhere like making sure their toys were not near it so they would try and play elsewhere. If this didn't work, I just moved our loveseat in the way to ease my mind, but then once I moved it out of the way, it seemed to draw more attention to the area.

You can go http://onestepahead.com/home.jsp then at the top click on safety and then to the left of that click on gates.

The last picture on the bottom right is the gate for the fireplace or what we did was go to Babys R Us and purchase the Playyard (which you see on the bottom left) and used a portion of it to put up around the fireplace using things to hold it up on the sides.

We are in the process of getting a full padding to cover the whole fireplace to get rid of the gates.

I got big pillows and put them around my fireplace to cover all of the sharp edges. It comes in handy as a sitting area too.

I've seen people put a gate - like a fence - around the whole thing. Or maybe you could put some foam padding on it.

The best way to babyproof a fireplace is to put a padded hearth guard around the entire brick or stone fireplace hearth. The most dangerous aspect of the fireplace is the corners and front edge of the hearth. We carry products that will solve this problem for you. The cheap gray pads held on with a double stick tape, don't do the job very well. We carry a custom made hearth protector that actually turns the hearth into a bench where people can comfortably sit. It's custom made of fire retardant fabric and will not burn , is easy to remove, and doesn't require any drilling into the brick or stone. Additionally, we carry a product that will lock access into the fireplace itself. We've got over 18 years experience childproofing homes. Call us today at 314-962-BABY or on the web at www.childproofers.com.

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