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Soft Spot Closing Too Fast/soon?

My sister was recently told by a doctor that her 4 week old sons soft spot was almost closed. I have never heard of this happening. The doctor told her "it's something to keep an eye on". (The doctor was an ER doctor, she thought he had an ear infection that's why he was in the ER). Her pediatrician has only seen him once and said nothing about it. He goes back next week and she will ask about it then. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

What can I do next?

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My son's closed faster than normally too causing a ridge in his forehead that became visible around 6 months. it is called a metopic ridge which can be really bad and cause the brain not to grow the way it is suppose too. we have had trips to Children's mercy for cat scans and his brain growth was and is still fine but it is somthing that my ped. said we will watch. he is now a healthy 21 month old and the ridge is still there but less noticeable as he gets older. I would suggest that your sister have it closely monitored by her ped. and look up information on the web bout soft spots closing too ealry.

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That can be a big problem if it is true for such a little guy. When my daughter went in for her 9 month checkup her MD saw that her softspot was closed. We got sent to Children's Hospital that afternoon for x-rays to make sure that the bones were not fusing. Luckily for us, it was still technically open (not really) and nothing was fusing. They worry about that b/c if the bones fuse too early, the scull cannot grow or grow properly. They have to go in surgicaly to unfuse the sutures of the scull so baby's head can grow and not grow crooked. This isn't to freak you or your sister out but it is what happened to us and what we were told. Just have your sister ask and look into it herself. Good luck.

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This is probably terrible advice! But, I was researching possible birth defects caused by taking Lexapro during pregnancy and I came across this: Craniosynostosis is a congenital (present at birth) defect that causes one or more sutures on a baby's head to close earlier than normal. Sutures are connections that separate each individual skull bones. The early closing of a suture leads to an abnormally shaped head.
I have no idea beyond that paragraph right there anything about it or anything else! The best advice for your sister is to check with her own Dr. If she is really worried about it have her make a special appointment and have the Dr. look at it and talk to her about it, don't wait until the baby's next well visit. No reason to be worried when all you haev to do is have the Dr. look at it, I say.

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We heard the same thing about our little boy at his 2 week old check up. Naturally, we were upset. The ped. said that they would be keep an eye on it and it was too soon to do anything. A few months later they sent us to a specialist and X-rays were done. Thankfully, he still had room for the brain to grow so we were ok. If the plates were growing too fast then they were going to do surgery to open up some space. There is a group at Children's Mercy who deal with this all the time. (I think that they are housed with the plastic surgery and celf palate group) Hayden ended up having Plagiocephaly on top of the concern about the plates growing too fast. He had to wear a helmet to shape his head. He only wore the helmet for a few months and has a great shaped head now.

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I have a friend who had this happen to her baby boy. They went for scans, etc., and were told that his brain still had room to grow and they wouldn't need the surgery to make the room it needed. I'm sure it depends on every child and the situation, but the good news is, there is help for that these days!

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My sons closed at 5 months of age. Everything is fine with him and he's now 20.

Be sure she asks her doctor. I had a friend whose little girl (about 20 years ago) had her soft spot close too early. Her brain stopped growing as there was not enough room. She ended up being severely handicapped. Now, it's 20 years later, and I'm sure there are new things, preventions, etc. But, it should definitely be brought to the doctor's attention.

I have friend whose son had to have the surgery at Childrens. His closed too soon and his head was deformed. He is doing fine now, surgery was a few months ago. A normal shape returned to his head and he seems fine. It is always scary but I think they have a good team down there and something that is done regularly. I hope they can avoid the surgery but if it is necessary it should all turn out fine in the end.

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