Updated on February 14, 2009
J.P. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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How do you get rid of silverfish? We have silverfish and they keep eating holes in my husbands work clothes. :( Any suggestions on what to do? My hubby told me to use moth balls, but I can't as they make me so sick. Any other suggestions?

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Wrigley's gum. The one in the white package, spearmint, I think. It only works with this kind of gum. Just put a piece of gum (still in the wrapper) where ever you need too. I put them in my cupboards, each shelf of the pantry. No bugs. When we were moving and had to pack up half of out house and have it in storage for 6 months, I put a stick of gum in each box. There were no bugs in any of the boxes when they were unpacked. It is a very inexpensive way to keep the bugs away.

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I found them in my attic when I was packing to move to a new house and couldn't face the thought of bringing them along. I looked on the net and found these little packets that you can tuck in anywhere--behind books in the bookcase, in a drawer, etc. I put them in all the boxes as I packed. You can get them from this website, as well as other places I'm sure.

I also read that they don't like the odor of dryer sheets. So I bought the smelliest ones (look on the box it tells the scent level) and tucked them in too. So far, so good!
Good luck to you!!

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We get sprayed inside once every year which helps.



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You might try eucalyptus oil on cotton balls in strategic places. Specific critters are repelled by specific oils so you might check with your local herbalist for other suggestions and try different ones. Good luck!



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I beleive you can use boric acid, but not in areas where children or animals can get to it.



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We had silverfish in our home, they actually looked cute to me, but they left after awhile. I don't know what made them go away. They would run under the floor lining at the bottom of the walls. I used clorox when mopping and made sure I squished some clorox water in that open space while mopping. They are usually out at night. Oh! You know what?? The roaches came out, maybe they ate the silverfish. HA! Well, now we have bigger, darker, pests! LOL. We keep our house clean and vaccuumed, etc, they still come out! They are a nuisance, but they come out when there's hardly any activity in the house (early morning and late evening). Google how to get rid of them, then let me know what you find out. - Bigger Bugs Bug Bigger

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