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Seeking Ideas on How to Control Odor in Walking Boot for a Broken Foot

I recently fell down a set of stairs and broke two bones in my foot. I have to wear a walking boot for at least two weeks and possibly for 4 weeks. I of course wash my foot every day and try to rinse out the walking boot liner but it says not to wash it in the washing machine. It is summer time so the heat doesn't help with my foot sweating. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to help control the odor? Thank you

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I think that Gold-Bond makes a foot spray for feet or shoes, so maybe that would help control the odor! Good luck! At least it's not mid-winter with a foot and a half of snow out there! :}

Gold bond baby powder with corn starch works wonders for my husband! And when he runs out his socks can get up and walk away themselves! I hope this helps!

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I had this question one time for a couple pairs of leather shoes I had. After several things, the one I liked best was putting dryer sheets in them overnite. This may or may not work for you, but I thought I would mention it.

Feb. 2007 I broke a small bone in my wrist and was in a cast for over a year. When my cast would get stinky I would spray Febreeze on it and it made a huge difference, tolerable until the next cast change.

You could hand wash it with a little dab of laundry detergent, and rinse it out really well. Do it at the end of the day, and hang it dry. You could put it by a fan if you needed to dry it out quickly. Then rub some foot powder on it and your foot when you put it on to keep the odors down. Dr. Scholl's, Odoreaters, that kind of thing should help. Hope your foot heals quickly!

Hand wash in HOT water and baking soda.

I once had to wear one of these for four months (spring and summer) and found that putting antipersperant (used my underarm stuff) on my foot and wearing a thin cotton (no nylon!!) footie sock helped tremendously, and kept me more comfortable too.

When you have it off after your bath, use arisole anti-perspirant to spray down your foot to keep it from sweating. My daughter also use to spray down the boot with Lysol.

I recently read an article that said spraying atipersperant on the soles and heels of the feet 3 times per week helps with foot odor in general. Maybe spraying your foot and the boot would help.

Baby Powder, I use the lavender scented kind :) I have to wear a brace on my foot everyday (stick with your physical therapy!) So at night before I go to bed I sprinkle baby powder on the lining and I wash with warm soapy water twice a week by hand. That usually keeps it nice and it doesn't get too funky. :)

If that doesn't work for you maybe you could get a second one

Try baby powder or baking soda

Hello L.,
I broke my ankle in June of 2005 so I do know about the discomfots of having to ware a walking boot. What I did and actually helped very well and now it is my saving grace for a lot of other things too, is the Golds Bond Powder in the Gold Bottle with the red top. It helped keep my foot and leg dry frm sweat and also kept the boot from stinking. I also used this as my diaper rash releiver for my son. I can not say enough about this product but I love it. Another nice thing is that you can buy it in the travel size so you can use it and see if you like it before having to buy a full size (they are alos good to thorw in a bag for a trip or picnic too.)

Good luck!!


I like the ideas of washing it with baking soda. I also will put Gold Bond Powder on my feet in the summer. It seems to help with the sweating and odor.

I'm not sure what yours is like but I washed mine anyways. I has to wear it for 10 weeks in the summer with no air in the factory where I work. I washed it at LEAST once a week. It was just fine. I just let it air dry.

Hi L.!
Sorry to hear about your accident! I had MANY surgeries on both of my legs when I was little and the casts were on for 6-8 weeks-Imagine the yummy scents from that!!! EW! Ayway, my mom used to put dryer sheets around the top part of the cast. Just use double sided tape and stick it to the cast, not your leg! Good luck!
Love L. Conzemius

hey....if you're still needing some suggestions....you can air our your boot in the sun....sprinkle baking soda in it maybe....but the reason i'm writing is because i found the BEST stuff for preventing foot odor...

i wear chaco's sandles (which i absolutely LOVE) but they get smelly.....

have you ever seen that deodorant rock crystal before? well they make it in spray and i started to spray some natural mineral salts on my bare feet before i wear any shoes and my sandles don't smell any more at all....the salts prevent bacteria that causes odor to cling to your feet....

you can buy it at a natural foods store or in the natural section....i found it at target first...but haven't seen it there lately.....it is a white see thru bottle with a blue lid

it's called: "naturally fresh deoderant crystal spray mist" (what a cheesy name)
and it has the world's cheesiest picture on the front of a man and a woman putting crystal rock deodorant on...

one more thing....while you're at it....get some dr. bronner's pepermint soap and give yourself a treat by washing your feet with it before you go to bed....it makes your tired summer feet cool and they feel fresh and really nice when you're snuggling under your covers....it's part of my going to bed ritual that i totally look forward too...

happy healing mama!

Baking soda! Works wonders for odors of almost any kind. Sprinkle it in the liner, and you can also use it in your bath.

Wrap it up in a plastic bag and freeze it at night.

Try wiping it out with baking soda water. You could also sprinkle dry baking soda in the boot before you put it on. A spray deodorant/anti-perspirant(you would normally purchase for underarms) might also help.

I think that Gold-Bond makes a foot spray for feet or shoes, so maybe that would help control the odor! Good luck! At least it's not mid-winter with a foot and a half of snow out there! :}

Gold bond baby powder with corn starch works wonders for my husband! And when he runs out his socks can get up and walk away themselves! I hope this helps!

I would suggest using a spray shoe deodorant and/or Gold Bond body powder.

Can't find directions to clean it but it's a lost cause, my damn chihuahua pee'd in it it!!!

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