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Seeking Help for 3 Mo. Old Baby Constipation

Hi everyone, it's me again, you guys are the greatest when it comes to mommy advice. Here's my problem, my little guy is 3 mos. old now; his formula has been changed to Earth's Best, because Good Start Carnation caused him to have an allergic reaction. Now, he's unfortunately constipated. Can anyone offer any suggestions. He's still so young.
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when my daughter was a baby( so long ago) and she was constipated my grandmother put s little karo syrup and some water in the bottle. It worked wonders. I hpe this is helpful....

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Hi C.!
Have to agree that he may be allergic to milk products. May have to go with soy or rice milk----actually much better for most children anyway. I would also recommend probiotics that help break down the milk and make it easier on the stomach. Provides even more vitamins. I use a powdered form that is wonderful. If he gets used to it, you'll be able to give it to him forever and see how healthly he will be. I'd be happy to provide you more information on them. They're 100% certified organic so they are THE best. It's hard to watch our little ones suffer when they have no voice yet! Best to you and your family!

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What kind of allergic reaction was he having from Good start? Are you on Earth's Best milk based formula or Soy? If he was having an allergic reaction because of the milk protein, then any milk based formula will not be good. Instead of covering up the symptom, try to find the root of the problem. Have you ever thought of trying a hypoallergenic formula like similac alimentum or enfamil nutramigen? Babies have an easier time digesting those formulas.

Tell your doctor first ask him a

we just went through a very similar situation with our 6 week old. The dr. said that he could go 3 or so days and that is normal....but he was SO uncomfortable. We did warm baths, "bicycle" legs, switched to soy formula, and used a rectal thermometer 3 times a day. It is supposed to stimulate his toosh to get things moving. We also used some gripe water to help with the uncomfortable gas and upset tummy. That really helped. In the end, we cut the formula from his diet (I was nursing and supplementing at night with formula) and that is what did the trick. Good luck and make sure you check with your ped. before doing anything.....

I just had another mom tell me that she used to put a little prune juice in her son's bottle per dr. recommendations because the meds he was on for his reflux made him constipated.

Clear karo corn syrup will do the trick. put about a tablespoon in the bottle of warm formula. shake it up good and give it too him. within an hour or so he will go. worked for all my kids.

Put a table spoon of Castor oil in his bottle at feedings with the formula. We had to do this with my son

I am sorry I meant Karo Oil..

I used Karo Syrup with my daughter when she was constipated at 2 months old. It worked great and had no bad effects on her. Just a tiny bit does the trick! Good Luck!

Hi C. when my son was that young and was a little constipated his peditrican told me to give him some dark karo syrup in is milk and it worked. But before you try this check with your son's peditrican first.

Look for a formula which is soy based. Your little one could be lactose intolerant. Try this and if it doesnt seem to help, try giving him a half bottle of prune juice about a hour before his bedtime bottle. The prune juice will help him digest anything that may be causing him to become constipated. Also, feed him sitting up instead of laying down. With alot of young infants, laying down while drinking can cause bowel irration and constipation because they are in a position which makes it hard to digest properly. If all else fails, you may have to give him a supposatory, which you can buy at you local drug store and give to the child rectally. It sounds worse then it really is and it does help the child.

when my daughter was a baby( so long ago) and she was constipated my grandmother put s little karo syrup and some water in the bottle. It worked wonders. I hpe this is helpful....

I have to agree with alot of the other moms, Karo syrup. But I cant remember if it is the light or the dark kind. I believe it is the light syrup! But make sure the milk is warm first and then put the syrup in and shake well other wise it will stick in the nipple and then he will go soon enough. Don't change his formula without the drs adive, but also dont let him go to long without going either because there will become a blockage that will cause a ploblem. Also another thing that can help is a warm wash cloth across his belly...Good Luck to you and your little guy...

We had the same thing with my daughter a few years back. Our ped. recommended just adding one bottle of prune juice every day (watered down quite a bit. I think we did 50/50 or even more water). Gerber makes the little one. Good luck!

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