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Whole Milk + Constipation

I recently switched my one year old to whole milk. She is having a horrible time with constipation. The poor thing strains and cries when she goes to the bathroom, but not EVERY time. She is eating solid foods and I make sure she eats apples, prunes, etc. and even gave her apple/prune juice. Can whole milk cause this? Should I switch to soy milk? She has been on whole milk for about two weeks. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Yes, whole milk can cause this. But don't resort to soy - it is NOT a healthy food for anyone to ingest, children or adults, learn more about it here http://www.westonaprice.org/soy/index.html It is NOT the health food companies have told us soy is, as a matter of fact it's toxic.

Don't forget... plain water is also necessary daily, it keeps the body from becoming dehydrated (when you're dehydrated stools can become hard and dry.

Also, cheese can cause constipation.

I'd try goat's milk. It's closer to human milk and much easier to digest.

Hope this helps,

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My daughter went thru the same thing and my pediatrican told me she could drink 2%. Switching to the 2% has helped and she is now pretty regular. He said that if I was concerned with her getting enough nutrition that I could give the Polyvysol (?) and put it in with her milk, juice or whatever. The pediatrician also said to give her some apple juice which should help with constipation; however, bananas will possible constipate her some.

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Hi M.,

Almond milk or rice milk would be better or even organic whole milk. Sometimes it's not the milk that's the problem but the chemicals used to process it. Milk does however, leave a residue in the intestines that can build up so that it makes it difficult to get everything out. If she's been on a milk based formula that could have already begun.

Extra fiber, grains, etc would help a lot and whole fruits not just juices. (However 6 oz of prune juice daily will help.)I would dodge the soy as the jury is still out whether it's good for little ones or not, especially if it's a regular thing.

It's so painful for us when our little ones hurt! God bless!


P.S. I know corn syrup works for some but it can be fatal in little ones who can't digest it. It can contain botulism spores just like honey and really shouldn't be tried until over the age of two.

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We had that problem too. I had it as a child and my daughter has it since I switched her too. We tried all the milk and finally we can drink skim milk. Talk to your doctor and see what he recommends, but the skim milk works for us. There is something with the pasturizing and the fat in the whole milk that can bind some people up. It happend to us. Who knows, it may be she can't handle cows milk. You just have to try different things. Also, corn syrup in the milk a teaspoon per bottle, will help keep her going.

Good luck.


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Yes, it happened to my daughter. It's not serious and it's temporary. Don't stop giving her milk but be sure the rest of her diet has fiber in it. Watch out for apple juice, it gives these kids toddler diahrea. We learned our lesson and now use white grape juice at 4 oz a day. Wouldn't hurt to call her pediatrician.

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Be sure that she is getting a lot of water, that will help. My daughter had this same problem when she was that age. Try massaging her tummy and we played a game called "bicycle" where she would lay on her back and I would move her feet in a bicycle motion (knees bending toward the chest) and sing a little song about "bicycle, bicycle...la,la,la"... the bicycle motion helps sometime to get things moving and she just thought it was a fun game. Good luck!

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hi my name is Kay i am a mother of 2 a grandmother of 3 but almost every kid i know calls me either A. or Meme honey this is normal apple juice worked for my girls . the doctor told my oldest daughter to give her kids a little Kyroe suryp in their bottles that worked wonders for her

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Do NOT swicth to soy milk. It is loaded with hormones and your growing child does NOT need that! Yes, whole milk can cause constipation, but the first thing you should do is up her water and juice consumption. If you fear her not getting enough calcium get her started on a multi vitamin. Soy is NOT a good food for growing children although the media and health nuts would have you beleive otherwise. Research soy yourself before you introduce it to your diet or your family's in such high amounts as with replacing milk.

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I do not know if the whole milk causes the constipation. I would guess that her body is going through a transition and adjusting to the change. Do not start soy milk, that is not a good reason to change milk. Try 2% milk AND increasing her water intake. My 18 month old daughter does not like milk and gets very little of it everyday but she does eat cheese and yogurt a lot. So cutting back on milk and increasing water and other dairy might help. I don't like soy because of the incredible amount of hormones in it especially for little girls. Also try tummy massage and doing bicycles with her legs. good luck, constipation is no fun!

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The same thing happened when I switched my youngest to whole milk from breast milk. My doctor suggested juice (the sugar helps it go right through them). I continued to give her whole milk as much as possible, but gave her a cup of Pear juice 1-2 times a day. I read online that the pear juice helps constipation --vs. Apple which was said to not help it and can contribute to it. Other good food items that help: canned pears, canned mandarin oranges. Best to avoid: bananas.

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