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Seeking Feedback on Pediatrician Dr. Webb Bolingbrook Area

I am looking into a new pediatrician for my 3 youngsters. We are looking to move to a pediatrician closer to home (our current one is in Lombard and we are located in Bolingbrook). I am also not impressed with our current pediatrician's office. I am looking for someone who will be a little more thorough in their check-ups. (my 12 month old just had her check-up and neither the nurse or the dr. asked about her milestones or how she was doing! I have a 5 yr old with CP as well and it wasn't caught until he was 15 months old and he had obvious symptoms.) Looking at our insurance providers it looks like Dr. John Webb is in our network and is very close to us. I am looking for some feedback on him and his office.

How is communication?
How soon can you typically be seen if someone is sick?
How long is a typical wait in the waiting room?
How is the doctor/staff?
Do you typically see the same doctor, or is it a surprise who you will see each time?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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I can't say anything abotu Dr. Webb, but I live in Bolingbrook and take my kids to DuPage Pediatrics on PLainfield Road in Darien (near 75th and Cass). I'm not sure if they are in your insurance network or not. I LOVE them. We typically see Dr. Gardner, who is fabulous with both kids and parents. I try to see him for well visits. For sick visits, I'll take almost whoever is available. I've also liked Dr. Hall (female), Dr. Kelly (female), and Dr. Davis (male). I do NOT like Dr. Huang (Female) or Dr. Lynch (male) and try to avoid seeing them. They just have no bedside manner. The nurses and other staff are super friendly.

Communication is fabulous. They are great at returning phone calls, and many times it is the doctor who calls back. I've always been able to get in same day if needed. I think they are there until 7 or 8 almost every night, and they have saturday appointments as well. As I said before, we try to see the same doc for well visits, but will take almost whoever for sick visits.

I currently take my daughter to Dr. Webb's practice. Before she was born I interviewed four different places before deciding. It was close between Dr. Webb's practice and Dupage Pediatrics. I liked Dr. Webb's practice best because I connected well with the doctor I interviewed. However, I brought my daughter in a few times and I was not that impressed with some of the other doctors who were in at the time. I felt like I was just being rushed out, not listened to, and one time I left in tears. I make sure that I schedule appointments with my preferred doctor on the days she works.

I hear he is good. I work for his twin brother in Oswego at Apple A Day Peds and my children see Dr. Lo and Dr. James Webb and they are great!!

I take my children to the Bolingbrook Dr. Webb's twin brother, Dr. John Webb in Downers Grove. My kids have been going since my daughter was born almost 8 years ago. When "my" Dr. Webb ran out of flu vaccine one year, he called his brother and I went out there with my kids for their shots. His staff was very nice and my experience with the Bolingbrook Dr. Webb was that he was just like his brother. He was thoughtful and kind and took his time with my children. I would highly recommend him. When my kids are sick, I get in that day. If Dr. Webb is not working, I see someone else. That has worked fine over the years. I believe in having a pediatrician close by as well. Good Luck!

I actually went to this practice as a child before they had an office in Bolingbrook. I take both my kids there. My cousins went there and my cousin's sons go there. They are wonderful. It depends on when you call with a sick call. Usually they get you in the same day right before lunch or right before close. They are really good about calling you back when no one is in the office. You can schedule your regular appointments with whichever doctor you prefer but when you make a sick call it is luck of the draw. All of the doctors in the practice are really good though. The receptionists and nurses are very nice too. I go to the Downers Grove office and mycousin's kids go to the Bolingbrook office. My aunt likes the Bolingbrook office better. I got to the DG office cause that is more familiar to me. The wait is usually only a few minutes. If you are late though you will wait a little bit longer. I have been in and out in as little as a half hour total time. It depends on what is wrong and what needs to be done but I wait longer at my own doctor than I do at this office. They do ask about milestones especially when you have an older child with a history of delays as my older child does. They also give out books at checkups. They don't always remember to give the book but they are better about it when they are babies. I think that is pretty awesome considering children's books are expensive after a while and the books go along with the stage of the child. I really like them. I hope that you have good luck with them too.

My cousin takes her son to Dr. Webb and seems to like him a lot. I know they give you a reminder card when you make an appointment and I think they call to remind as well. She seems to be able to schedule quickly. Is well visits seem to go quickly. They go at their appointment time and seem to get home within an hour. They like the staff and I do believe if you schedule with the doctor, you will see that doctor. He is a little different with shots than my doctor but seems to be ok with the decisions you make i.e. turning down flu shots, and answers any concerns you have over what he is doing at each visit. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions, I would be glad to ask my cousin and get back to you!

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