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Safe to Sleep in Pack and Play?

I currently sleep my almost 6 month old daughter in a pack and play because we don't have a crib. Is is safe for her to sleep in it every night, all night? I am worried that it isn't good for her back or something. Does anyone have any idea? My pack and play has the bassinet that is for 15 lbs and less. Thanks for any advice.

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Thank you all for responding, I really appreciate all the advice and stories. I am planning on borrowing a crib from my sister-in-law, but until then, the pack n' play has worked well. I tried taking out the bassinet part and sleeping her in the bottom and that didn't work well, it is too low to the ground. Thanks again.

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My now 16 year old son slept in a pack n play till he could climb out. He is as normal as a 16 yo can be. I didn't even bother with a crib for the next 3 kids.

I think that sleeping in the pack and play is fine. As long as the mattress is firm you should have no problems.

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My first daughter (who is now 8 years old) slept in a fold-n-go play pen until she moved into a regular bed. We did not have a crib nor the room for one. She slept in the bassinet on the desk till she was too big then she slept in the playpen after that. The only thing I did was put a blanket tightly around the bottom for a little added softness and comfort. We are now on our third child (2 months old) and guess what - we bought another play pen/bassinet for her too. I love them and have seen no adverse affects. They loved it. One added benefit we like them for too is no crib rails as our second daughter liked to try to climb out of cribs and between rails. This way she was totally contained. We are expecting to get our next child in June and already are looking at the same thing for him/her as well. Good luck!

I'm sure it's fine as long as baby is sleeping comfortably and not waking up in the middle of the night. You can get a crib pretty inexpensively these days if you do want one. They baby will fit in a crib a lot longer than a pack n play.

My children both slept in the Pack n Play bassinet until they reached the weight limit (they were about 3-4 months old) and then we just moved them to the crib. At 6-months, you'd at least want to take out the bassinet and let her sleep in the full bottom portion, but I don't think it would be bad for her back.

I kept my daughter in hers till she was over 2-yrs-old. The did wonderfully, until she started climbing out, then it was to a bed. As long as the pack-n-plan is in good shape, you should be fine.

My daughter is 10 months old and has been sleeping in her pack n play since she was about 3 months old. She slept in the bassinet part until one night by suprise she pulled herself up and tried to climb out. So now she's been sleeping in the bottom of it until we move (this coming weekend) and she does fine in it. I don't see why this should be a problem

My youngest brother never had a crib. All he had was a pack and play (there is an 8 year gap between him and the next youngest)until he grew in to a twin bed at 2 years old. He is now 17 years old and 6'2"! No back problems or any sort of issue from sleeping in a portable crib. There are mattresses you can buy to fit the bottom and make it more comfortable if it makes you feel better. We got ours at Burlington Coat Factory. I don't know if they have those where you are from but I am sure they can send one for you. There are screen sides and if you ask me that is better than a a crib! My son used to need help because his leg would get stuck in between the bars and he was on his tummy trying to roll back over. Not a huge deal but sometimes he woke up because he couldn't move. Not to mention if you travel then she's taking her bed with her everywhere you go! I always thought that was neat.
Hope that helps. Sleep well!

My daughter slept in a pack and play. We folded a thick blanket and wrapped a fitted sheet around the blanket and pack and play bottom. It worked out great! Then if we had to travel somewhere she slept great because she was already used to the pack and play. I'm at a friend's house right now and she said they did the same thing. Neither of our children have back problems and they are now 3 and 4 years old. I loved it because my girls share a room and there wasn't a lot of room for a big crib.

We have the samething, a pack and play with a bassinet. When we had our twins, one had colic so she slept in our room in that until she was about 6 months old. Then I took the bassinet part off and she slept in the playpen part for about another month before we got another crib. We haven't had any problems with her and she sleeps in her crib just fine. If the sleep away from home both of them sleep in the pack and play and they don't have any problems with it. They also do make sheets for those things as well! They sell them at Target! But we now have our new 4 month old baby in it and are not sure if we are going to buy another crib or just let her sleep in that until the twins are out of their cribs. (about 6months) But I don't see why your baby shouldn't be able to sleep in it. We haven't had any problems with our kids.

Hi A.,

I know lots of mom's that use the pack n' play for their baby's bed. I believe it is totally safe....I've done it myself while spending time away from home - and then, when our daughter was climbing out of her crib - we put her in the pack n' play for a few months (about 2 or 3) before we were ready to get her started in her toddler bed. We felt it was safer for her because the walls were higher so she was having a hard time climbing out! (the little monkey) What I did was fold a fleece blanket (depending on the weather) - or another blanket or even extra bed sheets so she had some additional cushion/support. I thought it was softer for her as well. Hope this helps - and gives you peace of mind.

My twin boys slept in one together for a long time (they were preemies) so they both fit. But as far as I know it didn't cause problems. Currently my 1 year old sleeps in this same one because he is such a baby he has to sleep in mom & dads room and we don't have room for his crib in ours. As far as I know this causes no problems with them.

My 2nd baby slept only in a pack and play until he was 10 months old. I'm sure it's fine until they actually outgrow the weight requirement!

I don't really know how safe it is but my youngest slept in one of those from the time he learned to roll over. He no longer fit in the bassinet and I couldn't afford a crib. I worked well for us. I could take it when I traveled and never had to worry about him not liking his bed. He never learned how to crawl out of it,either. Good luck!!!!

hi...my daughter who is now 15mths still sleeps in our pack and play and she just had her 15mth checkup and the doctor said her back is perfectly straight no problems so i guess i would say it is okay...but i wouldn't have them in the bassinet part...hope that helps

I would imagine that a pack and play would be just fine. If it is that you have a hard time affording a crib you can always look at IKEA we got ours from there, they are pretty cheap. Nothing fancy but a good price for just a crib. I know that wasnt your question so pardon me if I offend or if you are not at all interested. Just thought I would share that tip cause I got it when we were looking at cribs and was freaking out about the prices.

My now 16 year old son slept in a pack n play till he could climb out. He is as normal as a 16 yo can be. I didn't even bother with a crib for the next 3 kids.

Its safe to use all night until she starts to sit up with the bassinet in there then I would take that out and just use the bottom part of the pack n' play. We have used it also when we are away from home that isnt very often so now my son doesnt take naps in it very well at all when we do go anywhere but I do daycare here at home and the 7 month old sleeps in the bassinet part he does roll over but that is it he is still ok to be in the bassinet until he a bit older but he doesnt stay and sleep in all night either. I know a friend of mine had her daughter in a pack n' play all the time she didnt have a crib until her girl was close to maybe 10 months old or so. So its safe just put blankets down and make it very soft and comfy for the little one. Their nice cause they are portable, cribs are so big. L.

I don't know of any safety/health issues with this. We had 2 of our 4 kids do this, because got tired of moving the crib around (we're military). So sold it & just used the Pack & Play as a crib. So far they have no back issues (they're 7 & almost 4). I guess you could check with a chiropractor if you're really concerned....

Don't worry, all will be fine.

I wouldn't use the bassinet top much longer. Around this time your child is learning to crawl and might pull herself up and over the edge. If the bottom of the pack 'n play seems to hard (which they usually do) try putting an old quilt or sleeping bag under the mattress for some padding. I think the pack 'n play should be just fine then. :)

We didn't use the bassinet part for our son, but he slept in the crib part for several months. I was worried about the bars underneath being uncomfortable on his back so I folded a small, fluffy blanket and put it under the mattress that comes with it to make it more soft and squishy. He did fine =)

I think that sleeping in the pack and play is fine. As long as the mattress is firm you should have no problems.

My pack and play also had the bassinet in it. I did not really trust the bassinet so I only used the pack n play for sleeping all night for a long time.. I did not want my daughter upstairs and us downstairs..

As long as you don't have alot of soft fluffy stuff in it, it should be fine. Make sure to not have loose bedding in it. No toys, stuffed animals, etc. Just as in a crib, she should only have the blanket you use to cover her with, nothing else. As far as it being okay for her back, yes, if this is a temporary thing.

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