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Infant Sleeping in Pack N' Play Bassinet Vs. Crib

My 2 1/2 month old daughter is getting too big for her bassinet that's in our bedroom. We're thinking we can move her Pack N' Play in our room so that she can sleep in the bassinet part of it because it's bigger than her current stand alone bassinet. Then when she sleeps through the night in about a month or so, we'd move her to a crib in her own room. My question is - is it o.k. for her to sleep in the Pack N' Play bassinet at night?

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Hi T.,

We did the same thing for about a month. My understanding when I was researching it, was that sleeping in the pack and play for a month was okay, but longer would be problematic because the mattress is not as supportive.

My guy did fine.

Best of luck!

Hello T.,

I have to say that yes, it is fine for her to sleep in the pack n play bassinet. My son is 18 months and has always slept in the pack n play. Until this day he is still sleeping in it versus the crib. He is just so much more comfortable in it, and falls to sleep in it with no problems at all. I love it.


I don't see any problems with having her sleep in the PNP. I am self employed and I toted my daughter to work with me and had one in another room for her to sleep in. I did this until she was about a year and a half. She would sleep comfortably in it, because after we moved her from the bassinet part, the playyard part of it was large enough for her to move around in. At home, she would sleep in her crib. This was a plus, because it got her used to sleeping in differant environments.
Good luck!

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My child never would sleep in his bassinet, so we put him in the bassinet of our packn'play for naps and night sleep. Personally, I could not sleep well if I was too close to my baby. I tried and tried, but I just couldn't get to sleep. I ended up sleeping in the livingroom with the pack n play so my husband could get solid sleep for work. The pack n'play saved us and it worked just fine. At about 10 weeks, I started putting my baby to sleep in his crib and it was the best thing I ever did. Once my son started becoming more aware of his surroundings, I was even more happy with my choice as I wanted him to like his crib. He loves his crib and sometimes wants to play in it after naps.....and he is 15 months old.

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The term "pack in play" means that it is just for very short periods. I would not personally want to rely on it for an all night solution for very long. Little ones are growing quickly and their spines and bones are too and need the support of a good mattress so the sooner you can get her in a more permanent sleeping situation the better. The more comfortable the little one is the better chance of getting them to sleep through the night.

Also, if your little one is sleeping in something that she would be playing in if you go places than she is going to be in it all the time so separating where they are in the day time and night time is kind of important.

Good luck!

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Hi T.,

Both my boys (almost 3yrs and 1yr) slept in the bassinet part of our pack and play for the first couple of months after they were born. Our first son had trouble sleeping comfortably in there for a couple of days until we figured out that it was a rather hard surface to sleep on. So, we decided to place a folded quilt under him and after that he slept very well, only waking up to eat. When our second son was born, we put a folded quilt under him immediately. This worked great until we were ready to put them in a crib in their own room. Good luck.


That's exactly the course of action we took with out little one and it worked out perfectly until we got her a crib to upgrade to. And for the first little while we had her laying in it cross wise of what they're supposed to and then once she was too long we turned her lengthwise. Again, it worked perfectly. Now if she had been a little older, heavier and more mobile it wouldn't have worked, but for the first handful of months it should work just great for you. Good Luck!

I would move her to the crib in her room now. It would be very tough to use the pak n'play for anything else once it is used as her nighttime bed. Also, she doesn't have to sleep through the night to be moved to her room. The sooner, the better.

God bless -


My daughter (now 15 months old) slept in the pack-n-play bassinet for the first 3 months. We moved her to her crib at 3 months old, which I felt was the perfect time.

I guess I would have to ask why you don't have her in her crib? If she is not co-sleeping, then she won't know the difference between the crib and a pack-n-play. But, if you put her in her crib, that will be one less transition for her to make later on down the road. All 3 of my kids went from co-sleeping to crib and have all been successful sleepers because they didn't know any difference. That being said, my 3rd is in a pack-n-play because she escaped from the crib and fell on her head. She is 2 and isn't yet ready for a big girl bed.

Absolutely! Both my children sleep well in our pack n play bassinet when we go on trips. In fact, when my first child was born that is what she slept in all the time (until my uncle gave us this beautiful cradle he had made for us). Just follow the same rules: no extra blankets or toys, etc. The cool thing is, you don't need a bumper either!

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