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Right or Left Handed Child

I am not worried just curious. My child is a little over two and loves to color, paint, or draw. She doesn't seem to care which hand she uses. She scribbles with both her left and right hand. Is that what most kids do or does that show signs that she will use both hands?

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Thanks everyone for your comments. You have helped satisfy my curiousity. I suspected that this was just a stage of learning and she will decide which hand to use in the future.

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Most kids show a preference by this age, I think. 2 of mine did, both right handed. This disappointed my husband, as he is a lefty, and wanted a left handed child. My oldest from my 1st marriage, however, never did show a preference. Which hand she used for anything seemed totally random up until school age. We suggested that she use her right to write, since the world is set up that way. That was fine. She is now 35, a mom herself, and still does many things with either hand. She's smart and successful and artistic, so you're right not to worry.

My 2 year old has an obvious right handed preference. My 3 year old still switches back and forth between both hands. I think it is completely normal to not develop a preference until later.

My kids do the same thing, but they tend to use one hand more than the other with certain activities. They hold the fork with the left hand and usually color with the right. I just tell them to use the hand that feels comfortable. My mother is a retired learning disability teacher and she noted that some school aged children with learning disabilities often used both hands. The first thing she had them do was to pick a hand to write with. I am not saying that all children who use both hands have learning disabilities; I just thought I'd share the information.
Little kids like to explore and experiment. It is what being a toddler is all about.

PS: Being both handed is called ambidextrous. Don't tell my mom, but I happen to be ambidextrous. It comes in handy while playing musical instraments or when one hand is full of baby. :-)

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Hi, Kayla!

In my experience as a preschool teacher, children often do not choose their dominant hand until around the age of 4 or 5, even though they may tend to favor one or the other at an earlier age. I have a 3 1/2 yr old daughter who is just now starting to favor her right hand, but she is still using both hands regularly to color, eat, etc. Hope this helps :)

Hi! Both of my kids, Levi age 8 and Aliese age 3, are able to use both hands and it started at a young age. They both draw and color with the left, but will sometimes use the right and do just as well...It is a mystery to me and my hubby because neither of us are lefty? But it is really cool...

Same as everyone eles they will eventually go to one dominant hand it is way to soon to tell

Don't worry! As an elementary teacher of 14 years (and having taught special needs 3-5 yr olds)I can ASSURE you that children often don't completely pick their dominant hand until 5 or sometimes 6. Many children will start displaying a dominant hand around 2-3, but even then will sometimes use the opposite hand. When you hand her things, always hand them towards the right hand. If she reaches across consistently with her left, she is likely going to be a lefty. But don't worry! Kids at this age can do many things well with both hands! God bless you in raising your family!

Very normal for a couple more years.

I think your daughter, like me, is ambidextrous. Awesome for her! My mom says I used to do the same thing.

Our son was exactly the same way...he will be 8 this month. In everyday tasks he is right hand dominant (occasionally using his left too), but in sports of any kind he is left dominant. We now have him practicing with the hand he is not dominant using (he writes with his right, so he practices with his left to color and write etc.) and he has gotten really good at using both in whatever he does (his writing and coloring still could use improvements with BOTH hands!! LOL).

We let him take control on this issue…. and it has given him the opportunity to be ambidextrous!

Good luck

I wondered the same thing. Most kids do not care which hand they use until they are almost 3 years old. I could finally tell when my son was reaching for food and utensils with the right hand. Also, when he would go to stand up froma seated position, he would use his right arm to push. I am left-handed, so I watched the whole process to see if he would be a lefty, but he is 6 now and is right handed. Just keep an eye on it, it will become obvious soon enough. = )

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