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Rash After Cold

My 11-month old had a very bad cold after he had croup. the cold is finally better but now his little face has these little red spots. They last about a day and then fade but new spots show up. I brought him to the doctor who said it could be part of the virus that is working its way out of his system. They also said as long as it isn't oozy or open, it's not contagious. The spots don't seem to bother him, he seems happy. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this with their little ones after a bad cold.
Thanks all!

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The same thing happened to my son after having a cold and ear infection. My doctor said that it was not uncommon to have a viral rash along with a cold virus.

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I haven't been a child in...decades, and I still get a lacy red rash on my chest and back toward the end of a cold or virus-type illness. Classic homeopathy says that healing/recovering happens spirally from the inside out and the last step towards kicking it out of your system is often a rash.

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Hi T.,

My daughter just had a virus and on the tail end of it came a rash. I know that this happens with a lot of different viruses. Her doctor said that some children have an "allergic" reaction to a virus that may not cause a rash in other children. So, although I would seek medical opinions, I would say that it is probably just a rash from a virus and nothing to worry about.

Hope your babe feels better soon.


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Both my boys get this sometimes before and sometimes after a cold or virus. It is just the bodies way of reacting to whatever is going on in his system. As always, check w/ your dr if it really bothers you!

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I think your ped is right...it's the end of the croup virus coming out in rash form..I don't think the rash is from the cold. Our 5.5 yr. old was the queen of rashes...had them a lot her 1st 2 years...
Nothing to worry about, imo.
Merry Christmas!

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The same thing happened to my son after having a cold and ear infection. My doctor said that it was not uncommon to have a viral rash along with a cold virus.

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it's most likely the virus coming out of him...sometimes when a virus is ending, it comes out in the form of a cold or diarrhea(sp?) as well. it should be gone in a couple of days. if not, or if other symptoms appear (fever), then get back in touch with the dr.

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My daughters both got rashes periodically after a cold, my ped said the same thing, that's just how the cold comes out sometimes. Sometimes they got a rash before the cold. They do grow out of it.
Good luck, hope I helped!

My daughter had a similar sounding rash all over her torso during and after a bad cold, which lasted for a few weeks. It came and went and didn't seem to bother her at all. The Dr. said the same thing yours did and it went away shortly after the cold did.

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