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Putting Cat to sleep...or Not

We have a 7 year old cat who has been a wonderful cat since we got him as kitten. Recently he started peeing all over the house, we had him to the vet he did have a bladder infection and it has since cleared up. Now he seems to keep peeing all over my house. My house smells so bad, I hate being in it. We had to tear out the molding already and thinking about doing the same to the carpet and pad. Our home is a new construction home so the carpet it is only a couple years old. I don't want my house ruined because of the cat, yet I do love him.

My question is,,, will the vet put him to sleep if we ask him too?? I don't know anyone who would want an indoor cat that pees all over. I am really torn on what to do.

Suggestions on what to do or where to go. everything the vet has offered hasn't seem to work... just keeps costing us more money.

Please help and I don't want anyone saying how cruel I am about thinking of putting an animal down, it is behavioral at this point, we did give him the benefit of the doubt and had him tested. Please no negativity. This is a hard decision as it.

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe take him to a friend in the country and let him be a barm/farm cat?
My sister's cat is doing the same thing- but when they retested him they found his bladder problem wasn't healed, maybe find a different vet?

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My son and daughter-in-laws cat was doing the same thing after having a bladder infection. They got a cleaner from the Vet that removed the smell and also got him a new cat litter box, you might even need to rip out the carpet. It seems that "Tristen" had pain every time he would try to use the litter box while he had the infection and after it was cleared up he associated the box with pain.
Might be worth the $20 to try a new litter box before you put the cat down.

Good luck

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If you haven't already, give Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter a try. It is expensive but effective. http://www.preciouscat.com/

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I KNOW YOU DONT WANT TO HEAR IT, BUT YOU PROMISED TO TAKE CARE OF HIM FOR LIFE. Have you tried to shampoo the carpets and use a spray called no more marking. It works great. What if you child had a problem with wetting his pants? You should at least give your cat to a shelter instead of killing him. He could also have kidney issuses that was not corrected at the last office visit. Somestimes it takes more that one visit to the vet. Has anything changed in your house that could have upset the cat. You could remove your carpet and put in tile or wood to see if that solves the problem. I think that your adopted fuzzy child deserves at least that much.

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Maybe take him to a friend in the country and let him be a barm/farm cat?
My sister's cat is doing the same thing- but when they retested him they found his bladder problem wasn't healed, maybe find a different vet?

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I sounds like you spend considerable time, energy and expense accomodating the needs of your cat. Your own needs are legitimate, too. No matter what anyone else tells you, it will have to be your (and your family's) decision. Just do your best to consider all options, make a choice, and go with it. You can't do any better than your best.

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The vet will put the cat to sleep if you ask.

And honestly, I don't blame you for not wanting to have pee smell all over your house. I have a cat and a dog and have been through that before. I won't tolerate it.

Ask the vet is there anything that can be done or will this be what it will be like for the rest of your cats life. If it will be that way for the rest of his life, it is just better to go ahead and put him to sleep. He lived a good life.

I am sorry you have to go through this. I know furr babies have a special place in our hearts. But it is also unsanitary and not good for when you have company to have pee all over the place and the smell.

Good Luck

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I understand that this is a hard decision...but you need to stop and think that the cat is simply smelling where he has gone in the past and is remarking his territory. Please dont put him to sleep...find someone to adopt him, he will most likely not be urinating in other homes because he wont be getting the "trigger" of smelling where he has urinated before.
Ask your vet if he knows someone who would be interested in adopting him. It sounds like he is a healthy cat and has been a good pet. Please don't do something drastic that you will regret.

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My cat went through the same thing... After a bunch of testing they found out that he had an inflamed urinary tract...Check for that.. I dealt with this for about 8 months.. I was going to give him to a farm because I thought "who would want him" but after finding a NEW vet and him coming up with NEW ideas that is what we found out... I also had to:

-move his litter box into the garage (where he has privacy). We put a cat door so he can come and go out of the garage at his leisure.He had a cover on his litter box and we took it off so he doesn't feel confined.
-****** the vet said he wasn't getting enough water in his diet and thats why his urinary tract was inflamed***** I HAD to switch him to wet food (it's water based)...Ask your vet about this..Dry food doesn't have enough water in it.... He is on expensive food (Prescription C/D only bought at a vets office)BUT I'll take buying more expensive food than getting rid of my cat...

It took me awhile and we were at the point of getting rid of him also ( I was DEVASTATED) but it has been resolved....

Good luck!

ps.. Also have them do a x-ray to check for kidney stones...

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Unfortunately while the peeing all over is now a habit and the cat can smell it too so he keeps going back. Did they x-ray him to make sure there wasn't a stone? That would cause the infection and his continued irritation even if the infection has cleared. Could he become an outdoor cat? That seems a little easier then having him put down. Another option would be to give him to the humane society with a donation and a hope that in a new environment he would break this bad habit. Cats naturally want to go in a box and then cover it up. An other thought would be to add additional litter boxes and keep him enclosed in one area. Good Luck with what ever you decide, I know how hard this must be :(

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Totally not an attack, but look at alternatives if you're no longer willing to deal with the problem. Someone else may be just fine with having the cat outside or something and it wouldn't be as big of a deal for them. You're not a horrible person for no longer being willing to deal with the issue. I just don't think putting the cat to sleep is the best solution is all. Contact some of your local rescue societies. They may have solutions for you, or one of them may take the cat in.

Someone else mentioned that he might be smelling places he's gone before and that could be part of the issue. It also could be that the infection really isn't gone, or something else might be wrong. Maybe its time to get a second opinion from a different vet? Animals are also very sensitive to change, if there's a lot of stress in the house, he might be stressed too.

Hope you can find a solution that works, just consider all your options and not just putting him to sleep.

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