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My Cat Is Peeing in Other Places Besides Her Litter Box!!

Okay, my cat is about 6 years old and this morning i found that she had peed on my 16 month olds little Elmo couch that folds out for him to lay on (we just bought this for him this past Saturday and he absolutly loves it). First of all i was wondering if anyone knows how to get the cat pee out of it, we can't put it in the washer and this is brand new, this morning i put it in the laundry room and my son had a fit, i felt so bad for him, i think this little couch is his favorite thing we have ever gotten him! Anyway, any advice on getting the cat pee out would be great. In addition, we first noticed that out cat peed on our futon matress when i was about 8 months pregnant, didn't think too much of it, then months later we noticed that she peed on our dogs pillow bed. The cat does not like people too much and of course isn't really fond of our son so we used to let her go in our bedroom and shut the door, then we found that she had peed on our bed, so we started to leave our bedroom door open and she has not had any accidents, i think because the bedroom door was closed she couldn't get out and had to pee somewhere. We have not had any problems for months until this morning. I don't know if it is a behavioral issue or if she has a UTI or something else because it is not consitant. Sorry this is so long, hard to explain I guess, let me know what you think, should i take her to the vet or would i be wasting my money?

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First of all thank you all for your responses, i really appreciate and am glad to know i am not the only one that is dealing with this. So after talking with my husband about what everyone has said and mentioned we have decided to take her to the Vet to rule out an UTI. Our cat is not spayed so we are going to do this as well, after we rule out the UTI we will get her spayed and see what happens, we already have everything set-up and will be taking her to the Vet tomorrow to begin the process. I want you all to know that we would never give our cat away unless she was dangerous to our son, there was a response about giving the cat away and how people care more about their animals than their kids and something about allergies. Well first of all we have 2 dogs and the cat that are all inside animals, the dogs are crate trained and very good, no one in our family has allergies nor have any of the animals ever been a danger to our son, so getting rid of our cat is NOT an option. We are responsible pet owners and will try whatever is necessary to not just throw our animals by the way side, we have had 1 dog for 9 yrs, 1 for 5 yrs and the cat for 6 yrs, to just give them away would be heartbreaking for us and our son who loves them dearly, he helps feed them, he likes to play catch with them and talk to them. So those that care, don't worry we will not be giving away any of our animals.

As for our new little Elmo couch, we have already bought a new one, i figured that once we spent the money on cleaning it and if that didn't work we would still be without the couch, so we rushed to Toys R Us last night got the last one and brought it home, and once again our son sat and climb and played on it all night, he even fell asleep on it last night, he likes to get his books and sit in there while we read and learn about animals. So last night when he went to bed we put the couch up so that the cat could not get on it.

So that is that, thank you for all your help in helping my husband and I decided what we should do, i will let you know if it does come back as a UTI. Thanks again, i love this site!!

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I've had cats my whole life, and sometimes I swear they pee on stuff to rebel - almost as if they're acting out for some reason. She may be sick, or she may be jealous of the baby.

Also, how often do you change the cat litter box? Maybe she's peeing on things because she feels like her litter box is too dirty; maybe try changing it out more often.

Or she just isn't comfortable using it. Maybe try positioning it differently or putting it in a different area of the house.

As far as the pee odor, the only thing that's gotten that out for us is professional cleaning. Household cleaners and at-home remedies may work at first, but the smell always comes back.

Brooke C, who responded to this, has the right idea. I agree with her.

I have an older cat who does the same thing. At first I thought it was jealousy because of the inconsistency. Now I just don't know. There is no pattern in where or when she does it. I did take her to the vet and he gave her some behavioral medicine which worked for a while (or maybe she just didn't want to pee anywhere else at that time)but now it seems to not be working anymore. I am totally stumped. Sorry not to be of much help but at least you know you are not alone with this problem. Maybe someone else out there can help us! As for getting the smell out, there is some stuff they sell in the pet department at Wal-Mart or any pet store. There are different brands but they do remove the odor. It is usually in some type of spray bottle. As long as there is not material involved, bleach works pretty good.

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Get rid of the cat ! It doesn't like people and is ruining your house. Cat urine is amonia and impossible to get totally rid of.

I would suggest that you check the cat's urine. Many times when a cat starts peeing outside of the litter box it can be because of urinary problems. If you are wanting to try a less expensive way of checking it, get some yesterday's news litter and then you will be able to see the color of the urine. If it is dark then you may want to see a veterinary. If not, then it more than likely is bahavioral. When I started dating my now husband, my male cat pee'd on everything that he brought to my house. Completely behavioral because he was jealous of someone else being in the house. Hope this helps.

I have been a veterinary technician for 15 years. the first thing to rule out is a uti. If you dont want to take your cat to the vet, you can get a special litter to use in the box so you can collect the urine and take it for urinalysis. if there is no medical reason for the problem, think about the following.....1.make sure the litter box gets scooped daily. cats prefer it. 2. have you changed litter? 3. did you acquire a new pet or did a pet pass away? 4. besides your son, is there any one new in the house or anyone who is no longer in the house? since it was happening before your son was born i wouldnt think that was the problem. if you have other questions, please let me know. thaks

You need a product that specifically states it is to be used on urine. Other cleaners will not take out the smell so your cat will be attracted back to the site again. Try your supermarket first. Look in the animal aisle or in the cleaner aisle or in the adult diaper aisle.

A couple of years ago when we were remodeling our new house, my "fixed" male (4yrs old at the time) starting peeing on things. I assumed it was because of the stress of the house being in a total mess. I hated to buy anything for the house in fear that he would pee on it. He wasn't shy, he'd pee right in front of me then take off like he knew he was in trouble. I did talk to my vet about this and he didn't have any real answers. Tigger eventually quit when things calmed down.
I did find some liquid stuff at a pet store called Happy Cat in a blue bottle. You just add this to their water bowl daily and is supposed to help. You might try something like that.

When I was little, we had a fixed male cat that would pee on anything plastic such at the Wal Mart sacks. Not real sure why....

I wonder if your cat is jealous of your little boy and misses your attention?

Not sure if any of this helps.... Good Luck!

yes you need to take her to the vet. my sisters cat was doing that as well and it turned out to be a urinary tract infection.

I think your cat needs to isloated and when you see it going near where it peeded before, yell and get it isolated. There is an enzyme that comes in a spray form that does work, but I had to get the sheets outside for a along time. No I dont think he needs a vet, just let him know he will be reprepamemded.

I had this happen twice, two different cats and two different babies. The cats were about 6 and 8 years old. One cat started peeing on my babies things, I believe out of jealousy. The other cat just peed in a few select spots in the house. Both were obscure places that I didn't find until it was way too late! Cat urine is definitely the hardest smell to get out, if possible at all. I tried everything under the sun (even pulling up the carpet, pulling out and replacing pad, applying Kiltz to the floor under the pad and deep cleaning the carpet itself). I can still smell that distint odor of cat urine.

Once the cats pee outside of their litter box they will continue to pee in that spot, no matter what. I finally had to give both cats away. They went to homes with no children and have flourished.

Sorry for the bad news but I would suggest nipping this in the bud!


Our cat peed on our bed and pooped on our daughter's bed, both of the places he feels safest. We looked online for information on how to remove cat urine from a bed and EVERYTHING we found said-get a new mattress-it can't be done. We did and decided that $800 is too much to risk on a tempermental cat, so he's now an outside cat. He's not crazy about and neither are we-we'd much rather keep him in, but it's not what you want to do but what you have to do. He stays in the garage in a cozy bed on cold nights and we also keep his food/water in there away from other cats and neighborhood pests.

My cat did the samr thing!!! Unfortunately you are probably going to have to buy a new one....the cat pee smell will never come out. my cat always pees on the baby stuff. The only thing I have been able to do is make sure all the baby stuff is in her room and I shut the door at night. Cats are so weird LOL

Have you thought about toilet training your cat? We have had our cat for 7 years now and he has been toilet trained for 5 years. The only thing you have to do is flush after him. It is very easy to train them it only took about 2 weeks to fully train him. If you want more info on this you can e-mail me. ____@____.com

Have you always lived at the home you are in now? If you have moved into another home that someone else has lived in before you the case might be that they had a cat that peeied in the home. Has your cat always done this? Our did your cat start doing this after your baby was born? It maybe a jealous thing going on with the cat. With my passed experices with cats once they start that they don't stop peeing on things. We had to get give our cat away.They say vinger takes the smell out.Hope this helped you out & best of luck with your cat.

Hi K.,
I was a vet tech for about 11 years and worked in a Feline only practice for 4 of them. This does sound like a behavior problem and cats(females too) are known for marking when they feeling threated in their territory. But with that said there is always a possibly that the problem is medical. In order for you to fix the problem I would first suggest that she gets a UA done at the vet to make sure there is not an infection. Some cats will pee on soft areas (couch, blanket, clothes) when they have an infection as well as when it's a behavioral issue. If it is not a medical problem I would highly suggest that you confine your cat to a small area (laundry room, crate) with food and water and a clean litter box until she resumes using the box on a regular basis at least for a week. I would offer a bed but if she pees on it I would not offer anything soft in the the area for her to lie on until things are right again. It's like retraining her to use the box again like she was a kitten. Also make sure that the box is always clean and very private away from traffic and children. Cats do not like to use a box that is around alot of noise and action. We converted a foyer closet into a "kitty room" with food/water and box and installed a cat door on the door for him to have alot of privacy. All that is not necessary but you get the idea. :)
You should also clean the area that have been urinated on with a odor neutralizer that can be purchase at a vet or pet store. Do NOT use things to cover the smell! They will only hold the odor in more and make her want to return to the spot! I would wash it with soap and water if possiable first applying odor neutralizer. If it's something that you can't put in the wash, use just some water and blot out with towels. Then put a good amount of neutralizer on the area and cover with a dry towel until area is dry.
Hope this helps,

I'm having a similar problem with our male cat. He has started wetting on clothing that's on the floor. Doesn't matter if it's clean or dirty, he wets on it. He went into my husbands closet and started wetting on clothing on the floor and it was so bad it soaked through to the carpet. I went to PetCo and they recommended Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover. I bought it and was skeptical but the bottle says you have to totally soak whatever has the pet smell so I did...I soaked the closet floor, repeatedly for 2 or 3 days and it took the smell out completely! You don't have to do anything else to it but I put a fan in the door of the closet to dry the floor faster. I was very happy with the results.

So, long story short; I can't tell you why your cat is doing that (your vet probably can) but I know how to get rid of the smell and stain!

Here's a link:

I had a cat that was a good family member for years then he started potting on all kinds of thing the smell drove me crazy. I found that ferrit shampoo worked well to remove the urine smell from most things. I would wash things in the washer or make a solution and hand clean. It is importaint to wet the area well and blot up the excess. I never tryed the steam cleaner but i bet it would work.

Cats are interesting. Would it be possible to take Elmo to the car wash and spray him off? If you can then the pet store has pre-treatments with enzymes that will help to dissolve the proteins that leave behind the odor. I would try several things: get a food that is for urinary issues, get a second litter box and consult your vet is these two ideas do not help.Usually UTI's present with more frequent urination issue. There is an amazing book: The Emotional Lives Of Cats.

I had a friend with a similar problem (when she got married and the cat obviously didn't handle it well). Eventually she took her cat the the vet who diagnosed the cat as being depressed and prescribed an antidepressant. That did the trick - the cat stopped peeing all over her new husband's clothes. Eventually, I think she was able to slowly take the cat off the medication.

You may want to have her checked by a vet. My aunt had this same problem with her cat. He had some kind of kidney problem and eventually died from it. My aunt felt bad because she thought this was a behavioral problem, but turns out it wasn't.

I own a Chem-Dry franchise, Cornerstone Chem-Dry, and we have a product called PURT (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) It is the BEST product on the market. Cat urine is one of the most difficult things to get rid of in your carpet. It takes 5-7 years for the urine crystals to break down on their own. This product breaks them down in 48 - 72 hours. I would be happy to send someone out to look at the situation (with a black light) and give you a free estimate on removing the urine. This will not keep the cat from going in the same place but once the urine crystals are gone - they don't smell it anymore so that sometimes will stop them. You can email me at ____@____.com or call ###-###-#### or (877) 760-4377 and we would be happy to help you! OUr website is www.co2cleaners.com Good Luck!

Typically this type of behavior is territorial in nature. They sometimes pee to "mark" their territory or express a little anger. (A litttle pissed-off, LOL) She may be threatened/not like the presence of your daughter which may be why she peed on her little futon. Probably same for the dog. One things I have noticed is that if I let the cat's litter box go to long without changing it that the cat may look for another place to pee...make sure you litter box stays fresh and clean. My gut instinct says behavioral, but probably wouldn't hurt to call your vets office. Cats as they get older are prone to kidney disease etc. Our vet says that as they get older that they need a low protein catfood as the protein is hard on the kidneys. We have my two old cats on a prescription kidney/care food we buy from the vet. Good luck. I'm not sure there really is anything that will get the pee out of your daughters futon. Best advise is to buy a new one. Chances are that you cat will pee in the same spot again.

I had the same problem with my cat. Right after my 3 year old was born, she started peeing on his things; his activity mat, his blankets, etc. She was pretty old at that point (about 12). I took her to the vet and found out she had a UTI and they said she was about the most 'stressed out' cat they had ever seen, apparently it's hard to lay around in the sun all day long. They said the stress of a new baby had probably brought on the infection. They gave her an antibiotic and some anxiety medication. We gave her the meds and she totally stopped doing it. We took her off the anxiety meds after a few weeks and she seemed to be back to normal. Then, 2 years later when I became preg with my baby, she started doing it again. I am sure she sensed I was pregnant again. This time she started going all over our bed, my son's bed and the only expensive rug we own. I took her to the vet again and they said she had another UTI. We treated it but she still didn't stop. I took her back to the vet for more tests, they found no physical reason for her behavior. We finally made the tough decision to take her to my sister's farm in Oklahoma and let her live in the barn with the horses. We spent $500 in vet bills to find out that our cat was just angry with us. 2 new mattresses later, I can tell you that NOTHING gets rid of the cat pee smell, we tried everything. I hate to tell you this but you would be best off just throwing it away and starting over. If there is even the slightest trace of the cat pee smell on the little Elmo couch, your cat will keep seeking it out as a place to potty. Sorry! I totally feel for you.

Don't waste your money taking the cat to the Vet, she or he is just ticked off. My cat did that to when I brougnt both of my girls home. Introduce the baby to the cat when you think that it is safe and spend a little extra time with the cat so that she knows you haven't forgotten her.
As to products there is something at Walmart I honsetly can't remeber the name of it but it is in a white bottle with yellow lettering. It is on the bottom shelf in the asile where the pledge is. It gets cat and dog pee and children's urine out of things. I think it is something like Kids and Pets. You can put it in the laundry my cat used my clothes for her restroom and it worked like a charm. I am now using it on my daughters mattress we are night potty traning.
I hope this helps just a little.

Your kitty is probably acting out because she is jealous or needing more attention. Try giving her some extra TLC and see if that helps.

To get the pee smell out, try Anti-Icky-Poo http://www.antiickypoo.com/
( You can shop around on the internet and see who has the better price right now)

It contains live bacteria that destroys any organic material left behind by pets. We have had good success with it.

I tried to read all of the other responses but may have missed a couple, so if someone said this already...sorry...but I have heard that it is a good idea to have 2 cat boxes for every cat in the house. This may be hard for some of those major cat lovers that have several, but if you just have one, as I do, it isn't a big deal to have 2 boxes in the house. Also, I have heard that cats will sometimes pee on new things because it is not familiar to them. My cat once peed on a new duffel bag that was left in the hallway...there are some kind of feline air freshener plug-in thingys that emit a "friendly" cat phermone (sp) that YOU can't smell, but that the cat picks up on and it somehow makes them think that everything is alright with the world or at least in that room and keeps them from spraying/marking. Maybe this is something you could plug into the problem areas of the house. I really haven't had to try these things as my cat has done pretty well, but as others have said...you never know with cats! They are pretty weird creatures sometimes...gotta love 'em :)

I've had cats my whole life, and sometimes I swear they pee on stuff to rebel - almost as if they're acting out for some reason. She may be sick, or she may be jealous of the baby.

Also, how often do you change the cat litter box? Maybe she's peeing on things because she feels like her litter box is too dirty; maybe try changing it out more often.

Or she just isn't comfortable using it. Maybe try positioning it differently or putting it in a different area of the house.

As far as the pee odor, the only thing that's gotten that out for us is professional cleaning. Household cleaners and at-home remedies may work at first, but the smell always comes back.

Brooke C, who responded to this, has the right idea. I agree with her.

Your cat is most likely trying to make her scent dominant in the house. Ask your vet for suggestions but it is really hard to make a cat stop peeing wherever they please. Another possibility is that she has a urinary tract infection. She may be trying to tell you something is wrong.

Good luck!

I would call the vet and ask for an opinion then perhaps a visit. If the vet says that the cat is physically fine and the litter box is clean when she needs it, your cat may be acting out.If this is the case I am very sorry. It is highly likely that your cat is not happy with her world. Children are stressful additions to a cat's home. Unless your cat is trainable - most aren't- you may have to decide how long you want to spray resolve on your furniture.
I've walked in your shoes... When my first child was nursing, one of my cats would make sure I was watching, then urinate in the middle of the living room. We had to put her up for adoption by the time my daughter was 1yr old. We tried kitty antidepressants and other behavior modification. Nothing worked. Our Siamese cat adapted nicely and is affectionate to all three kids.

Hi K.,
First of all , the age of the cat tells me you may have had it a long time, and the bad behavor started in your late pregnacy. Animals can sense things, and is probably jealous of the new baby. The cat may have noticed you working on the nursery, spending time doing things to prepare for the birth.
Your cat is peeing on things to let you know It is NOT happy about change, and this newcomer thats takes all your attention now. I used to use white pepper, or black pepper to put onto things a cat used to get onto, it works a while. The best thing to do is put water into a squirt bottle and when you see the cat leaving the room , or going near any no-no's squite him and say NO. That works.
Now for the stain, and odor, I would get a bottle of ammonia, it has directions on the back for how to dilute it for various cleanings, I put about 3/4 cup in my laundry and 1/2 the amount of detergent. cleans better, and smells fresh. It does say to use for upolstery, to use a small amount in warm water and soak a cloth in it to rub on spot or to work up a lather with a brush, then blot.
Just be senseable about using it in a well ventilated area. I used some last night to clean a doggie spot, works for me.
Hope this helps.

I would take the cat to the vet to get her kidneys checked. If money is an issue, you can get a coupon from the Money Mailer for a 'free' first time visit.

There is a product called Bac-Out made by Bio-Kleen. I know you can get it at Whole Foods, and I am sure other places carry it as well, if you want to call around. It is about $7.oo for the bottle. Just follow the instructions, and it works better than anything else I have ever tried. In the mean time you should soak up as much pee as possible by stepping on it with a towel.

I would definitely take the cat to the vet to rule out any kidney or urinary tract infections. They would also be able to advise you what to do if this is a behavioural problem, and they can probably tell you how best to clean up the pee spots to get rid of the odor.

I have had this happen with our cat, she is dominant and one of our other cats would run into the house and use her litterbox, so she would go in the floor. We actually had to replace the carpet in our closet. I got her a different litterbox and put it in a new place, tried to keep it cleaner and so far no more problems. Good luck.
L. B.

L. B.

Hi Kaely,

My first guess was a UTI. My cat behaved the same way when she had a UTI but it was more consistent, not sporadically over a longer period of time like yours. But that doesn't mean there isn't an underlying problem with her health. I would take her to the vet to get checked, it would ease your peace of mind, if anything. Do you find your cat "hiding" in dark areas of the house at all?


Your cat may just be marking its territory or its box might just need to be cleaned.If you have a steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment would be one way of cleaning the couch.You could even reent one if necessary.
J. J.

I'm not a vet, but I've worked for one for 8+ years. You could take her to a vet and they would do a full work up starting with checking for a UTI. To me, it sounds all very behavioral. If it continues to be a problem, they do make kitty Elavil and other such drugs to try and "fix" the problem. That's worth a shot if it keeps happening.

We have a female cat who too is prone to urinating inappropriately when the mood strikes her. We treat her like a child in that respect. She gets a "time out" in the dog crate with her very own litter box and food for a day. That usually teaches her that there are consequences to her behavior. You might try that if you have a big enough crate or confine her to a bathroom with litterbox, etc. for awhile.

The best thing I've found for cat urine (or anything related) is Nature's Miracle which is available at Pet Smart. I just use the regular Nature's Miracle even though there are several variations and some specifically for cat urine. I would test a patch though since I'm sure that little couch is red and it might lighten it in the spot you use it.

I hope this helps! Good luck with your kitty!

When my male cat was peeing everywhere I bought Urine Gone, they sell it at Wal-Mart in the As Seen On TV section. It really does work. If it's not consistent with her peeing I would asume it's a "Hey pay attention to me" type of thing. Cats are emotional animals. If she is not fixed that could be a problem too. If it gets too bad you might want to have to her looked at. But it sounds like she is asking for attention, and marking her territory (yes female cats do it too). Hope this helps.

I don't know about taking the cat to the vet. I have a friend that had a cat about 20 years ago who started peeing on everything in her closet. She never did break the cat, but I don't know what she ever did about it. I think hers was a behavorial problem. I know that you can buy a liquid product at Walmart (and probably a lot of other places)in the pet section that neutralizes urine (animal or human) and will take the stain and the odor out. It is safe to use as it is a natural enzyme, and has no odor of it's own. You can use a blacklight to find stains on carpets, walls etc. It really works. Has the cat been spayed? If not, that may help. Sure helped our dog. My kids had one of those small fold out couches. I soaped it up and cleaned it with the garden hose several times before they outgrew it. It was just made out of foam. If you try that, I would look for some of that enzyme and clean it with that first. The problem with foam is any liquid will soak into it. But if you soak a mild cleaner into it and rinse and wring it gently several times, then let it air dry. Should be ok. Most of those things say surface washable only on it, mainly because the foam will not hold up to or fit into a washer. However it will tolerate hand washing and wringing or squeezing the water out of it. Good luck!

Take her to the vet. It may be both UTI and behavioral. Hopefully just a UTI. Cats may not always act like it, but they are extremely sensitive and some do not always do well with change. It may just take awhile. Diagnosing and treating a UTI shouldn't be overly expensive. They will probably charge you an exam, then for the urinalysis, and any medicine (if needed). Call your vet and ask how much an exam and urinalysis cost. Sometimes they do a culture and sensitivy too if it is a real bad problem.

We had the same issue. Our cat started peeing when we got a puppy, then when another kitty adopted us, and then again when our son came along. She got over everything when we got a doggie door for our puppies, and she learned how to use it. (they even make smaller "kitty doors") We didn't want her to be an inside/outside cat, but we realize now that she is much happier this way. She is vaccinated for feline aids/leukemia, she wears a collar with tags, and she keeps mostly in our backyard. It's not our first choice, but it's better than having ruined couches, chairs, mattresses, etc.

And please, DON'T get rid of the cat. That would be irresponsible, besides the fact that she is a family member! No, she's not as important as your child, but she still deserves a place in your home.

Also, I would think that a trip to the vet to rule out a UTI or any other health issues would be good. At one point, our vet had us try to give Prozac to our kitty, but trying to give her the pill was more stressful to her than all the other things combined. This might be something you could try for you cat though, as bizarre as it sounds. Our cat just got over things with a little time and some much needed freedom and space.

I can't remember the name, but I think PetCo has a product that is specifically for cat urine. Also, Urine Gone works pretty well.

Good luck with your kitty and your sweet little boy!

We go through this with our Callie. My daughter has a play mat on the floor, when we first brought into our home, callie peed on it, I washed it, and told my husband one more time and she's out, Well my husband said well maybe I need to change litter every other day, (she has a history of being very picky about her box)We have 2 cats and the other one is very good and laid back, never has peed anywhere but her litter box. Callie on the other hand is very routine, she will act out, if we change the brand of litter, or even put the lid on the box. Also my husband said, maybe she smelled the sent of urine from the baby on the mat, and she is trying to mark her scent. Cats are very behavioral, and well their cats, they do what they want to do for attention. Hope things work out for you, and the kitty, just give him a little kitty time, and check that litter every other day, and see if it helps.

Cats do this when they are jealous!!

I had a similiar problem myself with my 11 year old cat. We brought home a 6 month old cat and an automatic cat box. The older cat hated the new cat and the cat box. We ended up getting rid of the cat and she continued to pee on the carpet, so we went back to the old box. Needless to say, I think it is behavioral. Your kitty is probably jealous and could tell when you were pregnant that something was changing. My 2 cats wouldn't leave me alone when I was pregnant. Maybe you can take the suggestion that someone else wrote and see if your vet can prescibe something. Good luck! I know that cat pee has to be the worst smell and it's on such a loved item. J.

she's just jealous. she's acting out for attention

Hi K., I had a similiar experience with my cat a couple of years back. She is rather finicky and I had purchased a new kind of litter for her box. It was the biodegradable kind instead of the clumping kind she was used to. Once I figured that out and replaced the litter, our problem was resolved.You may have more of a protest going on though, some cats just do better as an only child. I would at least call my vet and ask for advice, sometimes that receptionist is a wealth of knowledge! T.

We had a cat that did the exact same thing for two years. We had to throw out three comforters and our daughters little couch as well. He was a siamese and did not like our other cat. We gave him away in order to enjoy the last few months of our older cats life (He had kidney failure) He is doing well in a single cat household.
I would suggest as most probably have is have him looked at by a vet to make sure it is not a medical problem.
I also found something that gets even the most nasty smell out of things. It is sold by Oreck it is an enzyme cleaner. It can get almost any smell out. I used it in my sons closet after our older one was trapped in it and had to pee. The smell was in there for two years and no amount of cleaning would get it out. This stuff removed the smell and it has not returned in six months. It also removes throw-up smell.

I'm not too sure how to get the pee out, it's been a while since I've had a cat. I think I've used Simple Solution or Nature's Miracle in the past. As far as your cat is concerned, you may want to take her to a vet. My cat did the same thing when he had a UTI. Once he was treated, he was back to doing it in the litter box.


We used to have the same problem with my cat. Before we had our daugther, he started peeing on the carpet when I went to work for long days. We took him to the vet and he did have a UTI, so we treated it. But the peeing just continued, so we took him back. No UTI, but the vet said it was now a pattern of him releasing his anxiety. We tried different meds, cat Valium....worked but was a lot of work to keep up with. We moved and he stopped. Our new house had wood floors rather than carpet...maybe that was it. We weren't sure but very happy. Then we had our daughter and it started up again. We took him back to the vet, no UTI again and told it was stress over the baby. He went back onto cat Valium and some type of anxiety med for cats. This went on for a while til we got rid of all carpet and cat beds. He never went on furniture. He's been good, but I'm constantly on the lookout. My daughter has a little chair that when she's not in it, I put a toy on the seat just in case to keep him off of it. No easy answer here. I actually wanted to get rid of our cat at one point after replacing the carpet 2 times to get rid of the smell, but that was out of the question with my husband. I'd suggest getting a black light they sell at the petstore to be sure to catch the spots your cat is going and treat it as soon as possible. Cat urine is hard to get out, but it can be done with carpet and washable items. I have found that with the cat beds and things I can't wash in the washing machine, they are ruined. Even the slightest hint of residue and your cat may continue to "mark" it. It doesn't take long for the cat urine odor to be offensive and noticeable. Take him to the vet and have him checked. But from what you are saying, sounds like you have a "senistive cat" like us who has anxiety issues. Good luck.

Our cat (although he's only about 9 months old) started peeing on the couch out of no where. We couldn't figure out why either. I washed it and kept it covered with a plastic table cloth. Anyway, we figured out he likes peeing where it's absorbent (i.e. bathroom rugs, carpet, etc). I changed his cat litter to the scoopable kind and he's never tried to pee anywhere again (provided I scoop it everyday though). We also used those puppy pee pads in the bathroom on the rug and he used it a few times (before I figured out the cat litter part). So, try the training pads, they work! No idea how to get pee out of the Elmo couch unless it has removable cover.

I have 3 cats and on two seperate occasions 2 of them started peeing places other than the litter box and they both had bladder or uti infections.....the antibiotics are fairly inexpensive so I would have him checked out. There are also special foods you can feed to prevent the problem.
Good luck!

K., I have a suggestion on a cleaner. I have a dog right now, not a cat, but it's called Nature's Miracle, you can get it at pet supply stores. I've used it on a MAJOR puppy accident, when he had a very upset tummy while we were gone to dinner one time and I've even used it when my son threw up on the carpet. Both times it got rid of the stains and the smell. I know the cat smell can be awful, so good luck!

Aerus Elcetrolux sells turbo shampoo that gets out cat urine and everything else that might spill on the floor! I have a great rep if you're interested! It runs about 16 and its concentrated!!! WONDERFUL stuff and safe for the environment and kids!!!

It could be UTI or it seems more that the cat is making political statements. We keep the doors to bedrooms closed to avoid the problem of the cat inadvertently getting caught in there and to avoid these sorts of problems (also we have allergies, so cats shouldn't be in bedrooms in those cases). We had problems previously with cats peeing on bean bag chair because those are just too close to the texture and sound of the litter box. As another poster suggested, buying a large dog crate and putting the necessities in there may be the best approach when you're not around and at nite. Cats sleep most of the time, so this isn't cruel. We had to do this with one cat for about a month when another cat was constantly picking on her. This was around the time my first son was about the same age as yours. Just make sure that you give her lots of attention when you do let her out and give her positive re-enforcement when she uses the litter box properly. Cats are sensitive too and her behavior may just be that she's feeling neglected - just like toddlers, cats will mis-behave for attention.

take her to the vet, just to get her checked out. To me it sounds behavior issue but you never know, cats are prone to UTIs. Also for the smell we used Natures Miricle you can get it at pets mart and it is pretty cheap, it works great, it is an enzyme that eats the urine.

Hey, one thing we've tried recently is cat attracts litter. You can use it alone or mix w/your litter & it's been working really good so far! Our cat is older & started refusing to use the litter box..we got it at Petsmart (not petco!) & it's about $12.00, but it's scoopable...it attracts them back to their litter box...best of luck! C.

I have an older cat who does the same thing. At first I thought it was jealousy because of the inconsistency. Now I just don't know. There is no pattern in where or when she does it. I did take her to the vet and he gave her some behavioral medicine which worked for a while (or maybe she just didn't want to pee anywhere else at that time)but now it seems to not be working anymore. I am totally stumped. Sorry not to be of much help but at least you know you are not alone with this problem. Maybe someone else out there can help us! As for getting the smell out, there is some stuff they sell in the pet department at Wal-Mart or any pet store. There are different brands but they do remove the odor. It is usually in some type of spray bottle. As long as there is not material involved, bleach works pretty good.

Cat pee...keep an eye on the cat. Block off carpeted room areas. Close doors to those areas. Put the Cat in a nice Cat Crate when you are too busy or out. Cats do not change their habits. If this is a new problem for your cat, take it to th Veterinarian. It could be a uriary tract problem. S.

It is possible that the cat is feeling pain when urinating and is associating that pain with the litter box, so she is going somewhere else. It is always better to be safe and ask your vet.


Hi K.! I had that problem myself. My cats were peeing on our beds, on my dining room carpet, freshly laundried clothes, ect... I was even thinking about getting rid of my cats! My solution was to get a second litter box. Everything I have read said you need a litter box for every floor you have in your house. Also, keep the litter pretty clean. Cats have an awesome sense of smell. Hope this helps!

I would call the Vet and let them know whats going on and see what they have to say. It might be a behavioral problem. But incase its not you want to get it checked out before it becomes worse.. As far as getting the pee stain and smell out they sell some great stuff at PetsMart that will work great... Hope this helps..

My cat was doing this same thing and I discovered it was because she is very picky about her litter box. Some cats are like that - they want a very clean box to go to the bathroom in. (of course that may not be your cat's problem).

Now, about getting the smell out - I researched this a BUNCH and tried a ton of products. The honest truth: Nature's Miracle is the one product that will get out cat smell - it's one of the toughest stains to get out. I bought Nature's Miracle at the pet store. You can try the other products - just be sure you never use ammonia, it will make things worse!
I tried vinegar, baking soda, other purchased products, everything. Nature's Miracle is the best. Good luck!!

I have a somewhat anti-social cat who has peed in inappropriate places, too! Yuck. Last time he peed on my down comforter and I had to get it dry cleaned - maybe your local cleaners can clean the couch. My cat pees outside the litter box either because 1) he didn't have access to the litter box for some reason or 2)a UTI (since he's a male cat, he is more prone to UTIs). Either way, taking her to the vet may not be a waste of money. If it is behavioral, maybe they can prescribe her something to chill her out - kitty Prozac or something. And, if it is a UTI, then you'll get a prescription for an oral medication (which is sooo much fun to give a cat). You can also try giving her special cat food that helps prevent UTIs, and see if that works for any period of time. Good luck

My cat had that same issue and it turned out to be a serious bladder infection. I would check it out to be safe.

To get cat pee out, I would try Folex. i think I got it at WalMart, but you could probably find it at the grocery store too. It comes in a large white bottle with purple lettering. Great thing is that it is non-toxic, so you don't have to worrky about you son laying in that spot later. It works great on carpet but I have used it on furniture too. Good Luck! BTW: Since it's so inconsistent, the problem sounds behavioral to me but I'm not vet. My cat seems to do this if the little box isn't clean enough for his liking.

This was a big issue for us a few years ago. We discovered that our cat had kidney stones, and peeing outside of her box was her way of telling us something was wrong. I'm sure your cat is choosing her "targets" with some message for you as well. "Hey, pay attention to ME." Our cat peed consistently under the crib when there was a new baby in the house. Bottom line: have the vet do a thorough exam, including a complete blood count. We found kidney stones via x-ray which was indicated after the CBC showed elevated kidney values. If you find out there's nothing physically wrong, great. Someone else will have to advise you how to deal with the behavioral aspect of this issue. We spent several years dealing with the medical side of it before finally losing our sweet cat to kidney failure.

Meanwhile, here are a few ideas that might help you treat the damage in your house:
A black light will show you where the cat stains are.
A product containing enzymes will be your best bet at eliminating the smell, because the enzymes eat the odor- causing organic material. Other products just cover up the odor temporarily. We tried Pure Ayre which I bought online at www.pureayre.com. It has a fresh, minty smell. It's both a fabric and air freshener. Also tried Unique Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator. I bought it at a vacuum cleaner repair store, of all places, but if you don't find it there's a number 1-800-221-3259 on the bottle. And I got something at WalMart in the pet department that was volcanic rock in a mesh bag. I don't remember the actual product name. You can set the bag near a stain and it absorbs the odor somewhat.

Good luck, and I hope everything works out well for you. And your kitty.

Well....as a long time cat lover, my only two thoughts are a UTI (and a change in her diet can help with this) or she's just plain ole' mad/jealous!
Usually UTI's are more common in males, and a sure sign that it IS an infection is that she will go much more often, no matter where she happens to be.

Cats are so smart, and so sensitive, so it's hard to tell without a test from the vet (I totally understand about the cost though!)
And lastly, cat pee is EXTREMELY hard to get the smell out, if not impossible in my experience.
We had a male, my oldest daughter's *baby*, and when he was about 6 yrs. old he suddenly was peeing all over the place (small amounts) so we took him in and the vet said it had something to do with him being neutered and how it was way more common in males to have that problem.
Needles to say, we reluctantly had to make him an outside cat which broke my daughter's heart.
He never had any kind of behavior problems, was always just the sweetest most loving cat....

Anyway sorry this is so long, I can just really relate to your situation and I know your little boy must be so upset to have his new couch ruined!!!!
I have 4 kids myself, ages 17,15,6,and 4.
I hope everything works out for yall!!!

Your cat probably has a badder infection. When cats pee in the wrong places they are usually trying to ask you to take them to the Vet. Once you put the cat on antibotics it will go back to the litter box. Hope this helps.

I would take her to the vet and have her tested for a UTI. It is common for them to get them, and once they've had one it is easier for it to come back. If that is not the case, the vet could prescribe something for the behavioral issues. Your cat might be depressed or anxious, which is treatable with a happy pill! :-)

BTW...if the cat is urinating a little bit at a time on these places, it is more likely a UTI. I have extensive experience taking the cat to the vet for this problem, and eventually determined it was behavioral with my cat. She did not like to be left alone at all!

One of our cats started to do that and we switched her food to the Urinary Tract Health by Purina One and it took care of the problem in a couple of days. We found out later that the food we were feeding our cats is very high in magnesium and is very bad for their system. Another friend of mine had the same problem with her cat on the same food that was causing the damage. So all in all, don't feed your cats Meow Mix.

The purina one worked though.

Glad I wasn't the only one this happened to I just thought my cat hated me! LOL She as well when I was pregnant with my last son started doing the same thing. But her favorite spot was the baby's crib!! Under the crib and usually against a wall on the carpet. I could always find it on the baseboards. She also likes duffle bags, plastic bags, and suitcases. Yes, not much fun when your going to pack for a trip and realize that you put all your clothes into cat urine. I tried Nature's Miracle but never really completely got rid of the smell. After a couple of years what was left on the carpet I think has finally lost it's smell after several steam cleanings.
BUT... what I did find that worked to make her stop was spaying her. I don't know if your cat has been spayed but if not you may want to talk to the vet about it. They said that it usually calms them down and was worth a shot. I was ready to take her to the pound but thought I would try one last thing. I don't know if it was that or just the absolutely worst punishment (She was highly TICKED off when we picked her up from the vet) But she has never done it since. It's been 2 years. Good Luck!!

Hi K.: My old cat started to do that too. She peed in the bed between my husband and I and one time she came up to me in the hall and peed on the floor. I tried Purina One for Urinary Tract health and she stopped the accidents. Maybe it will work for you.

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