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6 Year Old Female Cat Peeing on "Things"

Hello all - my 6 year old/fixed female cat just started peeing on things - until this point she's been the "perfect" cat never peeing; never being destructive at all - just a really good girl. Now today my husband found a coat, a pr of boots and placemats that were all peed on. I personally think that she might be lonely - and mad at us for the fact that in last 6months we've gotten rid of two other cats (well one is now outside) and she may be lonely - but could it be medical? her litter box is cleaned out. has anyone ever dealt with this? any suggestions? thanks in advance!

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My cat did it and had a blatter infection and went tot he dr and got medicationa dn was fine that.

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Hi S.. I work with an animal rescue group and have fostered and been "owned" by lots of cats so I've encountered this type of problem several times. If your cat has no history of behavior like this then I would advise you to get her to the vet ASAP. There are three possibilities here that I see: a) this could be a sign of a urinary infection - which needs to be treated quickly - or some other medical issue or b) it can be the sign of some form of psychological stress (new animal in the house, some big change in the arrangement of the house, especially change in the location or number of litter boxes) or c) the litter box isn't getting cleaned as frequently (I'm sure that's not the case but it's one of the possible causes of these things so I have to list it!). I wouldn't waste time though in case it is a urinary infection, it's a common ailment but one that does need attention quickly. I would give your vet a call and have her seen. If it's psychological, then one "tool" that can help is the "Comfort Zone" plug-in (these contain pheromones - hormones that basically help cats feel good and more relaxed in stress situations). Your vet can probably tell you more about that if he does suspect a stress issue.

She could have a UTI. Its is very p[ossible even with a claen litter box for her to get a UTI. NOw, If she doesn't have a UTI it is punitive. I had to put my cat outside due to punative urination all over my house.

I wasn't sure what anyone else would say, but it is my advice too: GO to the vet! My little kitty did that too, and it ended up being a little pricey to test for a UT infection, but when you consider that it makes your cat feel better in a way that little takes care of besides the medication - AND it stops the mystery game of "what is that smell" - I think it is worth it.

My vet explained that (I don't know how she knew this, actually) cats often start peeing in different places because it hurts when they go in the litter box, so they try other places to see if that doesn't hurt... So the litter box wouldn't be a factor if it is an infection...

good luck!

My cat did it and had a blatter infection and went tot he dr and got medicationa dn was fine that.

Hi S. ~ My male cat did this same thing, we took him to the vet...diagnosis: urinary tract infection. A few days on the meds and he was no longer peeing on things. Blessings ~ J.

Get her checked for a UTI as soon as you can!
Can you get a pie pan under her while she's in the litter box & catch a pee sample? Put it in a clean container/jar with a lid and take it with you to the vets they can check it for white blood cells-a sure sign of UTI.

She may have a bladder/urinary tract infection. Take her to the vet as soon as possible.

Hi S.,
I had this problem with my 2 year old female cat. Found out she had crystals in her urine. When it is painful to urinate, they do not want to go in the litter; maybe a way of letting us know something is not right as well, by peeing elsewhere. My vet recommended c/d prescription diet food, which helps prevent crystals from forming again. You can get that at any vet, PetSmart, etc. Fortunately, she has responded to the special food and has gone in her litter box ever since.
I hope this helps and is this simple of a solution.
Good luck to you and your kitty!

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