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Pregnant with My 2Nd and All I Want to Do Is SLEEP!

I am 35 years old and I am currently 12 weeks pregnant. I am also the mother of a 22 month old toddler and to top it off, I work full-time. Since I got pregnant I am constantly tired. I feel guilty when I can't play with my son because I am so pooped out. I have no energy for anything. I don't recall being this tired when I was pregnant with my son. The doctor said that everything is normal but I feel so out of it. I feel like I can't take care of my family since I got pregnant. Is this an indication of what it might be like when the baby comes? I need help!

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Yeah - it is totally different the second time around when you have a toddler to look after (on top of work). I was exhausted my first trimester and now I am 9 days past due and all I can do is lie around and sleep when I can! I am sure it will be a itle the same when the baby comes, but I hear different things about the adjustment from different moms.

If you have all your labs drawn and you are not anemic, it is probably just the pregnancy.

I felt the same way and worked through it all. Remember---you're taking care of more than just you this time--give yourself a break. It's ok to go to bed after you put your toddler to bed. Take the rest now before the baby comes and you can't. And make sure you eat well. I made that mistake the second time around and almost ended up with diabetes issues. It's ok to just sit and cuddle with your son while watching tv. He'll love just being close to you. Can your husband help clean and cook? Working full time makes it hard but if you eat right and go to bed early, you'll get your energy back in the second trimester. You'll do great!
M. (mom of 2 in Ellicott City)

Yes this can be normal. At least it was for me. I remember falling asleep bathing my son (He was three at the time). It lasted until the end of my first trimester then picked up again at the end. Just sleep, you will feel better.

Good luck,

I went through the same thing (I have a 28 month old and am 28 weeks pregnant) and it is very hard, so first of all, STOP FEELING GUILTY! I used to make myself lie down when my son went to sleep, even if there were dishes piled up or phone calls that needed to be made. It was hard, but I made myself do it. Also, see if he can go to friends house for a playdate or if you can get a relative to take him out for a couple of hour son the weekend. I HATE asking for help but having him out of the house for a couple of hours so I can rest really helped me to be a better mother when he was around. Amd if you have to have him play quietly or, even, *gasp* watch tv while you lie ojn the couch, so be it. I think it is important for toddlers to learn to play independently. It is NOT a strength for my toddler but we work on it. Fianlly, and I know you are probably sick of hearing this, this will get better as you enter the second trimester. Hang in there!

ps: If you have a play area at the mall,library, or somewhere else where you can sit while your toddler plays that would also be good. It's nice to change the scenery sometimes.

i felt that way in the first tri-mester too. i would doze on the sofa while he played on the floor. it has really eased up for the 2nd trimester and i'm not nearly as tired now. don't feel bad about being sleepy - the kid's not going to hold it against you.

Keep in mind that while you are working, chasing after your two year old, and taking care of your home and spouse, your body is also creating a brain, central nervous system, digestive system, blood supply system, organs, limbs, etc...

No wonder you're soooo exhausted!!!!

Listen to your body - Take a break - sleep whenever possible and throw guilt out the window. By taking care or yourself, you are indeed doing what is best for both your children! Ask your husband to spend more time with your son, and maybe suggest some things they could do together. While they do those things, sleep!! Your body needs it!

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