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i had a pregnancy test and was told that im 3 1/2 weeks pregnant so i went to the doctor 3 weeks later for the check up and was told that i was never pregnant. i dont understand how could that be possible. does anyone know what this could be. please help me because i really wanted to get pregnant.

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I've had 3 blighted ovums and one chemical pregnancy. I know it's emotional, but just put it behind you, wait a cycle or two, and try again. PS... I do have 2 wonderfully healthy kids.

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I got a false positive due to a cyst on my ovary. Apparently, the cyst emits chemicals that the over-the-counter test interprets as the fetus hormone. If you read the insert of the pregnancy test kit, it does say that certain conditions (including ovarian cysts) can interfere with the accuracy of the test result.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Pregnancy is such an unpredictable thing. It might be possible that something was wrong with the fetus since conception and your body's hormones resonded to conception enough to show up on a pregnancy test. How ever if the baby never really developed your boby could have reabsorbed it without you even knowing it. This happens sometimes with a blighted ovum where your body computes that you have a baby but in reality you have a placenta and amniotic sac but the baby has never developed.
Sometimes these resolve so quickly that it is believed that more of them occur than people realize.
I am sure you are disappointed and I certainly wish you did not have to experience this.
I wish you well with your future pregnancies.

J. Dirmeyer
The above is just an opinion.

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You probably had what is called a chemical pregnancy, when the egg fertilizes but does not implant in your uterus. I had several before actually becoming pregnant. It will cause you so get a positive test early on. My best advice... stay away from the pg test until your 5-7 days late. Otherwise it causes nothing but heartache. It took my husband and I 5 years to finally get pregnant. I hope that you are able to get pregnant quicker than that, but as hard as it is dont stress over it. Otherwise it will consume your life. Best of luck!

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Like someone else suggested I think it could have been a "chemical" prenancy. I had that one time (but the only way I knew it was b/c we were going through infertility treatments and my doctor caught it after a cycle). I also have had a miscarriage--at 11 weeks. After that I heard that miscarriages are more common than we might think and only because of early pregnancy tests do we even know that we are pregnant so early on--not like our mothers who were several weeks into their pregnancy before it could be confirmed by a doctor.

I know it can be a frustrating and saddening situation but keep talking with your doctor and keep trying! Good luck!

Could it have been a false pregnancy? I have heard of this before where the body and home tests say you are but then your not. Do another test and if it says you are I would go to a doctor that will explain everything. God bless.

Sometimes there is what they call a chemical pregnancy. It just means your hormone levels went up so the test cam eout postive but there wasn't an embryo. Keep trying and Good luck

I'm confused....did you take a hpt? Or did you get both results at the doctor's office? I'm surprised they didn't explain why this happened. I'm sorry I'm no help at all, it just dosen't make sense.

The fault could be the doctor. I had a miscarrage three years ago. At week 8 there was a strong heartbeat on the ultrasound and everything looked great. By week 12 there was nothing but an empty sac. I was having sever stomach pains an went to the er because the doctor had noticed several things on the utrasound and was afraid I would hemerage. The doc in the er said I was never pregnant or that I had a blight ovum. What a jerk. He took it back when I showed him the original ultrasound photo. He also missed that fact that the pain and vomiting was due to an impacted intestine and not the stomach flu like he told me.

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