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What does it mean when there is a sac but no fetus?

I'm about 8 weeks pregnant and yesterday I started having really bad cramping and a little bleeding. I went to the ER and while there they did an ultrasound and found that I have a sac that messures at 6 weeks 2 days but there was not embro or anything inside. The tech. said that the embro never developed. The ER doctor said that it could be that or that I miscarried. My question is, has anyone else had this? and what was your experiance?

What can I do next?


Sounds like a blighted ovum. Basically the egg was fertilized and attached but at some point your body realized that it was not viable and it stopped developing and your body absorbed it. But the sac and placenta continued to grow which creates the pregnancy hormones making feel pregnant. If you experience that, check with your doctor.

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I would like to say thank you for your thoughts and prayers and for sharing your experiences. I went in to see the doctor today and had some blood tests and I have another ultrasound set up for Thursday morning. She said that maybe it was just to early to really see anything or it could be that it never developed and may be miscarring the sac. But the blood tests should help a lot between now and Thursday. I'll keep everyone informed
Thanks Again

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Yes, I have experienced this more than once. It is usually just one of those things and you have my sympathies. Any pregnancy loss is still a loss, regardless of how far along. If you experience another, I would recommend testing just for peace of mind and to receive treatment in the event that there is something to be concerned about. All total, I experience 6 miscarriages but now have 4 children, ages 14, 10, 7 and 4. Good luck.

My heart goes out to you. This happened to me and they called it a blighted ovum I was 9 weeks. At the time this was very difficult to deal with. I told myself, everything happens for a reason. And I did go on to have 2 more beautiful babies.

Hang in there.

My heart totally goes out to you in this very difficult time. ER docs and interns can at times be a little less than sensitive when they break the news to you. What you are describing happened to me twice at 8 weeks after I had already given birth to 2 terrific kiddos. Once I expelled the sac on my own, and the 2nd time I retained part of it and had to have a DNC. Long story of involved tests, etc... next pregnancy I worried all through the first trimester (ultrasounds every 4 weeks), and everything developed fine.

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Hey A., i feel you, i went to the ob/gyn for my appt yesterday and that was my result am supposed to be @ 7 weeks, and in the ultrasound it showed nothing in the sac, i miscarried last yr around this tyme and had a d and c done, i had to do blood work yesterday and on friday, my next appt is next week thursday, am praying that it wwas just tooo early to tell because i dont know or even think i can go through another miscarriage and i dont think my husband and family could either!!! Am sorry you had to go through that hang tough though and try again when ur ready!!!!

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Hello A.,

I had something similar happen to me. I went in to the ER and they told me pretty much the same thing. They called it a Blighted Ovum. After my DNC, I found out that I had what is called a Molar Pregnancy. The egg was fertilized and once the fetus began to form there are cells in our bodies that act kinda like cancer cells, they attach to the fetus and form a tumor. Eventually taking over and thriving on the yolk sac. I had to wait one year after the DNC to even think about getting pregnant again, because the cells could come back a cause a second Molar Pregnancy. I also had to go and have my blood drawn every three months to test for HCG, to make sure they (the cells) had not returned all on there own. I am so sorry for your loss. I am on my fourth pregnancy with only one son to show for it (he is a great little guy, and I am blessed to have him). I have now been told there is something wrong with the baby I am carrying. I am 14 weeks pregnant and I will start seeing a specialist in the middle of the month. God bless!

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First, I am sorry. Yes, we experienced a similar case. Our first pregnancy back in 2005 via u/s (around 8 weeks) was found to be a blighted ovum. Sounds the same as in your case. The sac was present, but no embryo developing. I was in shock and heartbroken especially when your body goes thru all the indications of being pregnant, but then when they look via u/s, nothing is growing. Doen't seem fair, huh? It's still considered a miscarriage and needed follow through (please discuss with your doc the best option, because the route we went (letting it pass with a pill insert) was oh so physically painful in the worst possible way; I do not wish this upon anyone. A D&C should have been the route we went, but we opted out, live and learn I guess). We too were told that the embryo basically stopped developing due to something abnormal in the development; which now I can look back and say that if something was indeed terribly wrong with the fetus, than it wasn't meant to be. Granted, took a while for me to overcome my emotions, yet in the end, approx. 6 or so months later we became pregnant again and now have a healthy 17 month old son. Even with this pregnancy, it took nearly 3 ultrasounds for me to believe we were truly pregnant this time. It was indeed a process and well, a process that only made me stronger and accept the good and well, not so good in my life and reflect and learn from every and all experience. We are now trying for number two, so wish us luck! My best to you and your family, do take care of you!

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Hello A.,
I had the same experience. I did not have cramping but I had a little bleeding. I went to the ER and the ultrasound said I was a little over 5 weeks pregnant. There was a sac but nothing growing inside. After 10 hours at the ER the doctor told me I was going to miscarry in the next few days. I went to my regular doctor 2 days later and she said it was too soon to determine that and told me to come back in a month. After a month of agonizing I went in and there was my baby on the ultrasound. He is now 4 month old. I am not trying to get your hopes up but I would get a second opinion from your regular OB. I sure hope that it all turns out ok for you.

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Hi A.,
I'm so sorry. My sister-in-law had the same thing happen. She had to have a D & C. She ended up getting pregnant again and now has a year old baby boy. It happens more often than I thought. Take care of yourself.

with my last pregnancy I started having bad cramping and a little bleeding around 9 weeks but the ultrasound said everything was fine. It kept happening for another 3 weeks. Then on another ultrasound they found another sac that had a large clot in it. They told me that the twin had died and my body was absorbing it. They left it alone and we just hoped that when the sac passed that it wouldn't take the healthy baby with it. everything turned out fine and now I have a healthy baby girl.

I personally did not go through this but a woman at work did. She had ALL of the symptoms including the morning sickness. But they did an ultrasound and there was NO baby. She ended up having a D&C.

not completely the same but will say when i got pregnant with my son the doctor told me at first my test was negative after taking two test at home and they were positive...we didnt know how far along i was so he sent me to an ultrasound. when i got there the tech said there was a sac and no embryo. i was kind of shocked and upset, she said it was not so common but it happens enough to know it isnt 1 in a million chance either. my doctor decided to send me back one more time and apparenly i was so barely pregnant the egg didnt have time to grow.

i know this might not help much but i know it does happen. have you spokjen to your doctor yet? if i had to guess you probably miscarried if you were bleeding but i am not an expert. maybe it is the smae thing as me where i was so barely pregnant it hadnt had time to develop. but i am guess the ER people ran another pregnancy test, not sure if it would register yes even if there was a misscarriage and how long it takes for the hormones to come out of your system. so did they do a D n C? i know kind of personal just concerned if you did miscarry they want to make sure everything comes out to not cause toximia and prevent you from having more children in the future.

i hope all goes well.

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