Pipi in Potty but Number#2 in Diaper?????

Updated on May 16, 2010
S.G. asks from Houston, TX
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I have been potty training my almost 3 year old son. It has been going great for Pipi (almost 100% success). But he ONLY wants to do Poupou in diaper. He had always been pretty regular about #2 (in diaper), now he is getting very constipated because I have him during the day in underwear.
What should I do? any suggestions on how to make him go #2 in the potty. Should I put diapers during the day and still take him to the potty for Pipi?

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I'd probably just give it a few months, maybe he's not ready. Going poop in diaper but potty on toilet is very common.
You could try the magic diaper technique. Cut the 'butt' out of some diapers. When he has to go poop, put the diaper on with a hole in the rear (so the poop can come out). Have him sit on the potty with the diaper on. When the poop falls through the hole tell him it's a magic diaper and he went poop on teh big potty! Have a party and celebrate. This way he has his security, the diaper, but the poop still goes in teh toilet. This helps transition them when they are scared to go without their diaper on. Eventually you can get rid of the diaper altogether. Good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Your telling my story!!! I was at a loss on what to do about the poo! I even asked the question on here and felt that I was being attacked. All the suggestions were telling me that I was forsing my son and would scar him for life. There were a few cute little ideas, but I just continued to go with what I felt I needed to do. Which was encouraging him to ask me for a pull up if he needed to poo during the day and the first time that he did I gave him praise for letting me know!! Because he would never tell us before that he had to go or that he went I felt that it was a great milestone... he told me!! The next step of putting it in the potty will come when he is ready. We continue to talk about poo, read books about others putting their poo in the potty, his cousin always tells him how cool it is and they have a 3 year old conversation(which is hillarious) about pooping on the potty. I know he is still not ready and even though I am so sick of changing poop, it is what it is for now. Best of luck with your little guy. Just remember your not alone on this situation!

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My son did the same thing. We still had him in diapers for sleeping, so he pooped at nap or bedtime. Eventually I showed him it was good to poop in the potty chair (yes, I pooped in his potty chair as gross as that is). All I know is that after that he started pooping in his potty chair. We praised him for it, but he got freaked out by all the pressure if we made too big of a deal about him using the potty chair (afraid of having accidents and letting us down--not that we're overly punitive, that's just his personality as well as mine and my husband's). Hang in there.

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It's normal to train for pee first. Let him know that for now, if he can tell you when he is going to poop, you'll diaper him for the poop - and see if you can talk him into sitting on the potty or toilet to poop with his diaper on. Eventually he can graduate to doing it without the diaper. Good luck


It's normal to train for pee first. Let him know that for now, if he can tell you when he is going to poop, you'll diaper him for the poop - and see if you can talk him into sitting on the potty or toilet to poop with his diaper on. Eventually he can graduate to doing it without the diaper. Good luck

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answers from Austin on

Here are some suggestions from a child/family therapist and more info at the link that follows:


Be sure not to make potty training an issue of your child being told they are a “good” or “bad girl.” These words can cause a regression in using the potty from feeling like they disappointed mom or dad, which causes a loss of self-esteem. Use phrases such as, “You did it!” or “Way to go!”

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answers from Champaign on

My son was very much the same way although he had health issues and chronic constipation he hated going #2. Here's what we did.

1. Set normal scheduled times for potty even if he doesn't go have him sit for awhile
2. Make it fun, read him a book or sit and talk with him
3. Have a reward chart for when he does go
4. Be aware of when his BMs usually are and work with that.

My son ALWAYS went after sitting in the bathtub so when i gave him a bath we played for extra time knowing that he would relax and feel the urge to go. Finally about 2 years ago (he is now 11) I took him to the chiropractor as a last resort. Believe it or not, he adjusted him and we no longer have chronic constipation. I doubt that is necessary with your son but if the constipation continues or worsens seek medical advice.

It will get better! Good Luck

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OK here's the deal: Toddlers must NEVER become nervous or anxious when going through this process. And we have to stop thinking of this as "potty training" - 3 yr olds know what the toilet and potty chair are for. They will finally use it when their have control over their muscles. Stop trying to manage his bowel movements. Keep "Pull-Ups" on him all the time. Assure him that he can poop in them. If he wants to pee in the toilet, encourage this "big boy" event. Keep small potty chairs all over the house. When a 3 yr old has to go, they have to go NOW. Don't make him run down the hall. Keep water in the chair, like a real toilet. Explain that when he has to poop, he can go to the nearest potty chair, and simply pull down his pull-ups. Tell him only you or dad can move the potty chair. Girls conquer this whole thing a full year before boys do, even with their speech. Girls talk before boys do. Just keep the pull-ups on, and the pressure off.

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