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Period 4 Days Late, Negative Pregnancy Tests

My husband and I are trying for our second child and I am currently 4 days late (I am almost never late on a 28 day cycle). I took a pregnancy test when I was one day late and then another yesterday. Both came back negative (two different brands). Curious if others have experienced something similar and if so, what was the outcome and also did anyone contact their dr. for a blood test and how late were you when you did so?

Thanking in advance….

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I took a pregnancy test when I was a few days late and I really was pregnant. I didn't get a positive test until I think 4 days later. I would suggest waiting a few days and taking another before you call the doctor.

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Last summer I was late for my period, which never happens. I thought it was due to stress. All 3 tests I took were negative and now I have a gorgeous 4 month old daughter! My OB confirmed it at my yearly exam. Congrats!

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I took a pregnancy test when I was a few days late and I really was pregnant. I didn't get a positive test until I think 4 days later. I would suggest waiting a few days and taking another before you call the doctor.

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Hi - I had a similar situation when I was pregnant. I am always 28 days, and then that month I was late and had negative tests until the 5th or 6th day. Keep checking, this month just might be different! Best of luck!

Last summer I was late for my period, which never happens. I thought it was due to stress. All 3 tests I took were negative and now I have a gorgeous 4 month old daughter! My OB confirmed it at my yearly exam. Congrats!

I took a test almost 4 weeks later (day before our wedding) came up negative, we went on our honeymoon (had problems getting pregnant so didn't think it was anything but not ovulating) went to Disney, went on all of the rides. Found out a month later that I was indeed pregnant, so I would give it time. Good Luck.

Pregnancy tests can be accurate before you even miss you period, but I always had to wait a couple of weeks to get a positive urine pregnancy test. They are not all created equal though- I think Clear Blue Easy is supposed to be one of the most senstive (and therefore accurate early on).

Were you charting your cycles? Your period will generally come 14 days after you ovulate (unless you have hormonal problems) so if you are sure when you ovulate you can be sure when you are actually "late." Like for instance we are trying to get pregnant and I know I ovulated on day 17 this month (very late for me!) so I won't expect my period until day 31 when I usually see day 27 or 28.

Generally it's said that a positive is a postitive and a negative is not conclusive.

Best wishes!

I would wait longer. Especially when you are trying for a baby, your body seems to play little tricks on you. You can actually make your body think you are pregnant when in fact you aren't.
Good luck.

My tests don't usually register positive until I'm a week late.

pregnancy tests don't work that quickly. you need to wait a couple of weeks to get an accurate result. your doctor's office would probably tell you to wait too. try another test in a week or so and see what result you get.
I remember getting a false negative also... but then around 5 weeks I did another test and it was positive...

I had 2 negative pregnancy tests initially as well and didn't have a positive until I was around 2 weeks late.

Most tests can't give you a positive answer at that point even if you are pregnant. I would relax a little (I know it is hard to do!) and wait until you are a week or two late. By then you will have a better idea anyway because if is is truly neg you will have had your period by then. Stress, travel, extra excercise, alot of things and change your cycle up a little.

Okay, hon, A) i find this out on mamasource? my friend is maybe pg, and you couldn't just send me 5 second email, i find out on mamasource!! :) B) Oh i'm so excited for your lateness -- but try using I think Clearblue Easy has the 1-day-late test, they are like $25, but worth it when you want to know! Not sure if their advertising and the factual "1-day-late" thing is true, but it worked for me at 1-day late w/ katie, so i am guessing it's accurate. They also give 2 tests in the pkg, and you can pee on the stick at anytime of day :) GOOD LUCK I HOPE YOU ARE INCUBATING!!!

Last year when I took a PG test at the Dr. office because I was sick and wanted to make sure that I wasnt PG before they gave me the meds, because we were trying it came back negative... But only 3 days later it was positive,

Both of my pregnancys I had taken 3 pregnancy test with two different brands and they all came back negative. My first pregnancy I took the test in november and they kept saying negative so I waited till december and I took it and there was a second line but it was really really light. So I took another one and it done the same thing. I tried a different brand and then it came out with 2 bright pink lines. My second one, which I had a miscarriage, it had done the same thing. My first pregnancy I went to a doctor a week later and I was 2 months along my second pregnancy I was already a month and a half. So what I'm getting at...don't let it get you down because you very well could be pregnant and your HCG level is to low for the test to read it. It seems like I have to be almost 2 months along before it shows positive for me. Which right now I am 6 days late and my test show negative, so I am going to wait a couple more weeks and if I don't start I will take another test and if that shows negative then I am going to my doctor to get a blood test done. I know what you are going through, just hang in there and maybe you should wait a little bit longer then try a test again but if it concerns you, you should go see your doctor to get a blood test done. Good Luck!!

I had a negative test once and in fact I was pregnant. I would wait another day or two and take another. If you are pregnant, you could have very low levels of the pregnancy hormone present, but not enough to show up on a test. If you get another test and it's also negative, but still don't have a period yet, that's when I would call the doctor. Good luck.

This just happened to me this month, L.. Same exact thing. I called my doctor when I was two days late with a negative pg test. I was hoping they'd tell me that the tests are often wrong and that I should come in for a blood test, but he said that the tests, despite all the stories out there, are usually right, which was disappointing to hear. He said if I did not get my period by day 35 to test again and then call them. If the pg test was negative, I was going to get medicine to start my period. My period came on day 34, so I did not have to take the medicine. I think I would go in for a blood test before taking any medicine to start my period, though, because of the stories out there about false negative urine pg tests. Good luck to you, L., and let us know what happens!!

This just happened to me last month. We have been trying since June and last month my period was over a week late. I had taken 3 home pregnancy tests (different brands too!) and they all said negative. I went to the doctor a week after I should have gotten my period and the blood test confirmed the negative results I had already gotten. 3 days later I got my period. I have no explanation as to why my cycle was messed up last month but thought you'd like to know it does happen. I hope for you that yours is a better outcome than ours!

L. - I'm a charter. With my first child I missed my period and went to the dr to confirm and they told me through urine testing that I was not pregnant. I told him I was, so they took a blood test. Low and behold, I was pregnant. Now I too am trying for my second, still charting. I was a week late and very excited. The ept said negative but I told my husband not to get discouraged because my temps were still high. But yesterday I got my period and my temps dropped. No baby...point being just give it more time - a negative does not mean negative (I had to tell the doc that!!) I am never a week late so wondering why - I believe what someone else said, you convince your body that it is pregnant...good luck to you!

If you do take another home test, do it first thing in the morning (or if you get up in the middle of the night and have to go). The urine would be more concentrated with hormones, thus more likely to register on the stick as opposed to taking it after you've been hydrating all day (and diluting the urine).

I took a pregnancy test about 3 weeks after fertilization and it came up negative. I was taking a break from my fertility treatments, but hoping to start up again. I hadn't gotten my period since my miscarriage 2 months earlier, but that was nothing new since I've never been regular. On the first trip to the fert doctor, they could find no reason why I wasn't having a period. They said, come back in a week and if we still can't find anything we will initiate a period and start another cycle. When I came back the next week, the v-ultrasound showed that I was pregnant - what a wonderful surprise!

I would wait another week. I had this happen with my oldest. I was only a few weeks preggers and getting symptoms, but the test was still negative. A week later and the test was very positive. Wait a week and see if you either get your period or a positive. Good luck!!

I am also 4 days late, I took two different hpt and had a blood test done all which came out negative. With my first pregnancy test I found out I was pregnant when I was 2 weeks late. 3 months ago I had a miscarriage and found out 6 days before I was supposed to start that I was pregnant.

Hi L.,

With both of my pregnancies I took a test when I was 1 day late and they were negative and then took again at 3 days late with the first preg and a week late with the second (I waited a week for the second because my periods weren't totally regular yet after having my first baby) and got positive results. I'm not sure how much I trust that they can give you results really early on so I would wait a few days and try again.

Good luck!

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