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Negative Pregnancy Test and Almost 2 Weeks Late

I am confused. My husband and I were certain that we were pregnant as my period was late. My cycle is religious every 28 days like clock work. I have taken 2 home tests which were negative and also I went in to have blood work drawn for diabetes and had them do a pregnancy test at the hospital that turned out negative as well. So that is 3 test negative. I am still almost 2 weeks late and have never been late unless pregnant. I have 3 children and my youngest is 1. Has anyone else been so late and failed test and turned out pregnant? Or should I just take the negative and be done. I have yet to get my period and I am confused.

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Thanks everyone for your advice. I did end up getting my period late last night. Almost 9 days later than expected. Apparently my cycle has changed after having 3 children back to back. I will have to re evaluate my ovulation cycle.

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You know your body, if your body is trying to tell you something, its probably true. Tests are just a test, they are not always accurate. With my first pregnancy, I took two tests that came negative and one was at the doctors office. My body was not acting normal, I would get really dizzy and felt like I was going to faint and that is when I knew that something was going on. You just need to trust your body.

Are you getting any pregnancy symptoms? I would wait another few days to another week then test again. IF it comes out negative then more likely you ovulated late or your period is just late (which can happen). Good luck and baby dust to you!!

I have been last before without being pregnant. My doctor said stress and even lack of exercise can be the culprit. However, my sister in-law took 5 pregnancy tests before the last one turned positive. She was 5 weeks late by that point. I believe one was taken by a doctor as well. I'm not sure which pertains to you, but you aren't the only one out there.

If the blood test was negative that's pretty much as accurate as it gets.

I'm also a 28 day cycle.

Wait a few more days and take another test prehaps look for even a faint line. I had faint lines with my daughter where I had to hold it up to a light.

You'll have to wait it out a bit more. I was certain I was pregnant and continued to take negative tests. However, every time I went for a run I felt dizzy. My home test finally showed positive on the third test and was confirmed the next day by our doc. Just keep checking every other week and, if it doesn't come soon, definitely check in with yhour doc about it to make sure it isn't anything else.

I would say to just wait it out. I have had the strangest things throw my cycles off before. Traveling, stress, even the stress of trying to get pregnant made me ovulate 15 days later each month. I will tell you though that the Dr.'s urine tests aren't as sensitive as the home tests. I have had positive homes tests with 3 pregnancies and then went in and got negative at the Dr. Very frustrating. The first time I waited and the other 2 times I brought my home tests with and then they did the blood test to get the positive. Any little bit of a pregnancy line means pregnant no matter how faint it is.
Just try to be patient, as hard as it is, and hopefully you'll have your answer soon.
Best Wishes,

Give it a few more days and retake the test. I had three negative test before my hormones where high enough to register positive on the home test.


This same thing happened to me too and I got my period 14 days late. Sometimes, you don't ovulate so it can screw up your cycles. Ovulation is what triggers your period. I've also heard that some people never get a positive pregnancy test with a urine tests. If your blood test indicated that you are not pregnant, then chances are, you aren't. It's hard waiting isn't it? I HATE that! Perhaps you're body is too early in pregnancy to trigger a test.

I have been at least two weeks late before and had a few negative pregnancy tests. My period did eventually start. It is very common for women to be late if they are under stress, whether it be physical (like a new workout routine) or mental (like a change in job etc). After having two negative home tests and even a negative blood test it is almost 100% that you are not pregnant. The home tests are very accurate these days, especially a few weeks after a missed period. The blood tests as accurate as they come, the can detect a pregnancy just days after conception.

Are you stressed about something? That is what usually delays my period. But then again, my friend took three pregnancy tests all of them negative and the fourth one she took came out positive. I also would wait about a week or so and see if it comes and then take another one if you haven't. If it comes out negative maybe it would be time to call your doctor.

I have had two negative test results that turned out to be pregnancies, but they were the at home kind and not done at the hospital. I would give it another week - I know that it is hard to wait and not know - and take one more. Don't feel like you have to buy the pricy ones to get a good result. My inacurate tests were EPT and First Response and the generic kinds have always been right on.

Best of luck,

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