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Pedia Tec?

My daughter has a recurrent clear runny nose, which causes a cough when it drips to her throat when sleeping. A few friends said there dr's gave them something called Pedia Tec, which my old fashioned pediatrician never heard of and I cannot locate any info on on the internet. Has anyone given this to their child and/or know what it is? I am pretty sure it requires a prescription. BTW - the dr. always says to give Benadryl for the runny nose.

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Thanks everyone for their response. Initially, I was told it was spelled "Pediatec", but called and had someone look at the bottle and it is "Pediatex." This is a prescription antihistamine. Since my doc has been saying Benadryl and it doesn't seem to be helping, I think I am going to go the "second opinion" and get her checked out somewhere else. It very well may be the whole joys of daycare, mixed in with allergies, but it also won't hurt to check out. Thanks everyone for the responses :)

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Sounds like the daycare to me. My 19 month old started daycare when she was 9 weeks old and then I became a SAHM when she was 13 months old. While in daycare, she had the same problem. Since leaving daycare, nothing. Her pediatrician also said allergies and recommended Dimetapp before bed. Now we haven't needed it. As long as the runny nose is clear, it's unlikely to be harmful, just annoying. Good luck.

Hi, I have not heard of Pedia Tec. I know children do tend to have more runny noses etc. when in a new childcare facility. Sometimes it takes months for them to get adjusted. My son had so many ear infections that he had to have tubes in his ears. He is 100% better now. I have a great pediatrician who is extremely helpful and patient. Sorry, I couldn't help.


I have heard of Pedi Care. I use that on my 7 month old and it works good for you runny noses, she also goes to a great day care.

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Hi Vickie,
Perhaps your friend was describing Zrytec to you. It is commonly used for allergies and can be safely given to children. I think that it might be a pediatric form of Zrytec. My children use this for allergies, not on a continuous basis, but when needed. (Although you could.) It is safer then benedryl - as it has fewer list of side effects. If your child is having allergies at night - it could be due to common dust mights - or other air related irritants. You might want to get an air purifier for her room - it can help. :)
Good luck with that!

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Hi Vickie
Pediatex is both an antihistamine and decongestant whereas the benadryl is an antihistamine. Pediatex is definitely not recommended for long periods of time, not more than a week to be specific.
Reasons for a prolonged runny nose can be one of a few things:
1) Allergies (but in a sixteen month old more to dust mites etc and not seasonal since it takes several years of exposures to have such allergies)
2) Recurrent URI's (new to daycare and being exposed to new viruses)
3) Large adenoids (usually associated with large tonsils, snoring and sleep apnea)
Your doctor should be able to narrow it down for you.
I am surprised to see that so many moms dont feel that they can asks these questions to their pediatrician....this is an important bond that we should have otherwise what's the purpose of a pediatrician.
I am a mom and a pediatrician.
Hope this helps.

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It's Kennel cough for babies. My son constantly had a runny nose when he was in daycare. Only during a long weekend would it clear up, only to reoccur on Tuesday. She needs to be in a private home daycare.

Hi, I don't know about the Pedia Tec, but my son suffers from the same problem. It's from allergies and hsi pediatrician prescribed Singulair chewable tablets and it has completely solved the problem. I highly recommend discussing that option with your ped. Hope this helps!


I do not have any experience with this medication, so I cannot answer any questions you may have. However, I think what you are looking for is called Pediatex. If you do a Google search for Pediatex, you should get the information you're looking for.

My name is J.. I have 2 kids, 10 and 3. I have personally never heard of this medication. However, what does not surprise me is the constant runny nose. Day cares are nortorious for this. Its a germ thing. What you need to do is make sure that they clean, steralize all their toys at the end of the day. That for one, will help greatly. My day care soaked the toys in a bleach water over night, and sprayed with lysol a few times a day. Benadryl, in my opinion is more for allergies. Perhaps you can put her on something a little stronger. My 3 year old in on a chewable 4 mg tablet (Singulair). Which she loves, btw.
I'm sorry that I havent heard of the Pedia Tec. Have you looked in the health food stores? They usually have a version of meds there.
Sorry, I'm not much help.

Vickie, My name is M. and I am a mother of four.
Don't start giving her things yet because she will be growing out of it as soon as her system is used to all these types of things which she will get at the daycare.
I found that getting a humidifier and putting it near my kid's bed everynight helped them alot, with this type of thing. Also, buy "Ocean Spray" and spray her nose with it every day, and if she knows how to blow out her nose already, even better. That will clear all that mucus in a natural way. Ocean spray is over the counter and it is only saline water. It's very very good.
If you start giving her things to drink, it will only eventually start upsetting her stomach and sometimes will make them either hyper active or sleepy.

Don't worry, she will outgrow the sniffles in no time.

Good luck,

Hi Vickie H..

My daughter's pediatrician has given her Pediatex in the past. The most recent time she gave her Pediatex-DM which I found that my daughter is allergic to. Here's a link I found for you to give you some more info. http://www.webmd.com/drugs/drug-17978-Pediatex+Oral.aspx?...

My Pediatrician also recommends Benadryl for runny noses.

My daughter is currently 21 months and started daycare about three weeks ago so I can totally relate to the runny nose. I too am a first time mom.


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