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Pedia Tec?

My daughter has a recurrent clear runny nose, which causes a cough when it drips to her throat when sleeping. A few friends said there dr's gave them something called Pedia Tec, which my old fashioned pediatrician never heard of and I cannot locate any info on on the internet. Has anyone given this to their child and/or know what it is? I am pretty sure it requires a prescription. BTW - the dr. always says to give Benadryl for the runny nose.

What can I do next?

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Thanks everyone for their response. Initially, I was told it was spelled "Pediatec", but called and had someone look at the bottle and it is "Pediatex." This is a prescription antihistamine. Since my doc has been saying Benadryl and it doesn't seem to be helping, I think I am going to go the "second opinion" and get her checked out somewhere else. It very well may be the whole joys of daycare, mixed in with allergies, but it also won't hurt to check out. Thanks everyone for the responses :)

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Sounds like the daycare to me. My 19 month old started daycare when she was 9 weeks old and then I became a SAHM when she was 13 months old. While in daycare, she had the same problem. Since leaving daycare, nothing. Her pediatrician also said allergies and recommended Dimetapp before bed. Now we haven't needed it. As long as the runny nose is clear, it's unlikely to be harmful, just annoying. Good luck.

Hi, I have not heard of Pedia Tec. I know children do tend to have more runny noses etc. when in a new childcare facility. Sometimes it takes months for them to get adjusted. My son had so many ear infections that he had to have tubes in his ears. He is 100% better now. I have a great pediatrician who is extremely helpful and patient. Sorry, I couldn't help.


I have heard of Pedi Care. I use that on my 7 month old and it works good for you runny noses, she also goes to a great day care.

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Hi Vickie,
Perhaps your friend was describing Zrytec to you. It is commonly used for allergies and can be safely given to children. I think that it might be a pediatric form of Zrytec. My children use this for allergies, not on a continuous basis, but when needed. (Although you could.) It is safer then benedryl - as it has fewer list of side effects. If your child is having allergies at night - it could be due to common dust mights - or other air related irritants. You might want to get an air purifier for her room - it can help. :)
Good luck with that!

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Hi Vickie
Pediatex is both an antihistamine and decongestant whereas the benadryl is an antihistamine. Pediatex is definitely not recommended for long periods of time, not more than a week to be specific.
Reasons for a prolonged runny nose can be one of a few things:
1) Allergies (but in a sixteen month old more to dust mites etc and not seasonal since it takes several years of exposures to have such allergies)
2) Recurrent URI's (new to daycare and being exposed to new viruses)
3) Large adenoids (usually associated with large tonsils, snoring and sleep apnea)
Your doctor should be able to narrow it down for you.
I am surprised to see that so many moms dont feel that they can asks these questions to their pediatrician....this is an important bond that we should have otherwise what's the purpose of a pediatrician.
I am a mom and a pediatrician.
Hope this helps.

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It's Kennel cough for babies. My son constantly had a runny nose when he was in daycare. Only during a long weekend would it clear up, only to reoccur on Tuesday. She needs to be in a private home daycare.

Hi, I don't know about the Pedia Tec, but my son suffers from the same problem. It's from allergies and hsi pediatrician prescribed Singulair chewable tablets and it has completely solved the problem. I highly recommend discussing that option with your ped. Hope this helps!


I do not have any experience with this medication, so I cannot answer any questions you may have. However, I think what you are looking for is called Pediatex. If you do a Google search for Pediatex, you should get the information you're looking for.

My name is J.. I have 2 kids, 10 and 3. I have personally never heard of this medication. However, what does not surprise me is the constant runny nose. Day cares are nortorious for this. Its a germ thing. What you need to do is make sure that they clean, steralize all their toys at the end of the day. That for one, will help greatly. My day care soaked the toys in a bleach water over night, and sprayed with lysol a few times a day. Benadryl, in my opinion is more for allergies. Perhaps you can put her on something a little stronger. My 3 year old in on a chewable 4 mg tablet (Singulair). Which she loves, btw.
I'm sorry that I havent heard of the Pedia Tec. Have you looked in the health food stores? They usually have a version of meds there.
Sorry, I'm not much help.

Vickie, My name is M. and I am a mother of four.
Don't start giving her things yet because she will be growing out of it as soon as her system is used to all these types of things which she will get at the daycare.
I found that getting a humidifier and putting it near my kid's bed everynight helped them alot, with this type of thing. Also, buy "Ocean Spray" and spray her nose with it every day, and if she knows how to blow out her nose already, even better. That will clear all that mucus in a natural way. Ocean spray is over the counter and it is only saline water. It's very very good.
If you start giving her things to drink, it will only eventually start upsetting her stomach and sometimes will make them either hyper active or sleepy.

Don't worry, she will outgrow the sniffles in no time.

Good luck,

Hi Vickie H..

My daughter's pediatrician has given her Pediatex in the past. The most recent time she gave her Pediatex-DM which I found that my daughter is allergic to. Here's a link I found for you to give you some more info. http://www.webmd.com/drugs/drug-17978-Pediatex+Oral.aspx?...

My Pediatrician also recommends Benadryl for runny noses.

My daughter is currently 21 months and started daycare about three weeks ago so I can totally relate to the runny nose. I too am a first time mom.


Hi, I have not heard of Pedia Tec. I know children do tend to have more runny noses etc. when in a new childcare facility. Sometimes it takes months for them to get adjusted. My son had so many ear infections that he had to have tubes in his ears. He is 100% better now. I have a great pediatrician who is extremely helpful and patient. Sorry, I couldn't help.


Dear Vicky,

You might want to check if your daughter has any allergies, which could aggrevate her system.
Some of these prescriptions are very strong and children's vitamins, particularly vitamin C, made for children makes a huge difference. There are also children's liquid multiple vitamins that taste good from a health food store.
Kids go through this stuff, between growing and teething, their bodies go through an enormous amount of stress and anything that is natural and gives them nutrients to build up their system, would be the best way to go.
Another tip and emergency room nurse told me to do was put a phone book under the mattress at the head of the bed. This helps the drainage come out faster than if they are lying flat.
Hope this helps.


Hi Vickie,
I placed my son in daycare when he was 2 year old. I also noticed that he had a constant runny nose. I took him to his pediatrician who said..."It must be allergies". After 2 weeks, I decided to take him to another pediatrician for a second opinion. This doctor said the same thing..allergies. The allergy medications did nothing. I finally took him to an ear, nose, and throat doctor. As soon as he looked into my son's mouth he told me that his tonsils are HUGE.

Does your daughter snore at night? Is her nose constantly stuffed and she can't breathe? If your daughter has a runny nose for longer than 3 weeks I would very much recommend you take her to an ENT.

My son has recently had a tonsilectomy and an adenoidectomy and he is doing great.

Hope all will be well,

Could Pediatex be what your friends are referring to?

no, i dont know what[pedia tec.] is but my son has allergys sometime, my dr gives him Dallergy-JR, it helps him alot,in one are two days,it clears up ,it comes the Dr. office. but check with your DR< or drug store.sign M. S.

I have not heard of what your talking about. but anytime theres a perscription involved i will look for other ways first. use it as a last resport as most rxs have side effects that arent always fun. I would try first going to a health food store like nutrition smart on northlake blvd. ask the person there who works in the childrens section and use something there for maintence. as you cant be familiar with all that the other children have you shoudl at least help your own children protect their own immune system first.

No - never heard of it. I do give Benadryl for runny noses though to my children. But if its recurrent she may have allergies and zrytec works GREAT!


Never head of Pedia Tec before. Ashleigh & Austin's pediatrician gives them something called EDC-TLC for cough and congestion.

I don't give them benadryl for a running nose and cough, but I do give them PediaCare for their runny noses and cough. Most of the time, Ashleigh & Austin have that clear runny nose when they are teething.

They are almost 28 months.

Our pediatrician is from the "old school" but he is great with the twins. As well as a few other children that I know go to him.

The twins don't go to the doctor's very often so maybe that is why I've never heard of Pedia Tec. Maybe ask your friend who makes it and then you can find more info on it. Not sure what else.

Hope you get the answers you are looking for.

Take care,
God Bless,
J. D

Mom to Ashleigh & Austin ~ 2

I have not heard of it but have you considered allergies? Food or environmental. A runny nose is a sign of allergies. She probably is not sick all the time. My daughter is allergic to nuts but gets a hacky cough whenever she is sick so she has to use albuterol and a nebulizer. My friends son is allergic to eggs and the only sign for him was a constant runny nose. They have elimiated eggs from his diet and he is like a new child.


I've never heard of Pedia Tec...I'm the Mom of 5 (ages 25-10) and have run the gamut of allergies with them. Knowing what I know now, if the nose is running and is clear, leave it alone. Benedryl is an antihistamine which works ONLY on allergies. A runny nose is the body's way of trying to heal itself. The dripping in the back of the throat is also called "post-nasal drip" and certainly can be a sign of allergies. I'd look at her diet for allergies, or something at daycare. "Constant" runny nose is not a cold.


Hi Vicki,

I don't know about Pedia Tec, maybe some other moms with younger kiddos can help there. Instead of looking at treatment only, though, it would be helpful to get to the source of teh problem.
Does your daughter drink dairy products? Specifically pasturized, homogonized cow's milk? Sometimes that can be the source of the symptoms you are describing. I have several good resources for more info if you are interested.



We have had this problem with our daughter who is 6 months old, we were finally referred to a respitory specialist in WPB who put her on a nebulizer. He says her bronchial tubes are under developed and lead to this problem and it is a good thing she isn't in day car or it would be much worse. He feels she will "grow out of it" by the time she is 2 and her bronchial system develops further. Dont' know if this is any help, but thought I would offer. The doctor is Dr. Sallent, he is VERY difficult to get into, but a WONDERFUL dr.

Though I have not heard of Pedia Tec, I would want to find the cause and eliminate it and several things could be the culprit...teething, allergies, and viruses. If it is a virus sometimes those take 21 days to run a course and if you have children "reinfecting" each other that may be it...be dilligent about cleaning and sterilizing the toys, look for toys that maybe in the car or outside that didn't get a wipe down. It could be teething and the drool, try Hylands teething tablets before bedtime or a soothing warm drink to help the throat..and finally it could be allergies, diary is usually the main culprit, but it could just as easily be ragweed and surprisingly foods can set this reaction off especially melons like watermelon and cantalope...try to think when the first time you noticed the occurrance or possibly an elimination diet (though difficult wouldn't you rather cure your daughter than just have her symptoms covered up by a drug?) also, have you moved, have a new pest control company, have an older AC system..there are so many things it could be but worth the investigation to find the true culprit ...HTH, S. www.fcdoulas.org

When looking for a Drug go to your pharmacist.
There are alot of off brand cold medications.
As a mom of the most allergic boys I would recommend you look at what your child may be allergic to at home or at day care if they are not getting really sick (fever wheezing etc).

Not just cats dogs but grasses carpet the playground cushion stuff you don't have athome..

My daughter is 4 months old and has her first runny nose. I contacted the Pediatrician's office this morning. The pediatrician's office recommended Pedia Care. Walgreens carries Infants' Non-Drowsy Long-Acting Cough Oral Drops, Grape by PediaCare for $6.49. Some of the grocery stores should also carry PediaCare.

I could not locate any information on Pedia Tec on WebMD or as a general search on the internet.

Hey - I think your pedia tec is a nebulizer. If not you should really get one.
I have 2 kids, and my oldest (22mos) has a constant clear runny nose that turns into a cough everytime! I think it is allergy related because every time the runny nose starts the next day My allergies kick in.
Anyway, It started when my son was 2 1/2 mos. old. (and I stay home with my kids - go figure!) My Dr. said that the cough was bronchiolitis (diagnosed by a old-man sounding/wheezing/smokers cough) and prescribed a nebulizer and breathing treatments (medicine). I use it on my 3 mos old with just saline to loosen any congestion or mucus.
Whenever I see the clear runny nose - I try to cut it off early with a tsp of bebedryl. Usually it works, but not always.
My dr. told me that for whatever reason my son's body automatically interprets the post-nasal drip and reacts by turning it into bronchiolitis. I don't know. I am used to it now and my daughter doesn't get it any worse than a basic cough.
The medicine for the nebulizer is xopenex.
I hope this helps you. =)

I've never heard of it. Sometimes I gave my son cough medicine, but most of the time if it was clear I just made sure I carried lots of kleenex. I don't like giving him benedryl (spelling?) because it makes him sleepy. I'm sure that being in daycare is the culprit, my son had one constantly too. I would make sure that the daycare is consistant about sending kids home with green runny noses though. That might cut down on some of it.

i am sorry i have never heard of it but i have heard of pediacare which ive given my daughter 20mos. i like infant dimetap and robitussin which work for me


I know this is not what you asked, BUT if your ped. is telling you to give Bendryl then you might consider going to an allergist and having a diagnosis.

Talk to the pharmacist. It sounds like your daughter is suffering from allergies. It could be from the day care. My son had the same problem, chronic sickness. After trial after trial, my doctor finally suggested that he might have allergies. I put him on claritin, and it cleared up. Your daughter is not old enough for claritin, but the benedryl will help. We also bought an ionic breeze from sharper image to help the air qulaity in our house and also put a smaller unit from surround air in his bedroom. Another suggestion, milk will aggrivate an allergy. Causing a wet cough. Try swiching to soy milk, if you are off of formula. My son didn't mind the switch so much. When his cough and sinus congestion cleared up, I gave him milk again. My sister-in-law did the same thing and realized that milk was the allergy. So she gives her son soy, and rice milk. I hope this helps. Your pharmascist has a wealth of information, I ask my pharmacist more questions than my doctor. Pharmacist see more sickness than most doctors, and they also study effects of medicine. They know what works best as well.

Hi Vickie,
I have two kids with allergies and asthma. They both have allergic rhinitis, which causes the symptoms you have described. I have never heard of Pedia Tec. We have the same problems with the post nasal drip, causing a very irritating cough.
What has helped us is going on a long term allergy control med. We chose Claratin, but there are a few out there. Benadryl makes them tired and is not meant to be a long term fix. The only thing with the Claratin type meds is that they dont work right away. It takes a few days to a week to build up and give them relief...but it does work.
We used to need it all year long, but now we just use it in the spring. Claratin is over the counter (it used to be prescription)
I know the frustration you are going through and hope this advice helps!

I have not heard of Pedia Tec, but benadryl is not recommended for small children on a long term basis. Clear drainage can be a sign of allergies and not infection, which is usually discolored. The child might be reacting to new carpet, paint, mold, dust or other environmental factor. Clear drainage is more annoying than anything. For the coughing at night, I have given my son, Delsym, it is sold over the counter and lasts 12 hours. Try to prop the child up since there may still be some coughing due to the drainage.
Hope this helps:)

Hi Vickie,

My son is 19 months and is in a daycare. He has a slight immune deficiency, so I too, have had my rounds with his being sick. He had constant ear infections for quite some time.. I finally just decided to try some things on my own (doctor was talking about surgery!!). Of course I got the standard "vitamins won't help that much"..but I thought what the heck and tried Vitamin C/Echinacea that Gummy Vite makes..they also make multivitamins that are gummy. And he hasn't been sick again since then, this has been a couple of months now. I give him the Vitamin C/Echinacea when we are around a lot of "other" kids (different than his usual bunch..like if we go to a movie or the mall or something..) or if he starts sniffling.. or if me or my husband are sick. Otherwise I give him the multivitamins. He thinks of them as a treat, they taste great.

I have heard that PolyViSol is a good thing too. It's a vitamin but is liquid. Doctor's office said that would probably be better..though I haven't tried that..

The gummy vitamins are at Publix, Wal-Greens that I know of. Probably other places too. Run like $5/6 a bottle. Worth every penny. And I do the benedryll too when a sniffle or cough pops up at night.

Best of luck, hope you find something that helps!


The only reason I would give her benedryl is if the drainage is keeping her from sleeping well. The benedryl will help dry her up a bit and help her sleep. But it sounds to me as if it's allergen's not necessarily a cold or anything of that nature. The drainage is good, the body is making it for some reason and you don't want to inhibit that unless it's causing her difficulty in sleeping. With all the rain I am not surprised that she's having the drainage, I bet when the weather drys up so will the nose. I have 3 kids ranging in age from 18 to 3 1/2 and the doctors have always told me if it's clear and no fever no need and no other symptoms, there's no need to treat. Give her plenty of clear fluids (water, diluted juice, popsicles to help with any sore throat she may have from the drainage. Milk and dairy products cause mucus secretions to thicken making them harder to flow, get blown out or coughed up.
Anyway, never heard of the medication you are speaking of. However, I hope my advice offers some help.
Oh! one more thing I do when my youngest has that same drainage is to put a vick's vapo patch on his chest at bedtime after a warm bath. Helps to open him up and not feel restricted in his breathing through his nose.
Good Luck,

Sounds like you have allergies, and your daughter might also. Little ones can be tested for allergies -- but she will need to have blood drawn. Ask your pediatrician if you should give your daughter something like claritin (antihistamine) versus a decongestant (i.e., phenyephrine or pseudoeffedrine). Benadryl at nighttime will make her sleepy, but you might need something during the day.

Hi. I am a pharmacist specialized in pediatrics at Wolfson (the children's hospital here) and thought I might could help you out. Due to spelling, I am not sure exactly what they are talking about. Here are 2 ideas though.
Pediatex is an over the counter antihistamine. It has carbinoxamine in it. This antihistamine is also found in a product called Rondec which usually also has sudafed in it. Rondec is probably behind your pharmacists counter now due to the sudafed component. Just ask for it.
There is also a product called pediatec HC which has hydrocodone (like lortab), sudafed and carbinoxamine in it, this product would be prescription only due to the hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is a great cough suppressant but will probably make your baby sleepy, and you don't really want to give this every day.
As far as the benadryl, it is one of the best antihistamines out there (the old standard) and should work for this, however it too can make your child sleepy, but some kids it makes very hyperactive. One thing about benadryl, the dosing on the back of the bottle is pretty low compared to what you can actually give the child. If you want to e mail me your childs weight, I can give you a dose that is appropriate.
One other thing to think about, have you tried claritin liquid? This is one of the newer non-sedating antihistamines. I don't think the elixir is over the counter yet so you would need a prescription but it works quite well if all of this is allergy related.
Let me know if I can be of any other help.

Dear Vickie,
Welcome to the wonderful world of daycare. My son is 18 months old and has been sick off and on since he started at 13 months. Benadryl is a good choice so are some of the other OTC's. The pharmacist is a great person to ask. You just have to know your child's accurate weight because meds are based on weight not age. Everyone keeps telling me that the sickness stuff will pass.


Hi Vickie,

I have never heard of Pedia Tec, but I do have some information that I would love to share with you about some all natural products that work wonders for nasal drips and much more. Please check out this website and these websites then send me an email and I can get you more information on how to treat you family's illnesses without prescription drugs that are potentially harmful in the long run and very expensive. I can show you how to access these products and save you money. The websites are : www.saferforyourhome.com ; www.melalueca.com ; you may contact me and request more information through this site: www.S..brightwomen.com

I believe that we should focus on the source of the problem and not just mask it with perscription medicines and such.

Please look into this, have a great day,

S. Brown
Email: ____@____.com

I think what you need to do is work on preventive. I do give my kids multivamins everyday and a month before spring or winter I add vitamin C.Your daughter just start in a day care and she expose to other children and this is a reaction to those new elements. Never heard of that medicine but you can try with the benadryl.I also use motrin for flu and vicks vaporizer at night time. Good luck!!

Ive never heard of Pedia Tec, however PediaCare works great, thats what our ped always recommends giving mt 16 mo old son when he has a runny nose. If that doesnt work we also have used Dimetap, that works wonders!

Hey Vickie,
My son, who is now 4 years, has suffered allergies from birth. Some cases have been severe but generally it is the nasal dripping runny nose that will cause a sore throat due to dripping at night and sitting in the back of the throat. They will get inflammed and it is difficult to swallow. The doctor was right to say give her benadryl or for that matter any over the counter antihistamine. It's nothing she'll take for weeks. Just a couple days to clear her up and give her body time to adjust to what ever it is that has triggered the reaction. Our bodies are not immune to all that floats in the air these days and it will take time for her system to build up a source of antibody to fight against allergies.
Now that Chance is four he in no longer allregic to milk or peas or and only has a mild reaction to dogs. As a matter of fact we have two small dogs now and he does fine. Over time his allergies being exposed to the things that would have triggered an out break have built up an immunity.


I have not heard anything about this pedia tec. My son who is 8 has pretty much every med you can think of because of his asthma. This must be somthing that has just come to the market. Maybe is has to do with being in an enviroment with other daycare children. Maybe do some research on a spreadable virus within the daycares.


Sounds like the daycare to me. My 19 month old started daycare when she was 9 weeks old and then I became a SAHM when she was 13 months old. While in daycare, she had the same problem. Since leaving daycare, nothing. Her pediatrician also said allergies and recommended Dimetapp before bed. Now we haven't needed it. As long as the runny nose is clear, it's unlikely to be harmful, just annoying. Good luck.

I never heard of it either.Does your daughter drink a lot of milk or eat a lot of dairy foods? Sounds like she has post nasal drip. I had it all my life and notice it gets better when I stop eating dairy.Doctors give me allergy pills but it does not do anything for me.

I have not heard of Pedia Tec but my 2 1/2 year old daughter has allergies and her Dr. taught us how to recognize some of the signs. If you see that your daughter has dark circles under her eyes, that might be one of the first sign. Then, look in her nose with a light and try to find some white spots in it. It is an allergic reaction to the allergens in the air. And last, if she is always trying to rub her nose, it is because it is itching her. She will be doing what they call the "allergy salute"
Our Dr. gives her Claritine for children, it is meltable and you can by it over the counter now. She seems to be doing better when she is taking it otherwise, she is very craby. Our Dr. told us to give her Benadryl too but I have never tried as Claritine seems to work.

Good luck with your daycare!


I have three kids and I have not heard of that.I just thought that I would let you know that it gets better.It took my four year old a long time to get used to being around other kids. Constant ear infections etc... It gets better. Make sure the daycare is big on Sanitization.

My 3-year-old has the same symptoms. She's had tubes put in her ears twice and each time they've told me to have her checked for allergies. It sounds like she suffers from postnasal drip (poor thing). That can be triggered by anything. For my daughter, sudden changes in climate or high pollen get her going. The doc is right about Benadryl but my daughter has been given a generic form of Claritin that seems to do a little better. I can't remember the name but you can probably find it on the web. If you need any other help or the name of some other doctors (just in case), email me at ____@____.com luck!

I haven't heard of that one, but I did give my son Benadryl a lot when he was little not only did it help with the runny nose but it helped with keeping his ear canals dry to fight off frequent ear infections. Now that he is older he still gets that hacky cough, and is taking Zyrtec which works well to dry him out. Good luck.

Vickie H.

I was preparing to respond to your note, but I see have you have 46 responses, so you don't need one more. Hope you find something that works for your little one. I know she must be miserable, which makes you miserable.

Best wishes to you.

D. R.

Hi Vickie,
I have not heard of Pedia Tec, but I am in the same position. My doctor did give us a Rx for a antihistamine (like Benadryl), but I wouldn't bother with it. My 16 month old actually went 2 solid months with a runny nose and cough, and he only goes about 2 weeks without it before he gets it again. It is just part of the first year of daycare. I found that medicating him just made him more miserable and even though it made him drowsy, he actually woke up more often when I gave it to him. Besides, would you really want to medicate him every night for weeks? Here is what works great for us.
1) shower soothers from sudacare. Doing a steam room with these before bed really helps him during really bad congestion.
2) sudacare plug-in vaporizors. There is a childrens one and nothing has worked better for us. We have tried cool mist and warm mist humidifiers, vaporizers and vics rub, but nothing works like the plug-ins. I use sudicare because they don't have any night lights on them.
3) I will still use the cool mist humidifier is addition to the plug-ins. I think the soft noise it makes helps him stay asleep.

I know I just gave a really long answer, but I know how frustrating in is going months without your child being healthy! It is very frustrating. I just keep telling myself that in a year, things will be a lot different. I don't really think medicating them for such a long period of time is a good idea.


I have tried many, many cough medicines (natural or not), and I have found that the one that works best for our children (and ourselves) is one called B & T (short for Boericke & Tafel). It is available at most health food stores. It works by relieving the cough and congestion, as well as help loosen phlem to rid the body of the excess mucus faster. Being a natural product, it is completely safe (no worries about harmful side effects).

I have never heard of it, but my son is only 8months so I'm new to the mama scene too. My pediatrition is Dr. Witte. She is a very resourceful woman if you want to give her or her nurse a call for another reference. Sorry I can't help more. Her office # is ###-###-####.

Never heard of it. However, my ped dr. prescribed something called DeAllergy which helps to dry up the runny nose and nasal drip which can disturb sleep. I give it to my daughter when she has a cold and it's also used for weeks/months for kids with allergies that cause a runny nose. Hope that helps. It is by prescription, but drs. usually have some samples in the office.

I have heard of Pedi Care. I use that on my 7 month old and it works good for you runny noses, she also goes to a great day care.

I'm not sure about Pedia Tec, but I gave my daughter PediaCare Multi-Symptom Cold for Children. It was for stuffy nose, coughs. She had clear runny nose a lot when she was smaller, she's now 6, and this stuff was great. I also gave her Simply Stuffy and Simply Cough (these are made by Tylenol). I can tell you, any of the three worked much better than Benadryl.

Also, once they start daycare, a runny nose is almost a given, but once they become acclimated, it'll usually stop.

Hope this was a help.

*Working mom and wife, with a wonderful 6 year old daughter.

I do not know what Pedia Tech is, but my doctor told me to give my daughter PediaCare for her runny nose and it works well for her. I gave her a dosage one day and the next day her nose was already not runny. I have also heard from other moms that when kids start daycare they seem to have a cold everyday until their body develops its immune system. You could also try giving her a multi-vitamin to help her. I am a first time mom as well of an 11 month old and I am learning as I go as well. Hope this helps.

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