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Oily Hair After Giving birth...what to Do?

My daughter is now 3 1/2 months old. Before having her I had very soft hair. Since giving birth, my hair has been very oily. I have to wash it every morning and then it still starts to look oily half way through the day. Has this happened to other people and what did you do? Or does anyone know of a good shampoo to use to help?

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I didn't have this problem but I am a hairdresser and have had several clients withthe same issue, it will go away. For the mean time I think a good shampoo is Paul Mitchell Shampoo 3, it is a clarifing shampoo and will strip the oil. If you still have issues after that sprinkle some baby powder on you scalp and it will suck it right up, not too much though or you will have white hair. I hope this helped.

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This happened to me after BOTH of my girls. It drove me nuts!!! It was all oil right at the top of my head at the scalp so of corse I had the "mom" ponytail to cover it up. I used a shampoo for oily hair and thankfully after a few months it all got back to normal. Hang in there!!!!

Hi C.,
This can happen with the major hormonal changes our bodies go through after pregnancy. Arbonne Self Adjusting shampoo is great and is botanical (plant based) this means it is non-toxic. If you want to try a Free sample let me know & I will send one out to you asap. L. ____@____.com

at three and half months, my hair started to fall out and so did my baby's hair. Also, it became much more oily. It has since leveled off. I think it was all of the hormones. Just give it some time. Bumble and Bumble has a product (powder) that you can put in your hair. It works wonders, especially for those that don't wash their hair everyday. It comes in brown, blond, black, etc. Or you can just use cornstarch. My son is 10 months and my hair is growing back and is back to normal.

I had the same problem. I use good shampoo - Sukesha Moisturizing Shampoo & conditioner (purchased at Bien Soigne Salon in Windham). One of the stylists there recommended that I put shampoo in my hair BEFORE wetting my hair. So when I first go into the shower, I wet my hands only, put shampoo in my hair, wait a few seconds, and then wet my hair. Then I shampoo/condition as usual. This works!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad! My daughter is almost 5 months old and I finally have good-looking hair again!

have you tried a clearafying shampoo? with that it takes out the extra oil in your hair.

I don't think this is something to be overly concerned about. I shower each morning before work and wash my hair at that time, if I didn't, my hair would be an oily mess too. Other than trying a generic brand shampoo for oily hair, I would just mention it to your ob/gyn at your next checkup.

What ever you do, do not stand near an open flame...just kidding..sorry...I went through the same thing, amongst many other postpartum ailments...as far as I know, it's hormonal and until your bod levels itself out, you'll have to manage it. Try Neutrogena's "Clean" Shampoo (I think that's what it's called) or Charles Worthington's "Balancing" shampoo. THe charles Worthington one may be a bit tough to find (I can always find it at a Walgreen's near by...)But these worked well for me. Just be reaaal careful of the "claryfing" shampoos---the can be very drying and leave you with dry ends in addition to a greasy scalp! If you need to condition, use
a spray on detangler and leave the real deep conditioning for just once a week. If you lean towards more natural remedies, try any hair care product with peppermint- it has astringent properties that will help with the oils...body shop and burt's bees have some good ones...or make some super strong peppermint tea, get some cotton balls and massage the tea into your scalp. If anything, at least you will smell good! Anyways, hang in there and if you are still having problems, don't hesitate to talk to your doc. Often times, physical symptoms can be a manifestation of other problems. Good luck!

Hi C.,
first of all congratulations on your baby girl! Isn't it crazy what our bodies go through after giving birth! I was losing my hair for months after giving birth to my son, who is now 2! Anyway, I wanted to share with you that I sell Aromatherapy products and we have a shampoo and conditioner in our Pure Bath line that was originally designed for people with sensitive skin. Aromatherapy uses essential oils. I know it sounds crazy, but there are essential oils that you can add to our shampoo that will help with oily hair - and it won't do the opposite and dry your scalp out. Be careful of the harsh degreasing shampoos. Also, another tip is to give yourself a scalp massage to help regulate the oil-producing sebaceous glands. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me at ____@____.com or check out the website thehappysoul.com
good luck and know that this too shall pass!!

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