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gREASY HAIR What to Do!!!

My daughter is 12 yrs old and has struggled with greasy hair for a couple yrs now . I have swithched shampoo's and conditioners and did straight viniagar but still looks greasy and tangles real easy too. I talked to doctor and she only says keep using head and shoulders . No help there. Anynew idea's ladies ?

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Thank u mom's for all the great info . I tried the baking powder in shampoo and that seems to help . Thanks again.

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Try doing away with the conditioner, use a daily clarifying shampoo & for the tangles a few spritzes of kiz detangler, blow drying will help as well....good luck!!!A.

I would use baby powder :) My mom has been a beautician for over 40 years. It will help dry up the oils and make her hair smell good :) I have dry dry, I would love to have some oil to make my hair shiny LOL.

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My daughter is 9 and has very oily hair. After many products I found out about T-Gel shampoo. It is used for really bad dandruff but it was a God send for her hair. She has long hair and we use conditioner as well but I pull the hair back like your going to put it in a ponytail and put the conditioner from there to the ends nowhere near the scalp. Hope this helps.

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Hi K.,

My daughter has the same problem and we tried several shampoos but the one that works best is the Naturals Shampoo from Melaleuca. The melaleuca oil it contains is a non-caustic solvent that breaks down the oils but is very gentle to the scalp. (Oil is a misnomer because it is not oily) If you go to the health store to get tea tree (common name) oil shampoo there will probably not be enough oil in it to make a difference and most oils can be caustic and are not as pure but you can ask the clerks there. They may be able to help. If you'd like more info on Lydia's shampoo, let me know. Shes 14 now and is very much into her hair being perfect!



I know this sounds counter to the problem, but she could be washing it too much. I knew someone in highschool with superfine, greasy hair. It started getting greasier with puberty, then she started washing it a lot to combat it. That made it worse. Your body reacts to over-washing by trying to re-moisturize itself. The more you wash, the more it will try to replenish what you are washing away. It may be irritating, but the best thing to do is wash hair only every other day. Eventually her body will readjust and start producing only the oil she needs. Also, stop the conditioner until it does get back to normal. Use just a bit mixed with water and spritz it on where the tangles are. Also, if she only brushes her hair when necessary that will help. Don't brush it more then just to style it. Brushing also causes the scalp to release oil.

Dry shampoo for between washes, you can get it at Sally's.

Hello, I am hairstylist with 10 years experience! I would, definately wash her hair everyday with a tea tree shampoo such as Bumble and Bumble's Tonic shampoo. Also, if your daughter has light brown to blond hair baby pwder with cornstarch is great for soaking up oil. Just section her hair and lightly sprinkle in the baby powder, gently shake the powder in to her scalp with you finger tips, kinda like your fluffing her hair...Careful with how much you use make sure you sprinkle very lightly!! Hope this helps!

I would use baby powder :) My mom has been a beautician for over 40 years. It will help dry up the oils and make her hair smell good :) I have dry dry, I would love to have some oil to make my hair shiny LOL.

I have mildly greasy hair as well and can vouch for those who said their hair was better when out in Arizona. I had the best 3 hair days of my life when we had a long weekend in Vegas one year. LOL The lower humidity definitely helps.

Another thing that helps my hair is getting it colored. I know some people would not want to process hair on a tween, but it really balances my hair for me and removes the greasiness for at least a couple months after getting it colored. You could have her hair colored the same color as her natural color so that you aren't glamorizing her, just benefiting from the chemical processing.

I remember having trouble with my hair when I was probably about the same age. My mom had me wash my hair with Joy dish soap a few times, and I think it did the trick!

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