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Night Time Potty Training a 7 Year Old

The time has come to figure a way out to finally get my 7 year old to stop using a pull-up at night. My son sleeps extremely hard and even if he forgets to put on a pull-up at night he will sleep through and wake up at the regular time just soaked. He recently told me that he doesn't want to wear a pull-up anymore, but we tried limiting liquids at night, waking him up around 2 to go potty and he still wakes up wet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I second the chiropractic recommendation, and I've also heard about some good outcomes from cranial sacral therapy, which is very gentle and non-invasive.

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I would suggest taking your son to a chiropractor. They have amazing results with bedwetters.

T. SAHM to 6 children (16, 14, 12, 8, 5, 2)

I have a son who is now almost 17 and he is just getting to the point that he is not wetting at night, I suppose it had been 6 months now. He had surgery when he was 7 for the flap from his kidney to his bladder that wasn't staying closed at night. Unfortunetly that did not stop the bed wetting. He also is a very heavy sleeper. Sometimes no matter what we do for them as parents this bed wetting is just something they have to outgrow and eventually they do. I have found that is is very common in boys for them to have this. There is alot of things out there to try, such as alarms for the bed, but for me honestly they just weren't woth the money because they didn't work for us. I just relaxed and didn't make a big deal about it. He also got to the point where he didn't want to wear pullups and so I taught him to do his own laundry. We also put a plastic cover on his bed to save the matress. Hope that your son outgrows this sooner than mine I know how tough it can be for them. Good luck.

I have a son that wet the bed every night until his 13th birthday. I tried the pull-ups, diapers etc... I have a friend that was working at a chiropractic office that worked on children with this problem. Needless to say, after the 2nd adjustment, he has never wet the bed since. His nerves were being pinched that was supposed to tell the brian to stop the bladder, everytime he laid down. I promise, it made all the difference in the world to him. This should work for your son also, you have nothing to lose.

Ok, I am going to admit I was the same way. It comes from a too deep of a sleeper. I know I was that one. It is hard to get the child to awake long enough to realize he has to go. When you awake the boy, is he awake or like a " zombie" to the toilet? If so make sure he is awake to almost go on his own, and when he does go does he understand that urge? Sounds silly to us but to some they just get too busy to know.

I knew someone that had a "potty alarm" for their kids until they were aroung that age.. I would check that out.

Last year we got our 7 year old an alarm. Honestly, it only cost maybe $20 with shipping and handling. It is the Wet Stop 3 and clips onto the underwear with a magnetic alarm that clips onto his shirt. We have the baby monitor set up, so we can hear when the alarm goes off, which is at the first sign of wetness. So, the second he starts to go, the alarm goes off, wakes him up and he runs to the bathroom. Still not many dry nights, but he feels better knowing he is doing something about it.

I second the chiropractic recommendation, and I've also heard about some good outcomes from cranial sacral therapy, which is very gentle and non-invasive.

My mom was just talking about how when my brother was 5 yrs old, the pediatrician gave him a pill that she was supposed to give him at bedtime that would keep him from wetting the bed. The day she started giving to him, he never wet the bed again. He is now 48 years old - so this was a long time ago. My mother strongly suspects that the pill was a placebo and that he just needed to believe that he could get through the night. Talk it over with your pediatrician - it may be worth a try.

This is a physical reaction. The bladder's function is to filter and purge. Something in his diet is urging his bladder to purge - regardless of sleep patterns. Don't torture him with electronic alarms, punishing consequences - just get rid of the irritant. Bodies are amazing; work with it.

You might try stopping milk - I know - unhearable - but ultra-pasteurized, homogenized milk is infamous for allergies and bed-wetting, also earaches and eczema. Raw milk doesn't do this, but the processing that commercial milk is subjected to actually irritates some people.

It could also be just mal-nutrition. amazing what nutrient-dense food can balance.
Best of luck,

We're having a similar issue so I was curious to read your responses. I just read a book saying that the majority of cases are medical.. . narrow opening etc. Also deep sleep is very common & I'm sure is my son's problem as well. We're planning on getting an alarm because we've heard so many good things about them but haven't tried it yet ourselves.

Also, is your son aware that night wetting usually has a genetic component to it? Not that you can't try to work on it. . . but it's not fault for not "trying hard enough"!


Here are some places that sell the alarms and matress pads and everything you could ever need. My daughter is a heavy sleeper, too. Please assure him of how very normal this is.


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