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Need Solutions for Early Pregnancy Nausea

I am wondering if anyone has experienced and has solutions for extreme nausea. I have started the wonderful throwing up stage and need serious relief. My first pregnancy I had to have the IV bag in my leg with constant medicene (that ended in miscarriage and I wonder if that is why I was so sick). For the second I threw up every day multiple times. It was awful. I tried the suckers, sea bands, zofran, crackers in the morning, nothing has helped. I spent this morning eating tums and sipping on diet coke (obviously that won't work long term) and have only thrown up once so far (yeah!).

Have any of you tried the B12 shot or heard of anything else that might help? I'm not a big fan of medicene and would prefer a more "natural" option. I will be hopefully getting into the doctor soon as well.

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Have not tried the B12 shot but while I was pregnant my doctor prescribed me a pill that was a mega dose of B12 combined with an anti histamine. I don't know if you are working but it knocks you out for a little while after taking it if you're one of those who gets really groggy off benadryl. It might be worth it though.

I found my nausea got worse the more tired I was. So sleep as much as you can. The other thing I did was eat as often as I could whatever sounded good. I tried to change to "healthy eatting habits" but munching on M&M's worked much better. You might try getting low-iron prenatal vitamins too.

Vitamin B6 worked wonders for me- didn't completely get rid of all the nausea, but I was able to function like a normal person again! Get the 50mg tablets and take it 2-4 times a day. Good luck! I just got out of the m/s phase myself and understand what you're going through (altho I didn't have HG) and Congratulations!

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I too had two pregnancies with extreme vomitting. I had IV's with both. The second one I did the B12 shots and loved them. It really did provide with more energy, didn't make the nausea go away completely, but helped a lot.Try the website www.helpher.org, there are lots of suggestions on there from tons of different women in the same situation. Good luck to you, I know it's not fun...

With my youngest(she is 2) I had really bad nausea. I had it so bad that they thought that I would lose her and I was hospilized. It gradually got to be normal then nothing. They rehydrated me and put me on phenergen (sp?) it's safe for the baby and it helps you out. They also said my potassium was low and since I am allergic to bananas I asked where else I could get it from..potato skins are full of the vitamin. And as an alternative to medicine my doc said try citrus. The smell or even the taste of citrus for some reason helps. I used to light lemon smelling candles,drink lots of orange juice and even the smell of it helped. When it started to come back I put a couple drops of lemon juice in cold water and sip it. It worked for me! Hope that helps!!!

Hi Ashley,

I had horrible morning sickness for 18 1/2 weeks when I was pregnant ( I can probably give you the minutes and seconds as well) :) Anyway, nothing helped me. I just had to let it pass. It was miserable, but it finally did pass. The only thing I would do was suck on the preggie pops, smell lemons, use the wrist bands, and try to eat easy to digest foods. Sometimes it helped and sometimes it didn't. I didn't go to any extremes like taking shots or anything because I knew it was completley normal. The only way I would have done anything extreme is if my health and if the baby's health was at risk. In fact my Dr. wasn't worried and just said this is a normal and unpleasant part of pregnancy. Just to keep some humor about the whole thing I started making a list of all the public places I threw up! I even threw up all over Europe!! It was amazing all the places I got sick!! :) Just hang in there and know that this will pass. Pretty soon all of this yuckiness will be a distant memory.


I applaud your desire to avoid the medicine route, so will offer you a couple of alternatives. A good herbalist would be one avenue. She/he would explore your diet, lifestyle, and recommend any changes needed, besides looking at what herbs would help your body correct itself. Another avenue to try is polarity and/or cranial sacral therapy, both very non-invasive but highly effective in assisting the body to balance itself. If you are in the Phoenix area, I can recommend people in whichever route you wish to explore first. Blessings to you.

I was very sick with my little one (now 5 months)and lost 15 pounds the first three months. I talked with a friend who works as a nurse in the delivery. She said that for most cases saltines and gatorade were the best bet. I also loved lime slushes from SOnic (strange I know - but they never came back). Good luck and know that this too will pass in favor of swelling ankles and getting up 10 times in the middle of the ngight to pee (JK).

If you're thinking of B12 shots, you might try the sublingual B12 sold by a local vitamin company called Trivita (in Scottsdale). I am not a rep, I have merely taken the product and really liked it, although I wasn't pregnant at the time. It's a tablet that you place under your tongue and allow to dissolve - much cheaper than the shots!

Hi Ashley!

Fortunately in my 1st trimester, I solely had nausea and no vomiting. However, I am a Naturopathic doctor and personally and professionally have found acupuncture to be helpful. Acupuncture is safe during pregnancy as long as we stay away from the points that are locally found on the belly and contraindicated in pregnancy.

Also, you will actually be looking should be looking into Vitamin B6 shots. B6 is often helpful for nausea. I don't have personal experience with this, but have friends who have done very well with it.

I hope this is helpful!

Was it a iv bag in your leg or a pump to distribute the zofran?
I had a zofran pump with my pregnancies. Of course it doesn't make the vomiting stop but it does help control it. Unfortunatly I think you are like me. It is horible. And I have six kids! (I didn't have any miscarriages even with the pump)
So.. a few suggestions..maybe they might help a tiny bit!
First the zofran pump is the most effective thing out there right now. It too goes in your leg and administers medication. I still vomited and lost 30+ lbs with each pregnancy but without it I NEVER kept anything down not even liquids and had to be in the hospital. The pump makes it so you can have moments of not throwing up and sometimes even a day or two. You can also call and get a "demand" dose. It gives you extra medication when you are really sick.
Next~ Coke slurrpies. I hate them but when I was pregnate the Dr recommended them. COke has something in it that settles the stomach. Diet coke didn't work for me. If I was uncontrollable I would get a demand dose then go get a slurpy and sip it a little at a time and this usually helped me get a grip.
Third~ have IV therapy. It sucks cause sometimes they can't get it in because the viens collapse from being too dehydrated but they can get it in and you have it for the weekend. They leave the supplies with you and you change the bags and put heparin to keep the line open. Nurses will show you how. It sucks but you will feel better after one.
You can try to have crackers (not buttery or anything like that just very bland) and a opened can (so it' not carbonated) of coke by your bed. Before you even get up sit up slowly. Take a tiny bite of cracker. wait. if you think you can take another. Slowly slowly try eating a bit and taking a few sips. Don't get up until about 20+ min. Sometimes this helps. Whenever I got up the puking would begin!
I had pregnancy teas, the pops, ginger,b12 and b6 shots, phenergan,compazine, reglan, anzamet and nothing worked for me. I hear reglan and anzamet work for some people so you can try that too.
Good luck. Get lots of help from family and friends.

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