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Need Mammogram/ultrasound

okay, freaking out here. I need some advice, please. Has anyone ever had a mammogram and then been called to say you now need an ultrasound done? I have never had a problem w/ mammograms before. Please let me know if you had one and why.....basically, should I be worried?

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I had both on the same day. My Dr. recommended the ultrasound because I have very dense breasts. It was just a precautious thing at the time. I have never had any issues, I just understand that sometimes it is hard for the mammo to read very dense breast tissue.

Good luck to you.

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Yes I have.
I started having mammos at 23. There was a spot on my left breast. The ultrasound just takes better pics. Sometimes normal calcification shows up. I'm surprised they didn't go to a diagnostic mammogram (which is more high powered).
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I'm happy to tell you my experience. I think if I typed it, it would sound worse than it was.

Hi M.,
I had my first one done today. While talking with the technician she told me that it is not uncommon for a radiologist to be concerned with the results of my mammogram and want further testing. That it is something that happens often. I also have known personally of women that had to do further testing and was fine and they just wanted to make sure that it wasn't something more.

I had my first about 6 months ago, because I thought I felt something and around my aerola was very sore and hurt to the touch. They did my mammogram and did an ultrasound in the same visit just to double check since I thought I felt something.

I wouldn't worry but feel better that they are thoroughly checking you out. My step mom seems to always get called back for an ultrasound afterwards with no worries.

Try not to worry yourself and think of it as being extra careful.

Good luck...

It's our human nature to worry whenever we think something may be wrong. If your doctor feels you need more test, it doesn't always mean something is majorly wrong, it proves he/she is being caustious.
In 2001 I found out I had fibrosistic breast disease. I had to make sure to keep an eye on the cyst that came up and get further testing in the event one came up. In 2003 when I went in for testing of one of the cyst I found out I had breast cancer and the hormone replacement I was taking was feeding the cancer. Due to going back for more testing I am now a survivor. I'm very adamant about women going in for further testing when the doctor advises them to. It's really a pain in the bottom to go through and very stressful, but in the long run, early detection of ANY problem is the key to survival and good health. Sending up prayers for you that all goes well.

It happend to me because sometimes the mammogram cannot give them a very detailed reading, espcially if they want to see a particular area and that's where the ultrasound helps them with details.
Don't worry if anything they want to make sure they are looking and reading it as they should.
You will be fine, it's very common for them to do this, but in my opinion i don't see why they just don't have you do the ultrasound to begin with.
Good luck!

I'm a cancer survivor. I won't weigh in on whether or not you should worry. Even through dozens of CT scans and ultrasounds, and surviving over 7 years, I still worry.

The best thing I can recommend is to empower yourself with knowledge. After surviving cancer and having my first child, I found a book by Dr. John Lee, MD, the whistle blower on hormone replacement therapy and birth control leading to breast and ovarian cancer. His answer to it was very simple and well researched. All of his patients, whether cancer survivors or dealing with symptoms such as fibrosistic breast disease, PCOS, or irregular cycles, were put on progesterone cream. In over 20 years, he never had a single woman diagnosed or relapsed into cancer.

It is estimated that over 90% of us are estrogen dominant from stress, environmental toxins and xenoestrogens, etc. The only answer to it is to use USP progesterone cream.

I am so passionate about this. It is an easy way to lower your risks and solve simple female problems. Not to mention lower your worry that you are not doing everything you can to be with your kids until they are old!

Please visit www.johnleemd.com or call my recorded conference call to get a 40 minute summary of the basics of the research. (I told you I'm passionate about this!)
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I JUST went through this whole fiasco... Actually just got my results last Friay.

I felt a lump in my right breast and it was causing me some pain so my dr. made me go get an ultrasound on it. The U/S lady seemed concerned saying it didnt look like a cyst and that she would ask the doctor to see if he wanted to give me a mammogram. Since I am only 22, the mammogram was the last step. Well sure enough I had to get a mammogram and after my dr. looked at the pictures, he had me go and get a biopsy on it. They did a biopsy last Wednesday and I totally hyped it up. It wasnt bad at all... I got my results last friday and thankfully it was a benign tumor. I am choosing to have it removed b/c it is causing me pain.

I was extremely worried through the whole ordeal. It is only natural to be. But keep your head up and stay positive. If it is anything questionable you would have heard something already. and if it is something bad, think that they are catching it now.

Also-maybe the Mammogram results were inconclusive so they want a better picture..

I had both on the same day. My Dr. recommended the ultrasound because I have very dense breasts. It was just a precautious thing at the time. I have never had any issues, I just understand that sometimes it is hard for the mammo to read very dense breast tissue.

Good luck to you.

This happened to me a few months ago. I had a mammogram, then got a call saying I needed to go in for another mammogram and possibly another test (ultrasound). It was a bit confusing because my Dr's office called and made it sound like no big deal but when I called the mammography place, they said no, there was something and further tests were needed. I freaked out for the week or so waiting to go back in.

Long story short, I got there. They showed my my mammo from the month before. It looked like I had a big mass (ok, size of a nickel or quarter) in the breast. That freaked me out even more. I mean, you could see it no problem. I have a 3 yr old and he needs a mommy, etc.. They needed to take another mammogram and possibly an ultrasound depending on the results. What they did was to take different views of my breast and included my lymph nodes. This required a bit of acrobatics on both my part and the technicians. :) It ended up that I was ok.

When they take the initial mammogram, they take only 2 views -- top and side. It's like they're looking down and then looking through the side and that's it. If things line up the right way, as mine did, they can look like there's a mass there when there's not. I had just weaned my son last summer so it had been a good 4 yrs since my last mammogram. I was totally freaking as you can imagine.

I don't know how you're going to do, but I will say that you can have a total freak out and then have it be ok. Good luck to you and I hope all turns out well!

I too was called back for an ultrasound only to verify that the difference the doctor saw was my fibrocystic breast disease. I don't know why they call it a disease, from what my doctor told me, it doesn't do anything to you and that about 90% of all women eventually have it. I know you are probably worried, I know I was. God Bless

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