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Need Help Regarding Chemical Imbalance Testing

My daughter is 13 years old and recently was diagnosed with depression. I adopted her when she was 3 yrs old, she was a drug baby. When younger, she was diagnosed with ADD, but she has been able to operate in school up to now without medication. Things have gradually become worse at school due to lack of social skills to keep friends as well as being target of "mean" girls, resistance to accept boundaries/rules, and difficulty/complexity of school tasks. The doctor is now giving her anti-depressant Wellbutrin and well as Concerta. The "trial and error" on the meds and the dosages make me feel very uncomfortable. Does anybody know of any bio-chemical tests where it can be checked what chemicals agree with her system, or what chemicals are causing the imbalance? Other than waiting several weeks to see if the meds are working, is there anything else I could be doing? She is going to a therapist already. Also, has anybody tried a different approach than meds to balance the neuro-transmitters? Thanks for your help! Alice

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I have a five year old son and I'm trying liquid health attention for ADD/ADHD promotes concentration you can find it at Henry's hope you try it & good luck!

Jr. High can be real difficult peer wise, how would she respond to home schooling? There's a great program that's a state run school, they have tons of teachers, just like the school she probably goes to now, but it's a virtual school on the computer. I'm really impressed with it, and so are some of my school teacher friends. You can look it up at www.connectionsacademy.com. My 13 year old is in it, and she gets her social life with the outside activities she's in....the ones she WANTS to be in, not forced upon her like in school. Lots of kids go to this school for lots of different reasons...from olympic hopefuls to kids being bullied or worse at school to kids who are too sick to go to school.

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Dear Alice,

I truly understand how you are feeling. Have you ever thought about researching homeopathic and natural remedies instead of medicating your daughter? I know from experience that psych meds do more harm than good! And, I can definitely tell you that there is no scientific test to support "THE CHEMICAL IMBALANCE IN THE BRAIN" CLAIM. In fact, in 2005 the president of the APA Mr. Steven Sharfstein said, "We do not have a clean-cut lab test [to detect chemical imbalances in the brain]."



I highly recommend contacting Dr. Anita Pepi who is truly an amazing Chiropractor and Nutritionist and would definitely be able to help your daughter naturally.

Here's her data:

2950 Los Feliz Blvd. Suite 101
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 666~1088

I'd also recommend checking out 4 organizations validating why going the natural route is best for you and your daughter:

Hope this helps, Alice! Please free to call me anytime: (323) 906~2784.

L. (Mama to 7 month old old Dylan Orion) : )))

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Everybody's advice here about there is no chemical test is absolutely correct! Psycotrophic drugs do more harm than good! In fact, they even set the child up for suicide. Diet, supplements and good healthy therapies for the family together is the answer. Go to: http://www.HealthyAnswersOnline.com and learn more. There are special nutrients that work on the cellular level to help the body function appropriately and we no longer get them in our diets. If you would like to know more about that, just email me. ____@____.com.
I was in the same place that you were. Hormonal imbalance is the biggest problem and our foods are not only lacking in the right amount of phytosterols but also our foods make the problem worst! If you live in the Valley, you can come to a meeting to learn more. Just email me and I'll send a flier out to you. This is our biggest problem with these kids at this age. Good luck, would love to help if interested.

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Well, my suggestion to you is to take her to Sacred Mountain in Visalia. Cathy Franklin has done wonders for my daughter who is 16 soon to be 17. She uses cranial sacral healing with essential oils. You need to talk to Cathy and she will help you understand what is going on with your daughter. She has done amazing things for myself, my family and my friends. Please look at her website www.sacredmountain.com.

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Here is a great website http://www.aboutourkids.org/ Also, I work for a Wellness Co that researches and develops products w/o the harmful chemicals that have been linked to exasperating symptoms in children with ADD,ADHD,Autism, etc. I have a great article with information and testimonials but it's in a Word format. If you're interested, I can email it directly to you.


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Unfortunatly, even with all of modern technology, Trial & error is the only testing they have, because technically they don't even know what causes the inbalance. So basically the doctors are trying to fix what they don't know precisly is broken, unless it's a hormone or glandular problem (which would be ruled out first thing by blood tests.) The only things I can offer is trust your instinct and trust your daughter the 2 of you know best and if something doesn't feel right or isn't working (regardless of how long she has been TRYING it) then don't be afraid to tell her Dr, nurse, or pharmacist, and tell them loudly if need be. Read everything you can on every new medication they want try on her, BEFORE they start her on it. There are other things you can try that may help her like yoga or something, finding her a regular activity she can do that is all "hers" and that is almost meditative, can be helpful(mine is laundry) for working through stuff. I am responding to this for several reasons; I to have one child who is strong willed and I care for both of my elderly parents. I have was diagnosed with depression at 14 and more recently have been upgraded to borderline bi-polar. Thank you for your strength.

Hi A.,

I know this sounds strange, but please consider chiropractic care for your daughter....I have seen really good results with my son. His nervous system has improved tremendously, causing many of his behaviors to subside. You can google chiropractic and ADD for information.

If you need a name of a great chiropractor, let me know.

Good luck

I don't think there is anything but trial and error.
However when the one sticks you will notice a drastic
differnce in her self esstem. It really is worth it.
A lot of times depression is associated with stress.
Our brains can handle just so much stress and then our
rectors start shuting down. This makes it hard to handle normal day to day experiences. Eventually it becomes and issue
with self esstem and feeling of self worth.
The anti-depressant will help with that any maybe in 6 month to a tears or maybe more , she can wean herself off.
Be careful she is not using this as a crutch for deeper problems. Even if she ws a drug baby, she was not brought up in a drug environment. If she is over weight and not well liked at school then those are not total depression issues.
those are typical teenage issues.
Taking an anti-depression drug will help her through this time. While you Mom equip her will the ability to deal with ulgy people in the world. A simple solution to that is just give her your attention and love ( which I am sure you are doing) But ask her simple questions about how she feels. Get books and assure her this will pass.
Good luck , there are lots of great books on tapes that help with all of this.

Dear A.,

I have an extremely strong willed 15 year old daughter too. I definately pick and choose my battles, for she is definately more difficult than my other 3 kids, so I think that you are very wise there.

As for meds, I have been told that my daughter is ADHD, but I will not use meds at all because I am uneasy about messing with growing brains. I had a bad experience myself with depression meds, so I would never recommend those either. The only natural remedy that I would recommend would be MoodLift Complex by Shaklee.

Best to You!

As far as I know there isn't any testing available. Many universities and specialists in areas throughout the United States do conduct and research brain scans but there isn't anything widespread at this point. If she is seeing a therapist I imagine you have had an in depth analysis done which can give you a good idea of what's really going on...if not you need to find someone that does the analysis. From what I have been told they have the parents and teachers fill out a pretty intensive questionaire and run it through a computer program, meet with the child and come up with some possible conditions. If she is a drug baby you can bet that she has a lot of neurological inbalances and there is nothing natural to heal that. Has anybody ruled out the possibility of Aspergerger's? Of course puberty just makes is harder and I wish you both the best.

I am sorry to hear about your daughter. As far as I know all anti-depressant therapy is subject to trial and error. Accupunture and exercise help lift mood and stabalize emotions. They do so by relieving tension and releasing endorfins. (relieving anxiety and the pain of depression) Therapy, though not a fast solution, is the most effective and longlasting. Depresson is likley to be a cronic condition that your daughter will have to learn to manage rather than a sickness that is quickly remedied. She has to be involved as much possible in the treatment process. I know she is young, but have you asked her about what she thinks about her treatments? The best motivation for treatment is the hope that one will feel better. After all depression feels awful.

I don't know if you live in Riverside County but they have a Parent to Parent program. You can call these numbers and other parents can talk to you. They offer classes and support groups to parents with a child with a diagnosis. Consider calling them @:
Parent-to-Parent Telephone Support Line (RCDMH)
(For parents who would like to talk with another parent who has
raised a child with emotional/mental and/or behavioral challenges)

(888) 358-3622

Soon Local NAMI affiliate's will have a class for people in your position called NAMI Basics. It explains what the diagnosis means, how to understand and deal with schools, the IEP and the like. You can look it up on the NAMI.org website or contact me, I am the President of the Western Riverside NAMI.

Hang in there. IN this era of information there are resources for you.
- A.

Seems like a lot of people get angry just thinking about anti-depressants...

I, too, was a depressed teen - actually started around age 10, with a suicide attempt at 13. My mother didn't believe in treating depression with meds, and I went on to suffer repeated bouts of major depression until I was nearly 30, when I went on Lexapro for a year. It changed my life, and I haven't had a hint of depression in the 8 years since.

I had lots of counselling over those years, which was informative, but ultimately unhelpful. It may be impossible to test for a 'chemical imbalance', but that doesn't mean it isn't there.

I wish I had been given anti-depressants as a teen instead of wasting so many years fighting depression.

As to other means of improving neurotransmitter levels, regular exercise can really help.

A really good vitamin. Organic and one you know where it is made and what it is made with. Extra Vitamin B maybe. I take a feel good drug(for migraines that I no longer have) and getting weaned off is hard. Have you maybe tried the Big Sister program so you have some relief from the constant work? My husband and I have taken a couple of friends teenager for the summer and it helped out. Check out Nutrilite products at www.we-us.mychoices.biz for pure products that can be traced back to the ground they were grown in. You are in my prayers, patience has won the war more often than force winning the battles.

Dear A.,

I am sorry for your situation, but I know a lot about what you are going through. I had a daughter with early onset bipolar disorder, who committed suicide at 18. Your daughter's depression is an illness like diabetes or kidney disease and knowing this is important in dealing with her behavior. There are no tests for neuro-transmitters, and anti-depressants are meant to target the few that are usually the culprits in causing depression. Trial and error is the way to find which one works on your daughter's particular chemical imbalance. There is a particular brain scan called a SPECT scan that is able to diagnose certain kinds of brain conditions and injuries, though not all. This is how our daughter's illness was diagnosed. A psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Amen, is an expert in the field, and you can find out more on his website, brainplace.com. He has also written several books on the brain and treating it, which can be bought anywhere. As with any illness, a healthy diet is very important, and doctors have found that exercise is very helpful in stimulating "good" brain chemicals. Get her busy doing something physical she enjoys. It is also important in treating depression that she develop a good self image, so perhaps you can help find something she is good at and can accomplish. Also remember that she may have distorted perceptions of reality due to the illness, so things may not always be as she sees them. You cannot do this alone; you must have help, so ask everyone--the school or local Mental Health organization(where I live the county is in charge of medical and other treatment and usually have programs for parents and children)for respite care, your friends, church,counselor, doctor--anywhere you can find help, use it. You will burn out otherwise. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for many years, though I am fine at this time, and I became quite ill due to all the stress with my daughter. There is a national organization called NAMI(website nami.org)National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. This is support organization for care-givers and loved ones of the mentally ill. They are a wealth of info. You must not let her run your life, for it is not good for you or her. It is important to have help in learning how to discipline her properly and deal with tantrums and outbursts. It may sound cruel or dramatic, but many parents must resort to calling police or hospitalizing their child as they grow, since they can become difficult to handle at home alone. This is standard procedure if you or she or anyone else is in danger due to her acting out.

Well, this in a quick intro to the world of mental illness. It is not easy, but there are resources out there. God bless you in your quest. Write to me if I can be of any further help. Remember, she is sick, and you are her best advocate.

C. R.

OMG, you're about to get a firestorm of letters telling you how meds are going to ruin your child's life, so this is a proactive support letter! As parents we must be judicious about the use of any medication, but if you're child is truly depressed she will require medication, and you're doing the right thing providing it. If your daughter was diabetic you wouldn't withhold the proper medication, and this is the same. I've been through something similar and I was not able to find any studies, but there may be new one's now. Best of luck.

A., If you live anywhere near Pasadena there is a really good clinic - Khalsa Chiropractic, 740 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91104, ###-###-####. There is a really well rounded staff there - chiropractor, homeopathy, nutrionist. They are very sensitive and can help you to balance out your daughter's treatments. Hope this helps - they really helped our family!

Dear A.,

I am a psychologist, but I don't specialize in teens.

There is no test that can determine levels of neurotransmitters. So trial and error is the only way to see what works. Be sure to work with a psychiatrist and not a general practitioner on her meds. General practitioners simply don't have the expertise.

Your daughter may be reacting more to her circumstances than to something chemical. So perhaps she would benefit from more support with that, e.g., homeschooling, or cognitive behavioral therapy. Also, if most of the things in her life are making her feel bad, perhaps she could find an activity that makes her feel good. A sport, theatre, art, church youth group, etc., that she could get involved in and feel like she belongs.

In addition, if the depression is mild, regular aerobic exercise has been found to be just as effective as meds, with lower chances of relapse.

If you do use meds just monitor her closely since SSRIs can increase suicidality. So make she she doesn't have access to anything dangerous, including sleeping pills.

Good luck!

Have you tried consulting a homeopath or osteopath? Some osteopaths also have MD's.

Although I have not had much experience with this type of issue, I (and my daughter) have had problems with hormone imbalance, which contributed to depression. You might want to have your daughter's hormone levels checked in addition to any other tests she may need. At 13, she may be having a veritable rush of hormone activity that would send any one of us into an emotional tailspin. Good luck!!

So many responses! First off, it is true that chemical imbalances exist! And, if she was exposed to drugs in utero there is certainly a possibility of some brain deficits. And yes, the antidepressant meds do take a few weeks to kick in to be effective. All that aside you want your daughter to live in this world as happily as possible. It is hard to decipher the angst of a young teen and true depression. Make sure you have a psychiatrist that specializes in children and adolescents. One recommendation I have heard of is getting the early teen involved in social groups outside of the school setting in activities where she excels/and or feels she has something to offer. This could be sports, dance, theater, music, volunteer work, scouts, art or craft classes, church organizations, etc. The school setting is just rampant with the "ins" and the "outs" the "tops" and the "bottoms" and from my experience the rosters change on a weekly basis! Who can keep track??!!! If she is in emotional or physical danger, by all means step in, otherwise teach her to be assertive, take the high road and continue to build her up at home. If she is involved in another social setting away from school, that setting becomes more important.

You may have thoughts about suicide when you first start taking an antidepressant, especially if you are younger than 24 years old. Your doctor will need to monitor this med.;
. Too much of this medicine can increase your risk of a seizure.Wellbutrin may cause seizures, especially in people with certain medical conditions , I had a young friend 15 that took this med, it made it worse this is a strong med, she suffered from seizures while taking it, talk to you doctor about other meds, this one is for severe severe depression. I sure hate to see her have to take this for a while it will also cause growth problems. Always always research your meds one thing to ask about is how the medicine exits your body.

Blessings to your sweet Daughter

You have received some wonderful information. I thought I would mention this: try to think back when you were a teenager and your behavior. That in combination with perhaps a learning disorder is probably really difficult and frustrating for your daughter.

I suggest that you contact Safe Harbor at AlternativeMentalHealh.com and find a doctor who can help your daughter. The effects of the drugs on a developing nervous and endocrine system can be severe, and never address the underlying issues. Yes, there are non-med approaches and you are asking good questions. That the problem is neuro-transmitters is a theory and has never been proven because there is no way to test it. Many neurologists disagree with the psychiatrists and psychologists that "fixing" brain chemistry is the answer. But you can find answers to help your daughter and Safety Harbor can help.

Dr. A. Dunev

A., my daughter is also on meds for depression and anxiety, she is also seeing a therapist. I tried to keep her off the meds but I was out voted. What has helped is acupuncture. When she goes for a treatment she gets her appetite back and she seems like she can focus better plus she does not need to take all her meds. Her therapist recommened acupuncture. Ask him/her if they think it will help. Her acupuncturist would like to see her off the meds competely (so would I). Taking the meds also decreased and increased other hormones in her body which are now being adjusted with natural herbs (recommeded by the acupunturist). He also taught her her how to get her anger out by doing a little boxing. I understand picking your battles, just signed the last papers for my divorce. Her acupuncturist is in the Poway/R Bernardo area if you want his info let me know. C.

I have a five year old son and I'm trying liquid health attention for ADD/ADHD promotes concentration you can find it at Henry's hope you try it & good luck!

I also have a child with ADD and the other is ADHD. Both were diagnosed when they were 4. Neither of mine are on medication because I refuse to put them on it. My boys and I do yoga, to help with self control, and I also changed their diets. There are MANY websites to help with finding what is good and good for them to have with this condition. They also see a therapist once every two weeks (they used to go once a week). There has been a drastic change in both of them and without meds. You may also see a homeopathic for natural stuff to take. My mothers best friend did that with her kids when they were little. Hope all works out wonderfully for you no matter what you decide to do. Just keep the faith and have LOTS of patience. :)

To my knowledge there is no such testing. Anti-depressants are often a hit or miss. It's often try this and watch. THe key here is to watch your daughter carefully as she might experience some unwanted reactions. Here's a link to a website you might find helpful
I heard Dr Abramson on Coast to Coast and he spoke about the use of anti-depressants for children. Not such great studies done.
13 is a hard age for everyone. It is when we all start to test the waters, stretch the boundaries, see how far we can push. I would strongly urge you to consider talk therapy to see what is going on. No meds are going to "fix" your daughter. They might mask the symptoms, but at what cost? They are not going to help her build social skills. Why not look at something that will build her self-esteem? If she is having problems with the girls at school maybe looking outside of the school where she can get a break from these kids is something you should consider. I would also strongly urge you to enroll her in yoga classes. A good yoga teacher is first and foremost non-judgmental which sounds like an environment she needs. It will build her self-confidence. The meditation will help her focus and clam down. I just emailed the following link to a friend for some inspiration.
DDP and YRG help disabled veteran walk again
He did this by watching a video!
Yoga does have a track record with helping with depression. The inverted poses actually bring blood flow to the brain which helps its function. Diet is also important. No junk food. Whole foods-plenty of fruits and vegetables, salads. Wheatgrass is also good for depression. You can get it at Jamba Juice, Robeks or any juice bar. An alternative to that is dehydrated superfood that you add to juice. You can find a variety of these at any health food store. Superfood is packed with nutrition and will also build up her immune system. I highly recommend it for you and your elderly parent. You'll be amazed at the results. It may take a little getting used to, but commit to giving it a try for at least a week. My 6 yr old grandson is hooked on it.
Good luck and hang in there.

Hi A.,

I hear your frustration and pain, it is understandable. My first question would be is she being prescribed by a doctor or a psychiatrist? My daughter was originally prescribed meds by a doctor, but it was a Psychiatrist that had to come to the rescue. It did take a while to get the right medication. In our case, it was because I was seeing her as being depressed and then anxious. When I saw the whole picture, I realized that she was rapidly up and down during the day which led us to believe that she had mood disorder. I made a chart to monitor her daily. It included how much sleep she was getting, her heart rate (meds were affecting this), her level of physical activity (because this helped her), her overall mood that day, etc.

The key is therapy and a psychiatrist combined. I am so sorry that there is no quick approach. It is a difficult, complicated situation because we are all so unique and different. To make matters more difficult for you, she is adopted and you probably do not have the benefit of knowing her family history. Make sure that you are receiving the support YOU need to help you get through. It is exhausting to pour out constantly especially as a single mom.


Jr. High can be real difficult peer wise, how would she respond to home schooling? There's a great program that's a state run school, they have tons of teachers, just like the school she probably goes to now, but it's a virtual school on the computer. I'm really impressed with it, and so are some of my school teacher friends. You can look it up at www.connectionsacademy.com. My 13 year old is in it, and she gets her social life with the outside activities she's in....the ones she WANTS to be in, not forced upon her like in school. Lots of kids go to this school for lots of different reasons...from olympic hopefuls to kids being bullied or worse at school to kids who are too sick to go to school.

I read some of the responses to your posting and found many of them to be outragous! Mental illness is real! Psychology and Psychitry are valid, and extremely important medical fields. I have a BA in Psychology and plan on getting a MFT in the near future. I am not sure if there are tests that can be done to determine the organic causes of your daughter's depression. However, organic causes (ie: brain neurotransmitter imbalances) are often not the only cause. Talk therapy is essential as well. The meds don't fix the problem, they just make it easier to work through issues. I am so glad you have your daughter in therapy! This will help, but not overnight. The brain and human mind are very complex and dealing with depression takes time. I have battled depression for years, right now I am winning. But it took trying different medication and therapy before I started 'getting better'. Talk to your daughter's therapist about working on social skills as well. Also, look into therapy for yourself. You are under a lot of stress and need to deal with the emotions (and I am sure guilt) you are experiencing. I am sorry you have to go through this (even sorrier that some people have be negative in their responses). It sounds like your daughter most likely does have a chemical imbalance, this is not uncommon with drug babies as I am sure you have already discovered. As painful as it is to watch your child struggle know that you are doing the right thing by seeking professional help for her. I wish you the best of luck and remember that it will take time for your daughter to improve.

try looking into light therapy. i think (dont quote me i'm bad at names) Edgar Casey started this type of work and it is carried on by his clinics in virginia. i would include some links but im at work so.. shhhhhhh..... :) there have also been other holistic work done with depression/add.... and the like.. that not only include lights but sound as well. these types of therepys are considered 'experimental' and seem to work on those who have tried it. also look into Danion Brinkley - he also did something like this (a type of chair) he is a 2 or 3 x lighting survivor. yes.. he was stuck by lightening that many times and survived. he has a couple of books out and i think a movie was made on his experience.

I dont think there is any kind of test for that.
My daughter has bi-polar and is on 2 meds. She is also 13. It seems to me she has the same problems as your daughter, except she is not a drug baby.
I too pick my battles.
Good luck!

As far as I know there are no such tests. It is trial and error. The good thing about the Concerta and drugs like it- is that it is completely out of the system at the end of the day. It is fast acting acting and therefore also fast to leave the system. So if there is a poor reaction it is over quickly. Wellbutrin and other antidepressants need to build in the system and so take longer to leave. The thing to remember is that these drugs have been well tested and are generally safe. I know these types of medications are not for everyone ( and it can feel dangerous or like a cop-out) but for some children they really can make a tremendous difference- when nothing else is working. I am also a firm believer in therapy for at risk teens and she is at risk because of her history. I am a therapist so there is my bias. I wish you and your daughter the best.

A., there is absolutely testing for chemical imbalances - I know this because I have had my 9 year old son tested for them. He has ADHD, dyslexia and mild Aspergers, and had reactions to stimulant medication. He is seen by a fabulous naturopathic doctor Koren Barrett, located in Costa Mesa and Irvine (www.inaturalmedicine.com) She has tested him for his neurotransmitters, hormones, allergies and intestinal wellness, through blood tests, urine tests, saliva and stool tests. For my son, we found out he has food sensitivities, adrenal and hormonal imbalances, neurotransmitter imbalances and yeast in his intestines. He is taking natural supplements, have adjusted his diet and went thru a prescription to rid his intestines of the yeast. His teacher and friends have said, "Wow, he is like a new kid!" His self esteem has increased and his symptoms have diminished. This has taken approximately 5-6 months, and we are still taking supplements, but he is feeling much better. I am not going to say he is "cured", but I can see that this path is working for him. Please email me if I can help.

Hello A......I am the 31 year old mother of an 8 month old baby girl. I take celexa for depression and had taken well-butrin combined with something else....my point is I have struggled with dpression since my teen years and never sought treatment till about 4 years ago. I had an EEG performed....when they hook up all the electodes to your brain to track patterns of electricity.....with the results of that test we were able to see which drugs would work best for my particular imbalance...and the ones that may have a neg. effect. If the well-butrin does not agree with her you will find out pretty quickly....I recommended it to a friend and my own mother and it made them both angry.....some people will become angry/more aggressive....for me I never knew how good i could feel.....it's like my brain was firing normal levels of seratonin for the fist time and I felt like a kid again. I was like "this must be how happy people feel!" I enjoyed talking to someone as well.....maybe a female therapist would be good....sometimes you just need an outsider to listen and tell you you are ok. I believe in depression and anxiety and the pain that they cause and I believe God helped to guide the medical profession to invent these helpful drugs.....If your daughter is not noticebly changing(she might not recognize her own happiness yet but you will) then I suggest a diff. dose or maybe just a different seratonin balancing drug like celexa or look into an EEG. I do think the paxils and the prozacs are a little scary....Also with well-butrin sometimes you have a bit more energy so I take fish oil with omega 3-6-9 to help balance that out and sleep better.....my psychiatrist told me this and I 've been taking it for years. I really hope this helps and my heart goes out to your daughter. B.

I as well have a 13yr old girl and adopted and had some drugs in her system. ADHD as well. We use to fight all the time. Every time we had a fight I never backed down. After a fight (which means you broke the sting that holds you both together) Hug her even if she does not hug back Its Okay. The sting between you both needs to be tied. Never leave a fight without a hug. I am also adopted. I still have a insecurity issues. I still test the ones that love me. I believe that is how we know we are truly LOVED. Because the ones we love will not give in. Tell your daughter how much you love her EVERYDAY. Sit down tell why you wanted her. No else, just her. I fought for four years for my daughter. She Loves to hear how I fought for her. We have very open relationship now. We are having fun now. No Meds although sometimes coffee. It tends to mellow her out. For her depression. Get her into sports or have help with kids that have been adopted. Maybe start a group at her school. She needs a purpose on why GOD chose her to have this life. She is the one that will HELP maybe one or more kids with the same issues she has and she will not even know it. That is where you come in and point that out. Tell her to be strong for the little ones.
I am sorry for this to be so long. I love my daughter and we are having fun now. Don't give up the fight. It will be worth every heart felt pain in the long run.
Talk talk talk with her not at her.


Hi A.,
How is her diet? Has anyone worked with you on the importance of that? If not I would love to give any helpful advice I can. The basics; no junk food, processed foods and absolutley no added sugars in her diet (that can really mess with the chemical imbalance). Watch her intake of dairy and wheat and try getting her to eat lots of veggies and fruit. I'm sure this could be a real challenge especially if you have a hard time getting her to listen to you. If you are interested in more info contact me at ____@____.com
Take Care,
E. :)

Dear A.,

You're on the right path by posting this request. Symptoms of depression, ADD, ADHD... many times are caused by heavy metals toxicity. How do you get them? You get them through vaccines, over used of medications, tap water, mercury dental fillings...etc

The easiest way to find out is a hair analysis. This an analysis of 35 minerals and metals and how they are affecting you, plus dietary and supplement recommendations as needed. The cost is $170. http://www.herbalhealer.com/hairanalysis.html This naturopath DR. will recommend a detox protocol for your child. Many people have able to get off their medications and are symptoms free.

Please feel free to email me if you any questions!

God bless,

An alternative you might find useful comes from a book called, "Instant Emotional Healing" by George Pratt adn Peter Lambrou. These clinical psychologists have developed tapping techniques which could be of great use. If you live in the San Diego area, an appointment with one of these guys might be quite helpful for your daughter. Hang in there - these hormone times are difficult! You can do it!!

Take your daughter to a naturopathic Dr. There are amino acids for neurotransmitters that she can take. A naturopath will get her on a special diet - no grains or dairy probably and amino acid therapy - completely natural. Give it a try before going the drug route.

Yes. My friend Katherine Sale works with a Bio-set machine
which will absolutely tell you what you want to know. She also does allergy elimination. She really helped me.

Katherine Sale @ ###-###-####
email: ____@____.com
She also works out of Indigo Village in Encinitas
Check out Indigovillage.com/bio_katherine

N. Brandt

The "chemical imbalance" claim for depression and ADHD is an extrapolation combining actual chemical analyses of autopsied brains of people with major disorders such as schizophrenia with drug results from animal studies. Basically, the reason they give for saying chemical imbalances cause these problems is that the drugs work at least a little better than placebos.

You can get a functional MRI, which gives a "snapshot" of your daughter's brain at the time of the test, perhaps yielding some useful information about how she responds to being in a medical test situation. They're very expensive, though, and it can be hard to get doctors to order them (and insurance to pay).

In case you can't tell I'm very skeptical about the idea of labeling and medicating children and adolescents for what may well be part of their normal development. Your daughter has probably got major additional stressors in the form of her past that may make developing healthy relationships and achieving in school/work environments more difficult. Counseling may help, as may lots and lots of communication from you and as many loving friends and family as you can muster. I hope some of this helps.

While awaiting the planned time for therapeutic respnse, you need to document on daily basis her activities and reactions to life in general. Her blood will be drawn to check levels of her transmitters making sure she is therapeutic. also check your side effects and you system responses to what areas of the body the meds metabolizes in, eg, liver, kidneys. What do yo see that is different in her after taking them now, then when she wasn't on the meds. you have to accept that adopting a drug baby, she was dependent on the drugs forced upon her via her mother. Also was the mom a long time user. When the baby was born, were you aware of if the drugs were in the meconium (baby poop) or in urine only. If in meconium, mom has been on drugs for a while atleast 3mo or more, If only in urine then that was a few days prior to delivery. Thre's gonna be long term affects that could very much affect her future and if treated properly now with the reccomendation of what is given, it should be done, or when she is older and away from you, she will be easily subjected to the lifestyle she had in the womb but doing it on her own. Nearly all drug babies may have started out on drugs incvoluntarily, but their body knows this drug like you know your name. It only takes 1 time for your child to get a hold of something and it's as if she never stopped using. It is very easy for drug babies to become addicted in later years even if they don't remember taking the drug. Continue with the therapy and all that is requested and tried, you will eventually get a therapeutic response that will save your dtr's life, and lots of love & prayer. She was a neglected baby, and she doesn't know any better, and with person's like you giving such a good home & heart you do make a difference to your dtr and to society. I speak as a nursery nurse who takes care of the drug babies right after delivery, and have also worked with peds/adol with dependencys from drugs and neglect of family members in my past. God Bless you!!

Hello, Are you sure she has a depression problem? or is just an easy label for a doctor? Remember, 13 is the hormonal age and depression may be stemmed by not having friends, a boy stopped liking her, or dealing with the adoption issues. I would get a second opinion, or two without telling the doctor too much about her. I would see if they come up with the same diagnosis. Maybe leave out that she's adopted, a child that was born addicted, and ADD. Also, I wouldn't say anything about her prior diagnosis. Oftentimes, they are too quick to prescribe and don't try to figure out the "real" problem. Good luck!

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