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Need Help Regarding Chemical Imbalance Testing

My daughter is 13 years old and recently was diagnosed with depression. I adopted her when she was 3 yrs old, she was a drug baby. When younger, she was diagnosed with ADD, but she has been able to operate in school up to now without medication. Things have gradually become worse at school due to lack of social skills to keep friends as well as being target of "mean" girls, resistance to accept boundaries/rules, and difficulty/complexity of school tasks. The doctor is now giving her anti-depressant Wellbutrin and well as Concerta. The "trial and error" on the meds and the dosages make me feel very uncomfortable. Does anybody know of any bio-chemical tests where it can be checked what chemicals agree with her system, or what chemicals are causing the imbalance? Other than waiting several weeks to see if the meds are working, is there anything else I could be doing? She is going to a therapist already. Also, has anybody tried a different approach than meds to balance the neuro-transmitters? Thanks for your help! Alice

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I have a five year old son and I'm trying liquid health attention for ADD/ADHD promotes concentration you can find it at Henry's hope you try it & good luck!

Jr. High can be real difficult peer wise, how would she respond to home schooling? There's a great program that's a state run school, they have tons of teachers, just like the school she probably goes to now, but it's a virtual school on the computer. I'm really impressed with it, and so are some of my school teacher friends. You can look it up at www.connectionsacademy.com. My 13 year old is in it, and she gets her social life with the outside activities she's in....the ones she WANTS to be in, not forced upon her like in school. Lots of kids go to this school for lots of different reasons...from olympic hopefuls to kids being bullied or worse at school to kids who are too sick to go to school.

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Dear Alice,

I truly understand how you are feeling. Have you ever thought about researching homeopathic and natural remedies instead of medicating your daughter? I know from experience that psych meds do more harm than good! And, I can definitely tell you that there is no scientific test to support "THE CHEMICAL IMBALANCE IN THE BRAIN" CLAIM. In fact, in 2005 the president of the APA Mr. Steven Sharfstein said, "We do not have a clean-cut lab test [to detect chemical imbalances in the brain]."



I highly recommend contacting Dr. Anita Pepi who is truly an amazing Chiropractor and Nutritionist and would definitely be able to help your daughter naturally.

Here's her data:

2950 Los Feliz Blvd. Suite 101
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 666~1088

I'd also recommend checking out 4 organizations validating why going the natural route is best for you and your daughter:

Hope this helps, Alice! Please free to call me anytime: (323) 906~2784.

L. (Mama to 7 month old old Dylan Orion) : )))

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Everybody's advice here about there is no chemical test is absolutely correct! Psycotrophic drugs do more harm than good! In fact, they even set the child up for suicide. Diet, supplements and good healthy therapies for the family together is the answer. Go to: http://www.HealthyAnswersOnline.com and learn more. There are special nutrients that work on the cellular level to help the body function appropriately and we no longer get them in our diets. If you would like to know more about that, just email me. ____@____.com.
I was in the same place that you were. Hormonal imbalance is the biggest problem and our foods are not only lacking in the right amount of phytosterols but also our foods make the problem worst! If you live in the Valley, you can come to a meeting to learn more. Just email me and I'll send a flier out to you. This is our biggest problem with these kids at this age. Good luck, would love to help if interested.

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Well, my suggestion to you is to take her to Sacred Mountain in Visalia. Cathy Franklin has done wonders for my daughter who is 16 soon to be 17. She uses cranial sacral healing with essential oils. You need to talk to Cathy and she will help you understand what is going on with your daughter. She has done amazing things for myself, my family and my friends. Please look at her website www.sacredmountain.com.

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Here is a great website http://www.aboutourkids.org/ Also, I work for a Wellness Co that researches and develops products w/o the harmful chemicals that have been linked to exasperating symptoms in children with ADD,ADHD,Autism, etc. I have a great article with information and testimonials but it's in a Word format. If you're interested, I can email it directly to you.


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Unfortunatly, even with all of modern technology, Trial & error is the only testing they have, because technically they don't even know what causes the inbalance. So basically the doctors are trying to fix what they don't know precisly is broken, unless it's a hormone or glandular problem (which would be ruled out first thing by blood tests.) The only things I can offer is trust your instinct and trust your daughter the 2 of you know best and if something doesn't feel right or isn't working (regardless of how long she has been TRYING it) then don't be afraid to tell her Dr, nurse, or pharmacist, and tell them loudly if need be. Read everything you can on every new medication they want try on her, BEFORE they start her on it. There are other things you can try that may help her like yoga or something, finding her a regular activity she can do that is all "hers" and that is almost meditative, can be helpful(mine is laundry) for working through stuff. I am responding to this for several reasons; I to have one child who is strong willed and I care for both of my elderly parents. I have was diagnosed with depression at 14 and more recently have been upgraded to borderline bi-polar. Thank you for your strength.

Hi A.,

I know this sounds strange, but please consider chiropractic care for your daughter....I have seen really good results with my son. His nervous system has improved tremendously, causing many of his behaviors to subside. You can google chiropractic and ADD for information.

If you need a name of a great chiropractor, let me know.

Good luck

I don't think there is anything but trial and error.
However when the one sticks you will notice a drastic
differnce in her self esstem. It really is worth it.
A lot of times depression is associated with stress.
Our brains can handle just so much stress and then our
rectors start shuting down. This makes it hard to handle normal day to day experiences. Eventually it becomes and issue
with self esstem and feeling of self worth.
The anti-depressant will help with that any maybe in 6 month to a tears or maybe more , she can wean herself off.
Be careful she is not using this as a crutch for deeper problems. Even if she ws a drug baby, she was not brought up in a drug environment. If she is over weight and not well liked at school then those are not total depression issues.
those are typical teenage issues.
Taking an anti-depression drug will help her through this time. While you Mom equip her will the ability to deal with ulgy people in the world. A simple solution to that is just give her your attention and love ( which I am sure you are doing) But ask her simple questions about how she feels. Get books and assure her this will pass.
Good luck , there are lots of great books on tapes that help with all of this.

Dear A.,

I have an extremely strong willed 15 year old daughter too. I definately pick and choose my battles, for she is definately more difficult than my other 3 kids, so I think that you are very wise there.

As for meds, I have been told that my daughter is ADHD, but I will not use meds at all because I am uneasy about messing with growing brains. I had a bad experience myself with depression meds, so I would never recommend those either. The only natural remedy that I would recommend would be MoodLift Complex by Shaklee.

Best to You!

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