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My 11 Month Old Is Grinding Her Teeth

My daughter just recently got one of her top teeth in and has since been grinding it agianst her bottom teeth. Other than telling her to stop, I don't know how to actually get her to stop. She'll look at me and stop for a second but then does it again. Any suggestions?

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My daughter now 8 use to grind her teeth as a baby, and for the most part it is new to them.....it's like discovering there feet and hands.....I don't think there is much for you to do now because it's not something like sucking on a binkie, you can't take it away. Unfortunately my daughter still grinds her teeth and it is the worst sound to me it's like scratching the black board. Because she grinds them so much she is wearing out the enamel on her teeth, I was told to buy her a teeth gaurd to sleep at night. The dentist told me that teeth grinders usually grow out of it around 8 yrs of age....Uhmmmmm don't know, she's 8 going on 9 I notice that she doesn't grind them as much but she still grinds them.

she will stop on her own within a month or so. My son did the same thing nothing worked but thet do stop on their own

Hi R..
My daughter started doing this at about 9 months. After a couple times, I would cup her chin in my hand and gently squeeze her cheeks, and say NO. I did this everytime she grinded them. After about 5-6 times, she didn't do it again. Of course, she cried when I said no, but it stopped her from doing it.
Good luck

Both of my daughter did this. My 13 month old still does. From thalking to others, it is common. I think they realize they can do it and it is a novelty. I just ignore it and they soon stop. The baby doesn't do it much now, maybe one a day. The doctor said it's not a problem.

My son did the same thing. at first I couldnt stand the sound of it, so I will always make a big deal when he did it. That made it worse. so one day, every time he would grind his teeth, I would put my hands over my ears (so i would not listen to it) and ignore it. did not last long after that. Hope this helps

honestly from experience there isn't alot you can do. she is experimenting with that new tooth. its more annoying for us than them. when my 5 yr old used to do it i thought something was wrong. took her to the dr. the dentist nothing was found. i started gentally cupping her jaw in my hand so she couldn't grind her teeth. after about 2 weeks of it and repeating stop grinding your teeth she did stop. it was more a way to force her into eye contact because she is autistic but it also prevented her from grinding her teeth. i still use the method for other things like if she get frustrated she will screech and i'll cup her chin force her to look at me and gentally say mommy didn't yell at you. it works well.

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